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PokerBaazi’s ₹2 Crores GTD IMPS 2.0 Takes Flight on September 21, ₹20 Lakhs in Leaderboard Prizes & More

PokerBaazi's IMPS 2.0
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly September 19, 2020
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Known for always coming up with innovative and exciting promotions, PokerBaazi is undoubtedly India’s most trusted online poker site. While one of the brand’s most sought-after tournaments, the ₹2 Crores GTD Game Changer 4.0, is well underway, the site is already gearing up to host the second edition of the Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS)!

Starting on September 21, the series will comprise of 126 tournaments and continue till October 4. Promising a bigger-then-ever-before 2 Crores in guaranteed cash prizes, the series features buy-ins starting from as little as ₹110, going up to ₹2,200!

While the ongoing Game Changer 4.0 caters to the regs and the mid to high-stakes players, the IMPS 2.0 promises the low-stakes and recreational player’s massive value at affordable buy-ins.

Besides the hefty guarantees, players can also look forward to the IMPS 2.0 leaderboard that offers a very generous20 Lakhs in prizes to the consistent winners.

And there’s more! For all PokerGuru fans and followers, we are running a special IMPS ticket giveaway across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), awarding free tickets daily to the IMPS 2.0 series!


IMPS 2.0

Following on the footsteps of the smashing debut of the IMPS in July, the second IMPS edition is returning September 21 to October 4. The 14-day long series promises ₹2 Crores in prize pool guarantees, up from the ₹1.50 Crore last time!

The previous edition’s big-ticket events were the ₹20 Lakhs GTD IMPS#121 Main Event and the ₹10 Lakhs GTD IMPS#97 Highroller. The Main Event recorded a whopping 4,263 entries across four starting flights, generating ₹21.32 Lakhs in prize money. Chiraag ‘Versutus’ Patel championed the event for ₹3.52 Lakhs, after besting Pranav ‘mithrandir16’ Anand, who came in second for ₹2.41 Lakhs.

Chiraag Patel
Chiraag Patel


The Highroller was equally successful as it registered 925 entries and posted a ₹18.50 Lakhs prize pool. Mystery user ‘blacksuit22’ defeated Vinay ‘vinay09’ Rajpal (runner-up for ₹2.27 Lakhs) heads-up to claim the ₹3.24 Lakhs top prize.

Runner-up Vinay Rajpal
Vinay Rajpal


The IMPS 2.0 brings back both these two marquee tourneys, but a few changes have been made to the Main Event. Previously the Main Event had sported a buy-in of ₹550 and offered ₹20 Lakhs in the prize pool guarantee. This time around, the guarantee has been boosted to ₹50 Lakhs while the buy-in has been spiked to ₹1,100.


