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Poker Pros Take Up Vlogging to Share Moments & Hands From WSOP 2018

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  • PG News June 29, 2018
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The 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has captured the imagination of the global poker audience. With the who’s who of the poker fraternity gunning for the gold bracelet, action has been intense and drama even more classic, bringing many thrilling moments for players and railbirds alike.

Many poker biggies have taken to online platforms like YouTube to share moments and interesting hands from their time in Las Vegas. Regular Vlogs from Daniel Negreanu, Kristy Arnett and YouTube poker sensations like Doug Polk and Joey Ingram are not just providing us all an exclusive glimpse of the action both on and off the felts, but the immense popularity of the Vblogs have helped these pros grow their subscriber base and the videos are pulling in a lot of views. And boy, are they entertaining!

Let’s take a quick ride into what our top and favorite Vloggers have been up to these past few days.

Daniel Negreanu

Everyone knows how big Daniel Negreanu is in poker. The Canadian poker professional holds six WSOP and two World Poker Tour (WPT) championship titles and is currently the biggest live tournament poker winner of all time, with total live tournament earnings of $39,500,000. Lately, Negreanu has taken to YouTube in a bigger way and has been Vlogging quite frequently. His latest Vlogs right off the WSOP felts in Vegas offer fresh insights and close-up of the action.

In his most recent Vlog, Negreanu talked about his excitement on making it in the money on Day 2 of WSOP event $1,500 PLO 8. Negreanu also discussed four interesting hands as he approached the final table.

Just a day prior, he talked to Maria Ho on her induction in the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame. He shared shots from the ceremony where Ho was honored and his run in the $1,500 PLO 8 tournament along with a few key hands.

He also shared shots of the poker tables, some hands, taking potshots at his own personal life and on starting Day 1 of the $10,000 Limit Hold ‘em event. The Vlog has locked in over 50,000 views!

Kristy Arnett

Poker player and popular poker media personality Kristy Arnett has been ardently Vlogging since the last couple of years now, and currently she’s in Vegas from where she’s shared her views on how it’s been walking into the Rio for the WSOP and the pressure and the challenges that come along with facing the buzz. On her YouTube channel, Kristy talks about the WSOP and how it all starts with a dream.

Her latest Vlog has her talking on what players do wrong when they start playing in Vegas, the emotional ups and downs of it all.

Her previous Vlog from Vegas had Arnett advising players on choosing the events carefully and prioritizing their life. She even shared some shots of a few hands she played.

In her first Vlog posted in June, Arnett talked about making the impossible possible at WSOP, meeting bracelet champion Jeff Madson and her own experiences in Vegas.

Joey Ingram

Mid-high stakes poker pro from Chicago, Joey Ingram is a popular podcaster and quite a quirky one at that. He hosts the popular ‘Poker Life Podcast’ and while he likes to focus on Pot Limit Omaha when playing, in his Vlogs and podcasts he has been touching up almost all and any kind of issue,. Ingram has also taken to Vlogging on YouTube and has spared no one.

Recently Ingram shared a Vlog on how he made Day 3 in a $10,000 PLO event at the 2018 WSOP.

In his previous Vlog, Ingram got up close and personal with Phil Galfond who’s also at WSOP, and the duo had a serious discussion on how players can mentally process downswings and get back on the poker tables with fresh confidence.

Ingram really had much to say about Negreanu’s Masterclass and literally trolled Negreanu going over all the scenes of his introductory Masterclass video as well!

Doug Polk

NLHE heads-up specialist and an active Vlogger, Doug Polk sticks to a fast-paced style of reporting in his videos where he quickly analyses hands, moments of play, and incidents from tournaments. Polk has three WSOP bracelets to his name and his WSOP winning tower at a staggering $4,539,609.

In his latest Vlog, Polk talked about a poker hand involving Maria Ho, in WSOP Europe that got the poker fraternity talking. He analyzed the hand replete with his signature style of humor commentating.

Another of Polk’s Vlog centered on collusion between players in poker. He also spoke about Farhintaj Bonyadi winning the 2018 WSOP $1,000 Super Seniors event and how her son, three-time bracelet winner Farzad Bonyadi was right there to support her as the event got underway. Polk couldn’t get over Negreanu’s Vlog on his relationship with his brother, though.

Polk also shared a Vlog where he spoke about serious and not so serious stuff about Phil Hellmuth along with Justin Bonomo’s massive winning streak and his hairstyle change.

As more WSOP tournaments roll out, these poker stars and vloggers will keep us updated and entertained with the action on and off the felts!

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