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PokerDangal is Throwing a Grand Birthday Bash to Celebrate its 5th Anniversary, Over ₹1.50 Crores to be Won in September 

Dangal Birthday Bash
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 31, 2022
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It promises to be a rewarding September for PokerDangal players as the fast-growing poker site completes five years of operation on September 26! To celebrate this momentous occasion, the poker arm of Dangal Games has announced a grand Dangal Birthday Bash, guaranteeing over ₹1.50 Crores through a thrilling set of cash game and tournament promotions!

Known for being a haven for the low to mid-stakes players, PokerDangal’s anniversary celebrations are a goldmine for micro stakes grinders, with both MTT and cash game enthusiasts getting plenty to choose from!

The often-overlooked micro stakes MTT players have the Dangal Micro Value Series (DMVS) to look forward to. The ₹12 Lakhs GTD budget series will make a four-day sprint from September 8 to 11, with the ₹5 Lakhs GTD DMVS Main Event headlining the schedule. There will also be a 2 Lakhs GTD Leaderboard race tracking the most consistent winners at DMVS.

For the most seasoned players, PokerDangal has the 60 Lakhs GTD The Big Show slotted just around its anniversary, i.e., from September 21-25. The multi-flight tournament has been priced at ₹4,400 and guarantees a whopping 10 Lakhs to the champion!

Cash game players haven’t been forgotten either! Throughout September, two leaderboard promotions – 25 Lakhs GTD MVPs of the Month & 20 Lakhs GTD The Ace Race – will keep the cash game players locked in an exciting battle!

The MVP’s of the Month will reward the top five Most Valuable Players of the month with a jaw-dropping ₹25 Lakhs in prizes, with the top-ranked player of the month walking away a Millionaire.

The Ace Race will have four weekly leaderboard races to win from, each promising ₹5 Lakhs in prizes spread across three stakes, Bronze (1/2 to 3/6); Silver (5/10 to 10/20) and Gold (25/50 to 50/100).

Sounds pretty awesome, right? Read on for more details.


Dangal Micro Value Series

Getting the Dangal Birthday Bash started for the MTT players will be Dangal Micro Value Series (DMVS). The four-day-long budget series runs from September 8 to 11, guaranteeing ₹10 Lakhs across 12 tournaments.

PokerDangal's DMVS


With buy-ins ranging from ₹165 to ₹660, the series, as its name suggests, caters to the micro to low-stakes players.


DMVS Schedule

Date & TimeNameBuy In
September 8, 2 PMDMVS #1 - ₹50K GTD₹330
September 8, 4 PMDMVS #2 - ₹30K GTD₹275
September 8, 7:30 PMDMVS - Main Event ₹5 Lakhs GTD - Day 1A₹330
September 8, 9:30 PMDMVS #3 - ₹50K GTD (PLO6)₹550
September 9, 2 PMDMVS #4 - ₹30K GTD₹220
September 9, 4 PMDMVS #5 - ₹25K GTD₹165
September 9, 7:30 PMDMVS- Main Event ₹5 Lakhs GTD - Day 1B₹330
September 9, 9:30 PMDMVS #6 - ₹25K GTD (PLO6)₹550
September 10, 2 PMDMVS #7 - ₹1 Lakh GTD₹660
September 10, 4 PMDMVS #8 - ₹25K GTD₹275
September 10, 7:30 PMDMVS -Main Event ₹5 Lakhs GTD - Day 1C₹330
September 10, 9:30 PMDMVS #9 - ₹50K GTD (PLO6)₹550
September 11, 1:30 PMDMVS - Main Event ₹5 Lakhs GTD - Day 1D₹330
September 11, 2 PMDMVS #10 - ₹30K GTD₹330
September 11, 4 PMDMVS #11 - ₹25K GTD₹220
September 11, 4:30 PMDMVS - Main Event ₹5 Lakhs GTD - Day 1E Turbo₹330
September 11, 9 PMDMVS - Main Event - Day 2-
September 11, 9:30 PMDMVS #12 - ₹50K GTD (PLO6)₹220


The series’ showstopper, the 5 Lakhs GTD DMVS Main Event, is the only multi-flight tourney on the schedule. Sporting a ₹330 buy-in, the Main Event will run throughout the series, starting on September 8 and culminating on September 11.

