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Poker Masters Online PLO Series: Andras Nemeth Wins 2 More Titles, Title #2 For Jens Kyllonen

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  • Namita Ghosh June 27, 2020
  • 4 Minutes Read

Some of the world’s best PLO specialists have descended upon the Poker Masters Online PLO Series. Grabbing the eyeballs in the latest round of tournament action was Hungary’s Andras Nemeth. The iconic pro had scored an early win in Event #2 High Roller $250K GTD. Nemeth was chip leading three players after Day 1 of the Event #9 Super High Roller $1 Million GTD. Returning on the final day with gusto, he sidestepped the likes of Gavin Cochrane and Viktor Blom to capture his second title at the series for a whopping $$430,000!

Not stopping at that, Nemeth went on to dominate a tough field of 46 entries to win Event #12 High Roller $250K GTD for $100,000 and an incredible third title!

Scandinavian pros seem to be ruling the series, and the other player to win multiple titles is Finnish online phenom, Jens Kyllonen. Having tasted success in Event #3 High Roller $500K GTD, Kyllonen returned to the final table of the two-day-long Event #7 High Roller $500K GTD as the chip leader. He eventually defeated the series’ first Super High Roller champion Eelis Parssinen heads-up to pocket his second title at the series along with the winner’s cheque of $200,000.

Finland’s Sami Kelopuro (Event #10 High Roller $500K GTD for $208,000), Denmark’s Jesper Hougaard (Event #6 High Roller $500K GTD for $183,621) and Sweden’s Bengt Sonnert (Event #8 High Roller $250K GTD for $104,000) were the other prominent winners in the last two days.


Event #6 High Roller $500K GTD

A total of 49 players signed up for Event #6 High Roller that featured a $10,300 buy-in. With $490,000 generated in prize money, the event fell one player short of meeting its guarantee. Nonetheless, the final six players benefited from the prize money on offer.

Jesper Hougaard came out on top to win $183,620 after beating Pedo Zagalo heads-up.

Jesper Hougaard


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Jesper Hougaard – $183,620
  2. Pedro Zagalo – $144,351
  3. Jonathan Depa – $65,000
  4. Joni Jouhkimainen – $45,000
  5. Andriy Lyubovetskiy – $35,000
  6. Maxime Lemay – $27,027


Event #7 High Roller $500K GTD – Day 2

The 50-player field in the $10,300 buy-in Event #7 High Roller $500K GTD was trimmed down to just five players by the end of the first day`s play. Finland’s Jens Kyllonen was the start of Day 2 chip leader, and he rode the advantage all the way to the finish line to clinch his second title at the series. Kyllonen’s second title victory came with a $200,000 paycheque.

Interestingly, it was the Super High Roller champion Eelis Parssinen who gave Kyllonen a run for his money. Though missing out on his chance of going back-to-back, Parssinen managed to pocket a sizable $127,973 for placing second.

Watch the final table action below.

Final Table Recap

Kyllonen dominated the final table play early on and drew first blood by busting Laszlo Bujtas in fifth place.

He went on a tear by eliminating Robert Romanello in fourth place, and he followed that up by dispatching Aku Joentausta in third place.

Down to the heads-up play, it was Eelis Parssinen and Kyllonen in contention for the title. The finale lasted all of 30 minutes before Kyllonen ended things in his favor after flopping a set of kings to beat Parssinen’s set of nines.

Jens Kyllonen


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Jens Kyllonen – $200,000
  2. Eelis Parssinen – $127,973
  3. Aku Joentausta – $65,000 65
  4. Roberto Romanello – $45,000
  5. Laszlo Bujtas – $35,000


Event #8 High Roller $250K GTD

A total of 52 players signed up for the $5,200 buy-in Event #8 High Roller $250K GTD, generating a $260,000 prize pool. It took nearly five hours for the dust to settle and walking away with the $104,000 first-place cash prize and his second Poker Masters Online PLO trophy was Finland’s PLO icon Bengt Sonnert.

Sonnert even tweeted about his victory.

Bengt Sonnert


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Bengt Sonnert – $104,000
  2. Sampo Ryynanen – $66,546
  3. Eelis Parssinen – $33,800
  4. Joni Jouhkimainen – $23,400
  5. Gavin Cochrane – $18,200
  6. Ferenc Deak – $14,054


Event #9 Super High Roller $1M GTD – Day 2

Only three players from a starting field of 43 runners in the $25,500 buy-in Event #9 Super High Roller $1 Million GTD came back to play Day 2 on June 25.

Hungarian MTT specialist Andras Nemeth, who’d returned to play as the chip leader, continued his domination all the way past his heads-up rival Gavin Cochrane to claim the title.

Watch the final day action below.

Andras Nemeth


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Andras Nemeth – $430,000
  2. Gavin Cochrane – $275,140
  3. Viktor Blom – $139,750
  4. Aku Joentausta – $96,750
  5. Joao Vieira – $75,250
  6. George Wolff – $58,109


Event #10 High Roller $500K GTD

Adding to the Finnish party was Sami Kelopuro, who denying Canadian high roller Isaac Haxton the title took down Event #10 High Roller $500K GTD.

The $5,200 buy-in tourney collected $520,000 in the prize pool.

Sami Kelopuro


Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Sami Kelopuro – $208,000
  2. Isaac Haxton – $133,091
  3. Joao Vieira – $67,600
  4. Bengt Sonnert – $46,800
  5. Mark Davis – $36,400
  6. Laszlo Bujtas – $28,108


Event #12 High Roller $250K GTD

Andras Nemeth scored his third title victory in the $5,200 buy-in Event #12 High Roller $250K GTD. The event mustered 46 entries, falling short on its $250,000 guarantee.

With only six spots paid, Ferenc Deak ended up hitting the rail in seventh place on the money bubble.

Nemeth’s heads-up opponent was Andrew Pantling, who he beat to add $100,000 to his bankroll.

Final Table Results (USD)

  1. Andras Nemeth – $100,000
  2. Andrew Pantling – $63,986
  3. Eelis Parssinen – $32,500
  4. Matthew Wood – $22,500
  5. Viktor Blom – $17,500
  6. Dimitrios Michal – $13,513


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