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Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar Takes Down PokerBaazi’s ‘The Game Changer ₹2 Crores GTD’ For ₹33 Lakhs Following 4-Way Deal

The Game Changer Winner
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 25, 2019
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The domestic poker community had been ardently waiting for the biggest online poker tournament in the history of Indian poker to hit the virtual felts and PokerBaazi’s ‘The Game Changer ₹2 Crores GTD’ did not disappoint. Kicking off on February 20, the much-awaited event had managed to eclipse its massive guarantee on Day 1B itself. By the time last starting flight Day 1C had culminated, the ₹2 Crores guarantee had been smashed to smithereens, with a humongous ₹3.7 Crores prize pool being collected through a total field of 3,777 entries across the three starting flights.

After the payouts structure was announced by PokerBaazi, 378 places were assured payouts with the top-heavy winner’s payday of ₹50 Lakhs increasing to ₹60 Lakhs given the overwhelming participation in the event.

Following almost seven hours of play, Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar (cover image) emerged as the first-ever ‘Game Changer’ champion and banked ₹33 Lakhs in prize money following a four-way ICM deal. The eventual runner-up Sikander ‘advanced_basic’ Rajwade picked up ₹39 Lakhs, while ‘brointer’ (3rd) and Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla (4th) pocketed ₹33 Lakhs each.

The historic tournament saw several big names in action including the majority of our Team PokerGuru Ambassadors like Ashish ‘OMG_spew’ Munot (6th for ₹8.30 Lakhs), Laksh ‘boomtlt23’ Pal Singh (20th for ₹1,43,526), Nadeem ‘SpadeHunter’ Basha (40th for ₹94,425), Gokul ‘Nygma’ Raj (133rd for ₹56,655), PokerGuru Staking’s Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved (146th for ₹56,655) and Jayjit ‘england’ Ray (250th for ₹41,547).

Adding to the excitement of the finale was Goonjan ‘gmtesting’ Mall, who after finishing 222nd in The Game Changer for ₹45,324, decided to do an impromptu streaming of the final table. His fun and lively commentary was a treat to watch and you too can catch the recap of the final table action in the video below.


Day 2 Recap

Out of the 386 players who made the cut for Day 2, only 378 were assured payouts. The first player to be eliminated was Kuldeep ‘Bacchapro’ Jorwal and after six more eliminations, DPT February edition Main Event winner Ankit ‘helter_skelter’ Kapoor donned the unfortunate tag of the tournament bubble.

Siddharth ‘Sidddhu’ Mundada became the first player to finish in the money at 378th place for ₹26,439. Varun ‘VnutsG’ Gupta (14th for ₹1,73,742), Vikash ‘Viki.nse’ Khaitan (19th for ₹1,43,526), Rajat ‘LungFakeer’ Sharma (21st for ₹1,43,526), Young Gun Arjanveer ‘holdbaby’ Singh Chadha (22nd for ₹1,43,526), Paawan ‘ukissmyace’ Bansal (24th for ₹1,24,641) and PokerBaazi Team pro Abhisek ‘AbhisekPanda’ Panda (34th for ₹94,425) were a few in a long list of notables that crossed the money line.

All Team PokerGuru Ambassadors who had qualified for Day 2 made it in the money, namely Laksh ‘boomtlt23’ Pal Singh (20th for ₹1,43,526), Nadeem ‘SpadeHunter’ Basha (40th for ₹94,425), Gokul ‘Nygma’ Raj (133rd for ₹56,655), PokerGuru Staking’s Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved (146th for ₹56,655) and Jayjit ‘england’ Ray (250th for ₹41,547). The standout performer among them was Ashish ‘OMG_spew’ Munot, who stormed his way into the final table where he finally went out at sixth place with ₹8.30 Lakhs in prize money.


