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PokerDangal’s Diwali Poker Festival Comes Laden With ₹2 Crores in Guaranteed Prizes (October 3 – November 6) 

PokerDangal Diwali Poker Festival
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  • Namita Ghosh October 1, 2022
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It’s been an intense year for the Indian poker operators and the players, seeing online poker continue a steady and upward climb. Offering a quality gaming experience amid the Indian poker boom is PokerDangal, the poker arm of Dangal Games. The brand has dished out attractive tournaments and cash game offers frequently. Having turned five only last month, PokerDangal has unveiled a special Diwali Poker Festival reeling in the spirit of the festival season.

We shall be celebrating Diwali in October-end, but PokerDangal’s Diwali Poker Festival will run through the festive celebrities of the ongoing Navratris, Dusshera, Diwali, and beyond, promising a very enticing ₹2 Crores across three well-tailored promotions.

Sounding off the firecrackers will be The Ace Race 2.0 (October 3 – November 2) – the biggest hand-based race to be hosted on PokerDangal! Having debuted as part of the Dangal Birthday Bash last month, the month-long promotion is back for its second run, and once again, it features a prize pool guarantee of ₹20 Lakhs. Four weekly leaderboard races form part of The Ace Race 2.0, each promising ₹5 Lakhs in prizes spread across three stakes, Bronze (₹1/₹2 to ₹3/₹6); Silver (₹5/₹10 to ₹10/₹20) and Gold (₹25/₹50 to ₹50/₹100).

Alongside, MTT players can gear up for another edition of the ₹50 Lakhs GTD Dangal Diwali Series that comes packed with MTTs guaranteeing ₹47 Lakhs and a ₹3 Lakhs leaderboard race.

The series’ star attraction will undoubtedly be the ₹20 Lakhs GTD Dangal Diwali Series Main Event (October 12 – October 16) that features additional starting flights, so six flights in all, allowing players to enter for just ₹1,650.

PokerDangal makes it convenient for you to compete in the Dangal Diwali Series – check out the deposit codes that offer free tickets to different events on making specified deposits!

The site also offers up to 90% Rakeback – amounting to rewards up to ₹1.30 Crores as part of its Dangal Diwali Rewards (October 5 – November 6) promotion.

Aptly designed to match the festive fervor, the Diwali Poker Festival comes hot on the heels of a grand ₹1.50 Crores GTD Dangal Birthday Bash in September. As the operator turned five last month, the site hosted its first-ever ₹60 Lakhs GTD The Big Show (September 21 – 25), culminating with Kashish Singh Rathore emerging champion for a site-best ₹10.20 Lakhs.

Kashish Singh Rathore
Kashish Singh Rathore


The Ace Race 2.0

We’re just days away from PokerDangal’s biggest hand race, the Ace Race 2.0, which begins on Monday, October 3, with four weekly leaderboard sprints, each guaranteeing ₹5 Lakhs in prizes across the three categories – Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Take a look at the stakes categories –

Bronze – ₹1/₹2 to ₹3/₹6

Silver – ₹5/₹10 to ₹10/₹20

Gold – ₹25/₹50 to ₹50/₹100

PokerDangal The Race Ace 2.0 table


The Ace Race 2.0 will consider all non-heads-up, post-flop hands, and a player can win play multiple stakes and win prizes from more than one position and stake.

Here are the dates for the Ace Race 2.0:

Leaderboard 1: October 3 – 9

Leaderboard 2 – October 11 – 17

Leaderboard 3 – October 19 – 25

Leaderboard 4 – October 27 – November 2


Dangal Diwali Series

A treat for MTT players, PokerDangal’s Dangal Diwali Series debuted in October 2020. The fest makes a comeback, featuring a ₹50 Lakhs GTD prize pool. The five-day series begins on October 12 and runs through October 16. This time, PokerDangal has widened the range of MTT offerings, adding another 10 events to dish out a 25-event schedule. The buy-in range begins from an affordable ₹880, going up to ₹1,800.

While tournament action will award players from a ₹47 Lakhs prize pool, the most consistent runners will earn additional leaderboard prizes from the ₹3 Lakhs-added Series Leaderboard.

Topping the list of MTT events will be the ₹1,650 buy-in, ₹20 Lakhs GTD Dangal Diwali Series Main Event that features a total of six starting flights, and will begin proceedings on October 12, with Day 2 scheduled from 9 PM on October 16.