DMVS Main Event Schedule

  • Day 1A: September 8, 7:30 PM
  • Day 1B: September 9, 7:30 PM
  • Day 1C: September 10, 7:30 PM
  • Day 1D: September 11, 1:30 PM
  • Day 1E (Turbo): September 11, 4:30 PM
  • Day 2: September 11, 9 PM

The only other six-figure guaranteed event of the series, the 1 Lakh GTD DMVS #7 (buy-in ₹660), is slotted to start at 2 PM on September 10.

Deposit codes are available for the DMVS series with a minimum deposit of ₹2,500.


DMVS Series Leaderboard

The most consistent winners at the DMVS will be chasing ₹2 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes. The top ten ranked players on the DMVS leaderboard stand to win a share of the prize money, with ₹65,000 reserved for the leaderboard topper!

RankPrize Amount


60 Lakhs GTD The Big Show

If you thought the MTT extravaganza for the month was restricted to the DMVS, think again! PokerDangal has planned 60 Lakhs GTD The Big Show from September 21 to 25. The ₹4,400 buy-in flagship will run 6 starting flights before the finale on September 25, and The Big Show champion is guaranteed a jaw-dropping ₹10 Lakhs up top!

PokerDangal's The Big Show


For players on a budget, the site will have numerous satellites to The Big Show starting on September 17, with buy-ins starting at a paltry ₹44!

Players can also win The Big Show tickets through an exclusive deposit offer. All you need to do is deposit a minimum of ₹15,000.


MVP’s of the Month

Going all out for its anniversary celebrations, PokerDangal will be rewarding the five Most Valuable Players (MVPs) of September with a massive ₹25 Lakhs in prizes through the MVP’s of the Month leaderboard.

PokerDangal's MVP’s of the Month

To qualify, you must score the most Dangal points by playing cash games on the site from September 1 to 30. If you make the top five, you are guaranteed at least ₹2 Lakhs, and the player with the most points will take home a massive ₹10 Lakhs!



Points to Note

  • Dangal Points can be generated by playing any format of cash games (NLHE, PLO 4,5 & 6) on any stakes.
  • Dangal points collected through heads-up play (and heads-up tables) will also be counted for choosing the MVPs of PokerDangal.
  • Only Dangal points generated between September 1 – 30 will be considered for calculating the leaderboard ranking.
  • All prizes will be paid as 50% in Real Cash Bonus and 50% in the PokerDangal wallet.
  • Real Cash Bonus is not directly withdrawable. However, it can be used to play any cash tables/tournaments on PokerDangal. Any winnings from the same can be withdrawn immediately, according to the site’s withdrawal policy.


20 Lakhs GTD The Ace Race

Cash game players also have the Ace Race to keep them busy until October 1. The leaderboard race will run weekly with ₹5 Lakhs in prizes awarded across three different categories (segregated according to stakes), making for a total giveaway value of ₹20 Lakhs.

PokerDangal's The Ace Race


  • Leaderboard 1 – September 1 – 7
  • Leaderboard 2 – September 9 – 15
  • Leaderboard 3 – September 17 – 23
  • Leaderboard 4 – September 25 – October 1



The lowest stakes of ₹1/₹2 to ₹3/₹6 fall under the Bronze category. The top-ten ranked players will receive prizes, with the leaderboard topping assured ₹15,000.




The Silver category is for anyone playing at stakes of ₹5/₹10 to ₹10/₹20. The leaderboard topper will bank ₹50,000, while the 10th place finisher will collect ₹1,500.




The highest category, Gold, is for those playing at ₹25/₹50 to ₹50/₹100 stakes. Like the Bronze and Silver leaderboards, the Gold leaderboard will also award the top ten ranked players prizes, with the #1 ranked player receiving ₹1 Lakh.



Points to Note

  • The promotion starts on September 1 and ends on October 1
  • All hands played between the duration mentioned above will be calculated for every player to calculate their respective leaderboard position daily.
  • Only non-heads up & post-flop hands will be considered under the promotion.
  • A player can play multiple stakes and win prizes for more than one position and across stakes.
  • Leaderboard rankings will be updated the next day by 11 AM for all players.
  • 50% of the total prize won will be paid in the form of winnings in the PokerDangal wallet, and 50% will be paid as a Real Cash Bonus in the poker chips balance
  • Prizes paid in the form of winnings can be withdrawn immediately, according to the site’s withdrawal policy. Real Cash Bonus can be used to play any cash table/tournament on PokerDangal and can be withdrawn after generating 5% Dangal points.


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerDangal!

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