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PokerBaazi is Back With the Biggest-Ever IMPS Gold Edition Ft. Over ₹3 Crores in GTDs (September 12-26)

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 21, 2021
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PokerBaazi truly knows how to keep MTT players at the edge of their seats! After pulling off a record-breaking inaugural National Poker Series (NPS) in June, the site followed through by hosting a successful second edition of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Online India series in August. And now it’s gearing up to host the Indian Micro Poker Series (IMPS) Gold Edition!

The IMPS Gold Edition is slated to run from September 12 to 26 and promises to be bigger than ever before, with over 3 Crores in guaranteed prizes up for grabs!

The guarantees aside, PokerBaazi has put up another ₹20 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes through two leaderboard races, the ₹12.50 Lakhs GTD Series Leaderboard and the ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD Daily Leaderboard!

Sharing his excitement about the upcoming series, the Marketing Director of Baazi Games, Varun Ganjoo said, “Small stakes players are just as important as those playing at higher stakes, and PokerBaazi provides them frequent opportunities to build their bankrolls, prove their skills and move up the ladder. The IMPS Gold Edition is another big opportunity to do so and we look forward to success for both our players and our platform.”

Varun Ganjoo
Varun Ganjoo


As the name of the series suggests, the IMPS is a budget series targeting low-to-mid stakes players. However, with over 250X value on offer in all events, there is a lot of incentive even for the regs to join the action. Yes, you read that right! Every tournament in the series has a prize pool at least 250 times the buy-in.

Now, even with the IMPS Gold Edition event buy-ins starting as little as ₹55, PokerBaazi has satellites to the series running for a meager 1 buy-in.

And wait! There’s more! The series will award trophies in five marquee tournaments and to the ‘Player of the Series!’


