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PokerBaazi Adds to Record-Breaking Month With Free Entry Tournaments Promising ₹1 Crore in Giveaways

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  • Namita Ghosh May 21, 2020
  • 2 Minutes Read

Online poker in India is witnessing a massive resurgence unlike any other we have recent in recent history. The lockdown extensions have already increased the interest in poker among players, with many taking to the game to overcome boredom. For others, it’s become the new means to socialize!

For the pros, this is season time, and while usually around this time is when most of them would have been prepping to undertake their annual summer sojourn to the WSOP – this year, it’s different. Series after series of online MTTs across platforms has however, kept the supply-demand imbalance in check, but somewhere in this equation, the newbies started feeling left out.

If you are one of the many millions who have recently rediscovered the long lost love for the classic Ludo game, then we might have a better alternative for you. Online poker platform PokerBaazi has come out with a month-long bonanza of Free Entry Tournaments promising 1 Crore in Real Cash Bonus (RCB) giveaways!

Yes, you read that right! Real cash can be won and for no real risk or downside, making this the perfect time to hit the PokerBaazi felts! These Free Tournaments are already running on the site since May 18 and will continue till June 16.

The Daily Freerolls offering prizes between 2,500 to 5000 are running at regular intervals between 8 AM to 2 AM. At the same time, the special Depositor Freerolls that have more significant prizes on offer are also on the tap each day of the week.

There’s the ₹10 Lakhs Weekly Depositor’s Freeroll that takes place every Sunday, while the ₹1 Lakh and the ₹50K Depositor’s Freeroll are slated three times a week. Reserving the best for the last, the site has a massive ₹25 Lakhs MEGA Depositor’s Freeroll lined up for June 14!

Anyone can enter the Daily Freerolls, but to play the Depositor Freerolls, players have to make a deposit using specific deposit codes.

Depositor's FreerollDate TimeDeposit Deposit Code
₹25 Lakhs MEGA Depositor’s Freeroll June 14 9 PM₹10,000MEGAFR25L
₹10 Lakhs Weekly Depositor’s Freeroll Every Sunday 9 PM₹5,000WKFR10L
₹1 Lakh Depositor’s Freeroll Mon, Wed, Fri 9 PM₹1,000DEPFR1L
₹50K Depositor’s FreerollTues, Thurs, Sat 9 PM₹200DEPFR50K

This generous giveaway is a gesture by the site to thank players for their patience during the 72-hour downtime PokerBaazi experienced earlier this month.


What’s the Offer?

It would be safe to state that everyone loves freerolls! That is why this new promotion by PokerBaazi is guaranteed to set your heart racing.

Free Entry Tournaments – Daily Schedule

There is a daily lineup of Freerolls that start as early as 8 AM, running all the way through till 2 AM. Entry to these is entirely open, and anyone with a registered account on the site can play. There is no deposit or any other eligibility criteria to register.

TimeTypePrize(In RCB)
Every 30 Min (8:00 AM to 11:30 AM)Hold 'em₹2,500
12:00 PMPLO₹3,000
12:30 PMHold 'em₹2,500
1:00 PMHold 'em₹5,000
02:00 PM and 02:30 PMHold 'em₹2,500
3:00 PMPLO₹3,000
Every 30 Min (03:30 PM to 04:30 PM)Hold 'em₹2,500
5:00 PMHold 'em₹5,000
6:00 PMPLO₹3,000
Every 30 Min (06:30 PM to 8:00 PM)Hold 'em₹2,500
10:00 PMHold 'em₹5,000
11:00 PM and 11:30 PMHold 'em₹2,500
12:00 PMPLO₹3,000
Every 30 Min (12:30 AM to 2:00 AM)Hold 'em₹2,500

The Big Attractions – Depositor’s Freerolls

While the Daily Freerolls are great for practice, the more significant rewards are in the Depositor’s Freerolls. To qualify to play these Freerolls, players need to make a real money deposit on PokerBaazi using specific deposit codes.

25 Lakhs MEGA Depositor’s Freeroll – Headlining the Free Entry tournaments is the ₹25 Lakhs MEGA Depositor’s Freeroll that runs on June 14, 9 PM onwards. The requisite deposit for this tournament is ₹10,000, and the deposit code is “MEGAFR25L.”

10 Lakhs Weekly Depositor’s Freeroll – These Freerolls run every Sunday at 9 PM, i.e., May 24, May 31, June 7 and June 14. Entry to these requires a minimum deposit of ₹5,000 using the deposit code “WKFR10L.”

1 Lakhs Depositor’s Freeroll Play the ₹1 Lakhs Depositor’s Freeroll every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Entry to these requires a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 using the deposit code “DEPRF1L.”

50K Depositor’s FreerollThe ₹50K Depositor’s Freeroll runs every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting 9 PM onwards, and to enter, players have to use the deposit code “DEPFR50K” while making a minimum deposit of ₹200.

PokerBaazi has underlined that ‘coins’ equal to 10% of the minimum deposit amount of the deposit code used need to be generated before players can withdraw any winnings from these Free Entry Tournaments. The “coins” eligibility will add up in case players use multiple deposit codes.

So what are you waiting for? Register on PokerBaazi now and start winning!

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