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Poker Masters 2018: Isaac Haxton Wins $10K Short Deck Poker For $176,000

Isaac Haxton
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  • PG News September 12, 2018
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The 2018 Poker Masters introduced Event #4: $10,000 Short Deck Poker for the first time this series and the two-day long event seemed to be a raging success as it drew in 55 entries on its inaugural run. While it was a hard-fought event and featured some big names like Jason Koon, Dan Shak and Justin Bonomo, it was the Nevada-based pro Isaac Haxton (cover image) who claimed the first-place prize money of $176,000.

Posting his first score way back in 2007, Haxton has grown leaps and bounds as a player and is currently ranked fourth on the Nevada, USA All Time Money List. Boasting of total live earnings worth $19,313,033, Haxton is presently placed second in the 2018 Poker Masters Purple Jacket Rankings with 480 points.

In the post-event interview, Haxton said “I played my first hand of Short Deck yesterday. As the blinds got higher, I started to learn a little more and I was just all in a lot over the last thirty hands.”

Day 1 Recap

With only the top eight places assured payouts, several big names went at it to finish in the money. Dan Shak, Justin Bonomo, Justin Young, Rainer Kempe, Justin Ligeri, winner of $25K NLH Brandon Adams, Nick Schulman, winner of $10K NLHE David Peters, Brian Green and winner of $25K PLO Keith Lehr, busted out empty-handed.

Jonathan Depa (7th for $27,500) and Jason Koon (8th for $22,000) finished in the money but missed the final table by a whisker.

Final Day Recap

The six finalists who returned for the final day were guaranteed to walk away with at least $33,000.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Dominik Nitsche – 4,980,000

2. Andrew Robl – 4,865,000

3. Ryan Tosoc – 3,025,000

4. Isaac Haxton – 1,775,000

5. Maurice Hawkins – 1,025,000

6. Cary Katz – 830,000

Final Table Recap

Though Dominik Nitsche was the chip leader when the final table commenced, he became the first elimination of the day. He open-shoved for 1,440,000 with card 3card 2 and Isaac Haxton countered his move by re-shoving all-in holding card 1card 2. The flop fell card 1card 3card 3 and Nitsche maintained his lead with the higher pair. The turn card 2 gave Haxton outs for an open-ended straight draw and the river card 3 completed his ten-high straight and Nitsche was railed in sixth place.

Following Nitsche’s exit, Haxton took over the chip lead and orchestrated the elimination of Cary Katz who was the shortest stack on the table. When Katz limped in holding card 3card 1, Haxton moved all-in with card 2card 3. Katz called with his last 845,000. The flop card 3card 3card 1 gave Katz a top pair of queens, but the turn card 3 turned the odds in favour of Haxton who now had a stronger pair of aces. Haxton’s hand improved further as card 1 fell on the river, giving him two pairs of aces and tens and Katz bounced off in fifth place.

Right after the first break of the day, Andrew Robl moved all-in and Ryan Tosoc also jammed, covering Robl.

Andrew Robl card 2card 3

Ryan Tosoc card 3card 1

Tosoc flopped three-of-a-kind queens on the runout card 3card 1card 3, while Robl picked up two pairs. But it was all over for Robl on the card 2 turn, as Tosoc hit a full house, ending Robl’s tournament run in fourth place.

The three-handed play between Ryan Tosoc, Maurice Hawkins and Haxton continued for nearly an hour. Eventually, Tosoc moved his last 490,000 in the middle. Haxton called and turned over card 3card 2 against Tosoc’s card 3card 3. The flop fanned out card 1card 3card 3 and both players picked up outs with a straight draw. The last two streets card 3 and card 1 missed both players and Haxton’s higher kicker was good enough to win him the pot, resulting in Tosoc’s third place finish.

With Isaac Haxton (10,930,000) and Maurice Hawkins (5,570,000) left in the running, the heads-up play began with the former in the lead. Less than an hour later, Hawkins moved all in for 4,775,000 and Haxton snap-called.

Maurice Hawkins card 2card 2

Isaac Haxton card 3card 2

The community cards spread out card 2card 3card 3card 3card 3 and Haxton picked up two pairs of aces and queens, while Hawkins failed to hit his straight, finishing his run in the runner-up spot, as Haxton pocketed the top prize of $176,000.

Isaac Haxton
Isaac Haxton

Final Table Results (USD)

1. Isaac Haxton – $176,000

2. Maurice Hawkins – $115,500

3. Ryan Tosoc – $77,000

4. Andrew Robl – $55,000

5. Cary Katz – $44,000

6. Dominik Nitsche – $33,000

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