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Poker Masters 2018: Brandon Adams Wins $25K NLH For $400,000

Brandon Adams
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  • PG News September 10, 2018
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Fresh off a fourth place finish in the opening event of the 2018 Poker Masters tour, Brandon Adams (cover image) has won the second tournament of the series! Adams triumphed over a strong player field of 50 runners to pocket the lion’s share of the $1,250,000 prize pool, taking home an impressive first place prize of $400,000.

There were many big names in contention for the title and the action remained fast primarily due to Adams who constantly put his opponents to the test. He entered the final day fourth on the leaderboard among the six finalists.

With this victory, Adams has added another 300 points to the 2018 Purple Jacket leaderboard race and moved from fourth place to the top of the rankings for the same.

Only the top eight finalists were to make the money and Dominik Nitsche (7th for $62,500) and Cary Katz (8th for $50,000) managed to sneak in the money line.

Jared Jaffee topped the six players who returned on Day 2 for the final table with 2,100,000 in chips. He eventually faced Adams in the heads-up play but lost the battle and had to settle for a runner up finish.

Following Jafee on the leaderboard on Day 2 were Adams (1,260,000) and Daniel Negreanu (1,035,000). Jason Koon (755,000), Jake Schindler (630,000) and Bill Klein (470,000) were the other players who reached the final table.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Javed Jaffee – 2,100,000

2. Brandon Adams – 1,260,000

3. Daniel Negreanu – 1,035,000

4. Jason Koon – 755,000

5. Jake Schindler – 630,000

6. Bill Klein – 470,000

Final Table Recap

Early into the final table action, Adams started showing aggression and pushing his stack around. His first major clash was against six-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu in a hand where he opened to 75,000 from the cutoff and Negreanu called from the button. The flop fell card 3card 1card 3 and the action checked to Negreanu who led out for 60,000 on which Adams quickly check-raised to 205,000. Negreanu made the call and a card 3 fell on the turn. Negreanu moved all in and Adams called, putting Negreanu at risk. He turned over card 1card 2 for an overpair of tens and Adams tabled card 1card 3 for a better pair. The card 3 on the river sealed the deal for Adams while Negreanu made his way out in sixth place.

Jason Koon was then eliminated in fifth place after losing a couple of pots to Klein. In his final hand, Jafee moved all in from the small blind and big blind Koon moved his remaining stack without even looking at his cards. Jaffee held card 2card 3 against Koon’s card 3card 3. On the flop card 3card 1card 3 Koon clearly needed help to stay in the game. The card 3 turn and the card 3 river changed nothing and Koon exited.

Next up, Jake Schindler opened to 110,000 from the cutoff and Bill Klein moved all in from the small blind for 520,000. Schindler called and tabled card 2card 2 vs. Klein’s card 3card 1. Schlinder paired his eight on the card 2card 1card 3 flop and Klein needed a non-diamond run out to come up, the card 2 on the turn and the card 1 river kept Schindler in the lead while Klien bowed out in fourth place.

Adams kept chipping up but had a tough opponent in Jake Schindler who eventually got his remaining 1.075 Million chips in the middle in a hand where Adams jammed from the small blind. Adams tabled card 2card 3 while Schindler tabled card 3card 1. Adams’ ace high kept him in the lead through the card 1card 1card 2 flop and though Schindler got a lot of outs on the card 1 turn, he failed to the connect on the card 2 river and bounced off in third place.

The heads-up match between Adams and Jared Jaffee was short and in the very second hand, Jaffee moved all in and was called by Adams who tabled card 3card 3 against the former’s card 3card 1. The flop ran card 3card 1card 2 and Jaffee failed to improve his hand. He did get more outs on the card 1 turn but the card 2 river missed him completely and Adams won the pot as well as the tournament, while Jaffee was eliminated in second place.

Brandon Adams
Brandon Adams

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Brandon Adams – $400,000

2. Jared Jaffee – $262,000

3. Jake Schindler – $175,000

4. Bill Klein – $125,000

5. Jason Koon – $100,000

6. Daniel Negreanu – $75,000

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