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PokerBaazi Launches ‘You Hold the Cards’ Campaign Featuring Brand Ambassador Shahid Kapoor

PokerBaazi - Shahid Kapoor
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  • RUPAM THAKUR July 2, 2022
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Earlier this week, India’s most trusted online poker site, PokerBaazi, sent shockwaves through the poker community by announcing Bollywood A-Lister Shahid Kapoor as its newest Brand Ambassador.

Ensuing the revelation, the poker operator has launched a new brand campaign, ‘You Hold the Cards,’ featuring Kapoor on several digital platforms. The primary focus of the campaign is to generate awareness among the masses that poker is a skill-based sport. Conceptualized by global & independent agency Wieden+Kennedy, the digital film drives the point that anyone can emerge victorious with skill, determination, and the right strategy.

You can watch the ad campaign below.


The digital film showcases Kapoor as the protagonist, facing numerous unexpected situations that aren’t under his control. However, he continues to focus on his poker game on the PokerBaazi app and finally comes on top with true resilience and skill.

The campaign timing could not have been better as it was launched the same day the biggest-ever Asian Poker Tour (APT) India Online Series kicked off on the site.

Speaking about the campaign, co-founder & Marketing Director of Baazi Games, Varun Ganjoo, said, “Poker is a sport, period. Poker is also a lot of fun. We are extremely thrilled with the launch of our campaign – ‘You Hold the Cards,’ and excited to have Shahid Kapoor as our flagbearer. The idea of this campaign is primarily to create awareness around poker as a skill sport which the brand film captures beautifully. This is a big step forward towards making poker a household game in our country. While our approach is digital-first, the campaign shall be promoted across all possible avenues aligned with our target audience.”

Varun Ganjoo
Varun Ganjoo


In the press release, talking about their choice of Shahid Kapoor as a Brand Ambassador, Ganjoo said, “Our aim in India is we want to establish poker as a sport. And then obviously, with that kind of reach, we would want it to be a household name.”

Talking about the new campaign, Shahid Kapoor said, “When I was introduced to the key insight behind the PokerBaazi campaign, ‘Experts are made, not born, it resonated with me instantly and got me all excited. Being able to control one’s fate with the right planning, strategy, and sheer grit and eventually emerging victorious is almost identical to our lives. I strongly believe that the campaign will showcase online poker as a sport which is equally fun and thrilling and will win the hearts of the audiences.”

Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor


Creative Directors of Wieden+Kennedy, Amrish Kondurkar & Sunayna Sabharwal, who conceptualized and designed the campaign, said, “Poker is a new space in the world of gaming apps in India, and it does come with its baggage of being exclusive for only those who know how to play the game well and therefore makes it a bit limiting. We wanted to treat this campaign as a way to build a personality for the brand which is truly distinct. While the category goes behind the usual areas of winning/making money, we created a space that came from a true-life insight and could make people feel they had a chance. That’s where the tagline, PokerBaazi, ‘You hold the cards’, came from. To clearly establish that what matters is your skill and not luck.”

They added, “We kept the tonality fun with a strong attitude so that a regular person with a smartphone would feel like taking a shot. Whether it’s the film, the music, or the print campaign, each touch point goes back to our attempt to make PokerBaazi APP a must-have on their phone.”

About PokerBaazi

The country’s biggest poker platform, PokerBaazi, is unmatched in its cash game promotions and MTT offerings. Founded in 2014, the home-grown platform currently has over 2 Million registered users.

With a focus on constantly enhancing user experience, PokerBaazi rolled out its new and improved poker app over a year ago. Five months later, the poker operator celebrated its seventh anniversary with the launch of a new-age desktop app.

Since then, the brand has been hitting one milestone after another, whether dealing 1 billion hands on its platform or crossing 1,000 concurrent players on its cash tables.

It’s been an eventful year for PokerBaazi users as the online poker operator has kept them enthralled with regular promotions. Some of these include the PokerBaazi Classics, LIC Leaderboard, ‘₹10 Mein 10 Lakhpati,’ National Poker Series (NPS) 2.0, #BaaziBillion, the Lakhpati Series, the 1100 Texas Hold ’em Championship (THC), and the ongoing fourth edition of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) India Online Series.

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from PokerBaazi!

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