Final Table Recap

After the eliminations of Hari ‘herry7’ Om Meena (9th), Farhaad ‘kilpauk’ Khazvini (8th) and Ashutosh ‘indianpro’ Pandey (7th), only six players left on the final table. Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar held the largest stack of 7,718,148, followed by ‘brointer’ who had 16,180,446. The shortest stacks at the table were Sikander ‘advanced_basic’ Rajwade (4,191,320) and Gaurav ‘DragGEReR’ Mittal.

During level 54, with the board open , Rajwade moved all-in. ‘brointer’ called and showed against Rajwade’s . Bother players rivered a straight, but Rajwade had the stronger hand and thereby won the pot, boosting his stack to 13,822,640.

Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla who was one of the shorter stacks shoved all-in in three hands back-to-back and found no callers, taking his stack to 5,705,440. On the third hand, Chawla jammed with and Mittal called with for 2,488,784. Chawla wasn’t lucky this time round as the runout gave Mittal a full house on the river, doubling up his stack to 5,887,568, while Chawla’s stack whittled down to 2,936,656.

Ashish ‘OMG_spew’ Munot, who had more or less been among the shorter stacks, won a few hands to see the stack reach 21 big blinds, but soon thereafter lost it all against Rajwade’s two pairs, finishing is sixth place.

Ashish Munot
Ashish Munot

In a battle between the two shortest stacks, Gaurav ‘DragGEReR’ Mittal‘s ran into Chawla’s . The board ran out , spelling the end of Mittal’s run in fifth place.

Following Mittal’s elimination, Rajwade emerged as the chip leader with 49 big blinds, trailed by ‘brointer’ who had 32 big blinds, while Sekar and Chawla were both holding stacks of around 31 big blinds. Immediately talks of an ICM deal were triggered with ‘brointer’ suggesting the same. Rajwade was the first to agree to a deal. Chawla was the next to consent but wanted a straight chop, which Rajwade was the only player against the idea. The players then decided to take a 5-minute break to decide the details of the deal further. Sometime later after the play resumed, Rajwade announced in the chat that the four finalists had agreed to an ICM deal. Rajwade being the chip leader at the time the deal was struck took the lion’s share of the prize pool at ₹39 Lakhs, while the remaining three locked in ₹33 Lakhs each. The four finalists thereafter agreed to continue playing for the title and bragging rights of winning the country`s largest online tournament ever.

Sikander Rajwade
Sikander Rajwade

With the deal locked in, ‘brointer’ and Rajwade began playing very aggressively which eventually led to Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla‘s elimination in fourth place. Chawla’s ran into ‘brointer’s which bettered to a pair of jacks on the flop, ending his deep run as ‘brointer’s stack swelled to 41 big blinds.

Pranay Chawla
Pranay Chawla

‘brointer’ could not hold on to his lead for long and got out in a hurry with against Sekar’s . The board bricked and Sekar’s jack kicker knocked ‘brointer’ out of the game in third place.

The heads-up play between Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar (74 big blinds) and Sikander ‘advanced_basic’ Rajwade (37 big blinds) started with the former enjoying a massive lead over Rajwade. It did not take long for the game to wrap up and on the last hand, Sekar moved all-in with , sending Rajwade into the tank for some time. He eventually decided to call with . The community cards spread out and Sekar’s two pairs of ace and kings made him India`s first-ever ‘Game Changer’ Champion!

Prashanth Sekar
Prashanth Sekar

Final Table Results (INR)

1. Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar – ₹33,00,000*

2. Sikander ‘advanced_basic’ Rajwade – ₹39,08,712*

3. brointer – ₹33,00,000*

4. Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla – ₹33,00,000*

5. Gaurav ‘DragGEReR’ Mittal- ₹11,33,100

6. Ashish ‘OMG_spew’ Munot – ₹8,30,940

7. Ashutosh ‘indianpro’ Pandey – ₹6,00,543

8. Farhaad ‘kilpauk’ Khazvini – ₹4,34,355

9. Hari ‘herry7’ Om Meena – ₹3,32,376

*denotes four-way deal

Content & Image Courtesy: PokerBaazi

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