IMPS 2.0 Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (₹)
September 212:00 PMIMPS#1 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 213:00 PMIMPS#2 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 214:00 PMIMPS#3 ₹75K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 215:00 PMIMPS#4 ₹50K GTD (R+A)₹100+₹10
September 216:00 PMIMPS#5 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 217:00 PMIMPS#6 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 218:00 PMIMPS#7 7-Max ₹50K GTD KO₹150+₹50+₹20
September 218:30 PMIMPS#8 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 219:30 PMIMPS#9 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 222:00 PMIMPS#10 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
September 223:00 PMIMPS#11 ₹40K GTD FO (RE)₹150+₹15
September 224:00 PMIMPS#12 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 225:00 PMIMPS#13 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 226:00 PMIMPS#14 PLO ₹50K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 227:00 PMIMPS#15 7-Max ₹55K GTD KO (RE)₹150+₹100+₹25
September 228:00 PMIMPS#16 8-Max ₹1 Lakh GTD (RE)₹300+₹30
September 228:30 PMIMPS#17 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 229:00 PMIMPS#18 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 232:00 PMIMPS#19 ₹65K GTD (RE)₹150+15
September 233:00 PMIMPS#20 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 234:00 PMIMPS#21 4-Max DST Hyper Turbo ₹60K GTD (RE)₹120+₹12
September 235:00 PMIMPS#22 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
September 236:00 PMIMPS#23 5-Max Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹120+₹12
September 237:00 PMIMPS#24 ₹40K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 238:00 PMIMPS#25 7-Max ₹75K GTD KO (RE)₹250+₹50+₹30
September 238:30 PMIMPS#26 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 239:30 PMIMPS#27 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 242:00 PMIMPS#28 ₹70K GTD (RE)₹175+₹17.5
September 243:00 PMIMPS#29 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹120+₹12
September 244:00 PMIMPS#30 6-Max ₹40K GTD WTB (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 245:00 PMIMPS#31 ₹75K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 246:00 PMIMPS#32 8-Max ₹40K GTD PKO (RE)₹150+₹50+₹20
September 247:00 PMIMPS#33 8-Max ₹50K GTD PKO (RE)₹100+₹50+₹15
September 248:00 PMIMPS#34 8-Max ₹1.25 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹400+₹40
September 248:30 PMIMPS#35 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 249:30 PMIMPS#36 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 252:00 PMIMPS#37 7-Max ₹50K GTD KO (RE)₹150+₹50+₹20
September 253:00 PMIMPS#38 ₹70K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 254:00 PMIMPS#39 6-Max DST Turbo ₹65K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 255:00 PMIMPS#40 ₹80K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 256:00 PMIMPS#41 PLO ₹40K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 257:00 PMIMPS#42 4-Max DST Hyper Turbo ₹40K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 258:00 PMIMPS#43 Day 1A MINI MAIN ₹10 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 258:30 PMIMPS#44 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 259:30 PMIMPS#45 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 262:00 PMIMPS#46 PLO ₹50K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 263:00 PMIMPS#47 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹120+₹12
September 264:00 PMIMPS#48 Day 1B MINI MAIN ₹10 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 265:00 PMIMPS#49 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
September 266:00 PMIMPS#50 5-Max Turbo ₹60K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 267:00 PMIMPS#51 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 268:00 PMIMPS#52 Day 1C MINI MAIN ₹10 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 268:30 PMIMPS#53 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 269:30 PMIMPS#54 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 272:00 PMIMPS#55 7-Max ₹35K GTD KO (RE)₹100+₹50+₹15
September 273:00 PMIMPS#56 6-Max DST Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 274:00 PMIMPS#57 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 275:00 PMIMPS#58 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
September 276:00 PMIMPS#59 Day 2 MINI MAIN ₹10 Lakhs GTD (RE)NA
September 277:00 PMIMPS#60 ₹75K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 278:00 PMIMPS#61 (6-Max) ₹1.25 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹400+₹40
September 278:30 PMIMPS#62 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 279:30 PMIMPS#63 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 282:00 PMIMPS#64 ₹75K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 283:00 PMIMPS#65 ₹40K GTD FO (RE)₹200+₹20
September 284:00 PMIMPS#66 ₹60K GTD (RE)₹130+₹13
September 285:00 PMIMPS#67 PLO ₹60K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 286:00 PMIMPS#68 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 287:00 PMIMPS#69 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 288:00 PMIMPS#70 ₹1.25 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹400+₹40
September 288:30 PMIMPS#71 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 289:30 PMIMPS#72 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 292:00 PMIMPS#73 PLO ₹50K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 293:00 PMIMPS#74 ₹80K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 294:00 PMIMPS#75 6-Max ₹50K GTD WTB (RE)₹150+₹15
September 295:00 PMIMPS#76 5-Max Turbo ₹60K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
September 296:00 PMIMPS#77 ₹40K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
September 297:00 PMIMPS#78 7-Max ₹55K GTD KO (RE)₹200+₹50+₹25
September 298:00 PMIMPS#79 8-Max ₹1.2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹350+₹35
September 298:30 PMIMPS#80 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 299:30 PMIMPS#81 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
September 302:00 PMIMPS#82 7-Max ₹65K GTD KO (RE)₹200+₹50+₹25
September 303:00 PMIMPS#83 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 304:00 PMIMPS#84 ₹80K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 305:00 PMIMPS#85 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
September 306:00 PMIMPS#86 6-Max DST Turbo ₹40K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
September 307:00 PMIMPS#87 ₹40K GTD FO (RE)₹200+₹20
September 308:00 PMIMPS#88 ₹1.25 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹400+₹40
September 308:30 PMIMPS#89 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
September 309:30 PMIMPS#90 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
October 12:00 PMIMPS#91 ₹75K GTD (R+A)₹200+₹20
October 13:00 PMIMPS#92 ₹30K GTD FO (RE)₹150+₹15
October 14:00 PMIMPS#93 5-Max Turbo ₹60K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
October 15:00 PMIMPS#94 ₹70K GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
October 16:00 PMIMPS#95 8-Max ₹35K GTD PKO (RE)₹100+₹50+₹15
October 17:00 PMIMPS#96 HIGHROLLER ₹10 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
October 18:00 PMIMPS#97 Day 1A MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,000+100
October 18:30 PMIMPS#98 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
October 19:30 PMIMPS#99 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
October 22:00 PMIMPS#100 ₹60K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
October 23:00 PMIMPS#101 4-Max Hyper Turbo ₹40K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
October 24:00 PMIMPS#102 Day 1B MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1000+₹100
October 25:00 PMIMPS#103 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
October 26:00 PMIMPS#104 PLO ₹40K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
October 27:00 PMIMPS#105 ₹50K GTD (R+A)₹150+₹15
October 28:00 PMIMPS#106 Day 1C MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
October 28:30 PMIMPS#107 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
October 29:30 PMIMPS#108 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹₹500+50
October 32:00 PMIMPS#109 ₹50K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
October 33:00 PMIMPS#110 ₹70K GTD (RE)₹175+₹17.5
October 34:00 PMIMPS#111 Day 1D MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
October 35:00 PMIMPS#112 ₹50K GTD FO (RE)₹250+₹25
October 36:00 PMIMPS#113 5-Max Turbo ₹60K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
October 37:00 PMIMPS#114 ₹40K GTD (RE)₹125+₹12.5
October 38:00 PMIMPS#115 Day 1E MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
October 38:30 PMIMPS#116 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
October 39:30 PMIMPS#117 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50
October 42:00 PMIMPS#118 7-Max ₹50K GTD KO (RE)₹150+₹50+₹20
October 43:00 PMIMPS#119 5-Max Turbo ₹50K GTD (RE)₹100+₹10
October 44:00 PMIMPS#120 ₹75K GTD (RE)₹150+₹15
October 45:00 PMIMPS#121 ₹75K GTD (R+A)₹175+₹17.5
October 46:00 PMIMPS#122 Day 2 MAIN EVENT ₹50 Lakhs GTD (RE)NA
October 47:00 PMIMPS#123 8-Max ₹1 Lakh GTD (RE)₹250+₹25
October 48:00 PMIMPS#124 6-Max DST Turbo ₹3 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹600+₹60
October 48:30 PMIMPS#125 DAILY ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹200+₹20
October 49:30 PMIMPS#126 ₹2 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹500+₹50


