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Poker Masters: Brock Wilson Wins Event #4: $10K NLHE For $189,800

Brock Wilson
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  • Arpit Jain September 12, 2021
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Brock Wilson (cover image) claimed his first Poker Masters title on Saturday after taking down Event #4: $10,000 NLHE and trounced a field of 73 challengers to take home the up top $189,800 in cash prize. Elio Fox placed runner-up and netted $138,700 in cash prize.

Wilson had earlier FT-ed the opening event of the series where he finished fourth for a $82,000 payday.

The $10,000 buy-in tournament generated a $730,000 prize pool and the top 11 places got paid, with the min-cash good for $21,900.

Chris Brewer was the first player to cash and got eliminated in 11th place for $21,900 while Aram Zobian’s bustout in 10th place set the nine-handed FT in motion.

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Chad Eveslage – 1,945,000
  2. Nick Petrangelo – 1,720,000
  3. Elio Fox – 1,675,000
  4. David Coleman – 1,150,000
  5. Sam Soverel – 840,000
  6. Shawn Daniels – 575,000
  7. Brekstyn Schutten – 485,000
  8. Brock Wilson – 450,000
  9. Steve Zolotow – 170,000


Final Table Recap

David Coleman began the final table in the middle of the pack but became to first casualty of the table. Coleman shoved holding pocket tens and Nick Petrangelo called with . The board ran the and Coleman busted in ninth place.

After just 10 minutes, short stacked Steve Zolotow hit the rail when his lost to Chad Eveslage’s as the latter hit two pairs on the board .

Shawn Daniels exited next in seventh place when his were no match against Brekstyn Schutten’s .

After Daniels’ exit, the play was halted and the six remaining players returned on Saturday to play down to a champion.


Final Day Recap

The first bustout of the table on the final day was Nick Petrangelo whose pocket queens got dominated by Chad Eveslage’s pocket deuces as the latter hit a set on the flop.

Sam Soverel (5th place), Chad Eveslage (4th place), and Brekstyn Schutten (3rd place) fell in quick succession to set up the heads-up battle between Elio Fox (6.62 Million) and Brock Wilson (2.5 Million).

Elio Fox bluffed away his stack and at the end, Wilson secured the title. On the final hand of the tourney, both players hit a three of a kind on the turn but Wilson rivered a full house to take home the up top $189,800 in cash prize.

Brock Wilson
Brock Wilson


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Brock Wilson – $189,800
  2. Elio Fox – $138,700
  3. Brekstyn Schutten – $94,900
  4. Chad Eveslage – $73,000
  5. Sam Soverel – $58,400
  6. Nick Petrangelo – $43,800
  7. Shawn Daniels – $36,500
  8. Steve Zolotow – $29,200
  9. David Colman – $21,900


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerGO

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