IMPS Gold Edition Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (₹)
September 12
3 PMIMPS#1 Kickoff Turbo 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)
September 12
4 PMIMPS#2 5-Max Hyper Turbo 1 Lakh GTD (RE)250+25
September 12
5:30 PMIMPS#3 3 Lakhs GTD (RE)700+70
September 126:30 PM
IMPS#4 (5-Max) Turbo 60K GTD150+15
September 12
7:30 PMIMPS#5 5 Lakhs GTD (RE)1,000+100
September 12
8 PMIMPS#6 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1A (RE)100+10
September 128:30 PMIMPS#7 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 129 PMIMPS#8 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)500+50
September 133 PMIMPS#9 80K GTD (R+A)250+25
September 134 PMIMPS#10 60K GTD (RE)200+20
September 135:30 PMIMPS#11 4-Max Hyper Turbo 50K GTD (RE)150+15
September 136:30 PMIMPS#12 (5-Max) Turbo 70K GTD200+20
September 137:30 PMIMPS#13 4 Lakhs GTD (RE)800+80
September 138 PMIMPS#14 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1B (RE)100+10
September 138:30 PMIMPS#15250+25
DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)
September 139 PMIMPS#16 7-Max 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)400+40
September 143 PMIMPS#17 60K GTD (RE)200+20
September 144 PMIMPS#18 1 Lakh GTD (RE)300+30
September 145:30 PMIMPS#19 80K GTD (RE)300+30
September 146:30 PMIMPS#20 (6-Max) 75K GTD (RE)250+25
September 147:30 PMIMPS#21 MINI MAIN EVENT 30 Lakhs GTD day1A (RE)1,500+150
September 148 PMIMPS#22 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1C (RE)100+10
September 148:30 PMIMPS#23 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 149 PMIMPS#24 6-Max 3 Lakhs GTD (RE)600+60
September 153 PMIMPS#25 75K GTD DST (RE)250+25
September 154 PMIMPS#26 5-Max Turbo 60K GTD (RE)200+20
September 155:30 PMIMPS#27 4-Max DST Hyper Turbo 40K GTD (RE)100+10
September 156:30 PMIMPS#28 80K GTD DST (RE)250+25
September 157:30 PMIMPS#29 MINI MAIN EVENT 30 Lakhs GTD day1B (RE)1,500+150
September 158 PMIMPS#30 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1D (RE)100+10
September 158:30 PMIMPS#31 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 159 PMIMPS#32 6-Max Turbo 3 Lakhs GTD (RE)700+70
September 163 PMIMPS#33 1 Lakh GTD Time bomb (RE)400+40
September 164 PMIMPS#34 7-Max 60K GTD KO (RE)200+50+25
September 165:30 PMIMPS#35 75K GTD PLO (RE)250+25
September 166:30 PMIMPS#36 (6-Max) 80K GTD (RE)300+30
September 167:30 PMIMPS#37 MINI MAIN EVENT 30 Lakhs GTD Day1C (RE)1,500+150
September 168 PMIMPS#38 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1E (RE)100+10
September 168:30 PMIMPS#39 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 169 PMIMPS#40 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)400+40
September 173 PMIMPS#41 6-Max 1 Lakh GTD WTB (RE)300+30
September 177:30 PMIMPS#42 MINI MAIN EVENT 30 Lakhs GTD Day 1D (RE)1,500+150
September 174 PMIMPS#43 35K GTD (RE)50+5
September 176 PMIMPS#44 (6-Max) 75K GTD (RE)300+30
September 177 PMIMPS#45 (6-max) MINI HIGHROLLER 7 Lakhs GTD2,000+200
September 178 PMIMPS#46 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 1F (RE)100+10
September 178:30 PMIMPS#47 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 178:45 PMIMPS#48 MINI MAIN EVENT 30 Lakhs GTD Day 2-
September 179 PMIMPS#49 4 Lakhs GTD (RE)800+80
September 184 PMIMPS#50 6-Max 80K GTD (RE)250+25
September 185 PMIMPS#51 80K GTD (RE)300+30
September 186:30 PMIMPS#52 65K GTD PLO-5 (RE)250+25
September 187:30 PMIMPS#53 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)800+80
September 188 PMIMPS#54 Value Blast 10 Lakhs GTD Day 2-
September 188:30 PMIMPS#55 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 189 PMIMPS#56 5 Lakhs GTD (RE)1,000+100
September 193 PMIMPS#57 80K GTD (RE)200+20
September 194 PMIMPS#58 Turbo 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)400+40
September 195:30 PMIMPS#59 50K (RE)150+15
September 196:30 PMIMPS#60 (5-Max) Turbo 90K GTD (RE)300+30
September 197:30 PMIMPS#61 5 Lakhs GTD (RE)1,000+100
September 198:30 PMIMPS#62 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 199 PMIMPS#63 Turbo 4 Lakhs GTD (RE)600+60
September 203 PMIMPS#64 40K GTD PLO (RE)200+20
September 204 PMIMPS#65 (6-Max) 90K GTD (RE)250+25
September 205:30 PMIMPS#66 80K GTD (RE)300+30
September 206:30 PMIMPS#67 Turbo 60K (RE)200+20
September 207:30 PMIMPS#68 5 Lakhs GTD (RE)1,000+100
September 208:30 PMIMPS#69 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 209 PMIMPS#70 2 Lakhs GTD KO (RE)400+100+50
September 213 PMIMPS#71 45K GTD PKO (RE)150+50+20
September 214 PMIMPS#72 80K GTD PLO (RE)300+30
September 215:30 PMIMPS#73 50K GTD TIMEBOMB300+30
September 216:30 PMIMPS#74 Turbo 60K (RE)200+20
September 217:30 PMIMPS#75 PLO HIGHROLLER 7.5 Lakhs GTD1,500+150
September 218:30 PMIMPS#76 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 219 PMIMPS#77 3 Lakhs GTD TURBO (RE)600+60
September 223 PMIMPS#78 4-Max Hyper Turbo 50K GTD (RE)150+15
September 224 PMIMPS#79 60K GTD (R+A)150+15
September 225:30 PMIMPS#80 50K GTD 5-PLO (RE)200+20
September 226:30 PMIMPS#81 (6-Max) 75K GTD (RE)300+30
September 227:30 PMIMPS#82 6 Lakhs GTD BIG KO1,250+250+150
September 228:30 PMIMPS#83 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 229 PMIMPS#84 3 Lakhs GTD TURBO (RE)600+60
September 233 PMIMPS#85 50K GTD WTB (RE)200+20
September 234PMIMPS#86 75K GTD (RE)250+25
September 235:30 PMIMPS#87 1 Lakh GTD (RE)400+40
September 236:30 PMIMPS#88 80K GTD (RE)300+30
September 237:30 PMIMPS#89 MAIN EVENT 50 Lakhs GTD Day 1A2,000+200
September 238:30 PMIMPS#90 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 239:00 PMIMPS#91 4 Lakhs GTD (RE)800+80
September 243 PMIMPS#92 40K GTD (R+A)100+10
September 244 PMIMPS#93 90K GTD (RE)300+30
September 245:30 PMIMPS#94 4-Max Hyper Turbo 50K GTD (RE)150+15
September 246 PMIMPS#95 (6-Max) Turbo 75K GTD (RE)250+25
September 247 PMIMPS#96 (6-Max) HIGHROLLER 15 Lakhs GTD
September 247:30 PMIMPS#97 MAIN EVENT 50L GTD Day 1B2,000+200
September 248:30 PMIMPS#98 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 249 PMIMPS#99 4-Max Hyper Turbo 2 Lakhs GTD (RE)600+60
September 253 PMIMPS#100 50K GTD (RE)200+20
September 254 PMIMPS#101 90K GTD (RE)300+30
September 255:30 PMIMPS#102 1 Lakh GTD KO (RE)300+200+50
September 256:30 PMIMPS#103 (6 Max) 50K GTD (RE)150+15
September 257:30 PMIMPS#104 MAIN EVENT 50 Lakhs GTD DAY 1C2,000+200
September 258:30 PMIMPS#105 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 259 PMIMPS#106 3 Lakhs GTD TURBO (RE)600+60
September 262 PMIMPS#107 MAIN EVENT 50 Lakhs GTD DAY 1D (Turbo)2,000+200
September 263 PMIMPS#108 60K GTD PLO (RE)200+20
September 264 PMIMPS#109 80K GTD WTB (RE)250+25
September 266 PMIMPS#110 (4-Max) Hyper Turbo 75K GTD (RE)250+25
September 267:30 PMIMPS#111 4 Lakhs GTD (RE)800+80
September 268 PMIMPS#113 MAIN EVENT 50 Lakhs GTD DAY 2-
September 268:30 PMIMPS#112 DAILY 2.5 Lakhs GTD (RE)250+25
September 269:30 PMIMPS#114 FINALE 5 Lakhs GTD1,000+100