IMPS 2.0 Leaderboard

Apart from the jaw-dropping ₹2 Crores in prize pool guarantees, the IMPS 2.0 will offer a whopping ₹20 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes. With the top 20 places assured a minimum payout of ₹5,000 (RCB), the eventual leaderboard topper will take home a massive ₹5 Lakhs (RCB)!

RankPrize (RCB)


Events to Watch Out For

The ₹50 Lakhs GTD Main Event will indubitably be the headliner at the series. The event will commence on October 1 and will comprise of five starting flights.

>Day 1A – October 1 at 8 PM

>Day 1B – October 2 at 4 PM

>Day 1C – October 2 at 8 PM

>Day 1D – October 3 at 4 PM

>Day 1E – October 3 at 8 PM

Day 2 will take place on October 4, starting at 6 PM.

Besides the Main Event, players can also participate in the ₹10 Lakhs GTD Mini Main Event. Featuring a ₹550 buy-in, this too is a multi-flight tourney that will run from September 25.

>Day 1A – September 25 at 8 PM

>Day 1B – September 26 at 4 PM

>Day 1C – September 26 at 8 PM

Day 2 starts at 6 PM on September 27.

The other headline tourney to keep an eye out for is the IMPS#96 Highroller ₹10 Lakhs GTD, a one-day event that will run on October 1, starting at 7 PM.

Moreover, two ₹2 Lakhs GTD tourneys will take place every day, starting at 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM, respectively.

The IMPS 2.0 will have something for everyone, so mark your calendars and get your grind station ready to make the most of the Super September on PokerBaazi.

Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from PokerBaazi’s IMPS 2.0!

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