PokerBaazi is a favorite among the low-to-mid stakes MTT players, and not just the IMPS but also its other micro-stakes flagship, the Baazi Grinders Series, is a massive hit among the poker-playing masses. And guess what? A new edition of the Baazi Grinders Series is set to take place before the IMPS Gold Edition. The series featuring ₹50 Lakhs in guaranteed prizes will run from August 23 to 29.


IMPS Gold Edition Main Event & Other Marquees

While the IMPS Gold Edition schedule glitters with massive guaranteed events, the ₹50 Lakhs GTD IMPS Main Event will undoubtedly be the star attraction at the 15-day-long series. Sporting a ₹2,200 entry buy-in, the multi-flight tournament will run from September 23 to 26.

> Day 1A at 7:30 PM on September 23

> Day 1B at 7:30 PM on September 24

> Day 1C at 7:30 PM on September 25

> Day 1D (Turbo) at 2 PM on September 26

Day 2 will commence at 8 PM on September 26.

The IMPS Main Event is one of the five tourneys that will award the IMPS trophy. The other four marquees are:

> ₹10 Lakhs GTD IMPS Value Blast

> ₹30 Lakhs GTD IMPS Mini Main Event

> ₹15 Lakhs GTD IMPS HighRoller

> ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD IMPS PLO HighRoller


IMPS Leaderboards

The IMPS Gold Edition will host two leaderboards, namely the Series Leaderboard and the Daily Leaderboard.

Daily Leaderboard

The Daily Leaderboard will award the top 20 ranked players from ₹50,000 in leaderboard prizes daily, adding up to ₹7.50 Lakhs over 15 days. The daily topper will collect ₹12,500.



Series Leaderboard

The Series Leaderboard will also run for 15 days, but unlike the Daily Leaderboard, the eventual topper will walk away with the ₹3 Lakhs up-top only after the entire series has concluded. Here too, the top 20 runners will get paid from a ₹12.50 Lakhs prize pool.


*All leaderboard prizes will be awarded in Real Cash Bonus


Deposit Codes

The site is running an exciting deposit offer for the ₹2.50 Lakhs GTD Daily. Anyone depositing ₹2,000 or more using the deposit code “DAILY250” can win a free ticket to the marquee running daily during the series. The deposit offer is valid until 8:30 PM on September 26.

If you love tournaments, then mark your calendars for this exciting series!

Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerBaazi!

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