Dangal Diwali Series


Take a look at the Dangal Diwali Series Main Event dates:

Day 1A – October 12, 8 PM

Day 1B – October 13, 8 PM

Day 1C – October 14, 8 PM

Day 1D – October 15, 8 PM

Day 1E – October 16, 1.30 PM

Day 1F (Turbo) – October 16, 4.30 PM

Day 2 – October 16, 9 PM

TimeNameBuy In
October12, 2 PMDDS #1 - 1.50 Lakhs GTD₹1,100
October12, 4:30 PMDDS #2 - 1 Lakh GTD₹8,80
October12, 8 PMDay 1A Main Event DDS - 20 Lac GTD (RE)₹1,650
October12, 9:30 PMDDS #3 - 2 Lakhs GTD - PLO5 (RE)₹1,500
October13, 2 PMDDS #4 - 2.5 Lac GTD₹1,650
October13, 4:30 PMDDS #5 - 2 Lakhs GTD₹1,350
October13, 8 PMDay 1B Main Event DDS - 20 Lac GTD (RE)₹1,650
October13, 9:30 PMDDS #6 - 2 Lakhs GTD - PLO5 (RE)₹1,500
October14, 2 PMDDS # 7 - 3 Lakhs GTD₹1,800
October14, 4:30 PMDDS # 8 - 1.50 Lakhs GTD₹1,100
October14, 8 PMDay 1C Main Event DDS - 20 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,650
October14, 9:30 PMDDS # 9 - 2 Lakhs GTD₹1,500
October15, 2 PMDDS # 10 - 2.5 Lakhs GTD₹1,650
October15, 4:30 PMDDS # 11 - 1.5Lakhs GTD₹1,100
October15, 8 PMDay 1D Main Event DDS - 20 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,650
October15, 9:30 PMDDS # 12 - 2 Lakhs GTD₹1,500
October16, 1:30 PMDay 1E Main Event DDS - 20 Lakhs GTD (RE)₹1,650
October16, 2 PMDDS # 13 - 1.50 Lakhs GTD₹1,100
October16, 4:30 PMDay 1F Turbo Main Event DDS - 20 Lac GTD (RE)₹1,650
October16, 9 PMDay 2 Main Event DDS - 20 Lac GTD-
October16, 9:30 PMDDS # 15 - 2 Lakhs GTD₹1,500


Deposit Codes

PokerDangal has announced a slew of Deposit Codes giving out free tickets to specified events on the schedule on making deposits of specified amounts.

Minimum Deposit AmountDeposit CodeBenefits
25000Day1PassFree tickets to all Day1 events with GTD's worth 24.5 Lacs including Day1A Main Event 20 Lac GTD Ticket
27500Day2PassFree tickets to all Day2 events with GTD's worth 26.5 Lacs including Day1B Main Event 20 Lac GTD Ticket
27500Day3PassFree tickets to all Day3 events with GTD's worth 26.5 Lacs including Day1C Main Event 20 Lac GTD Ticket
27500Day4PassFree tickets to all Day4 events with GTD's worth 26 Lacs including Day1D Main Event 20 Lac GTD Ticket
27500Day5PassFree tickets to all Day5 events with GTD's worth 23.5 Lacs including Day1E & 1F Main Event 20 Lac GTD Tickets
100001A20LFree Ticket to Day 1A 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 12th Oct @ 8:00PM
100001B20LFree Ticket to Day 1B 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 13th Oct @ 8:00PM
100001C20LFree Ticket to Day 1C 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 14th Oct @ 8:00PM
100001D20LFree Ticket to Day 1D 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 15th Oct @ 8:00PM
100001E20LFree Ticket to Day 1E 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 16th Oct @ 1:30PM
100001F20LFree Ticket to Day 1F 20 Lac GTD Main Event on 16th Oct @ 4:30PM
75000DDSALLFree tickets to all 15 DDS Events including 6 flights to 20 Lac GTD Main Event starting 12th-16th Oct


Dangal Diwali Rewards

This Diwali, cash games players on PokerDangal are in for a major treat. Starting October 5, the Dangal Diwali Rewards will go live, and for an entire month, up to November 6, there is up to 90% Rakeback on the offer, equivalent to a whopping ₹1.30 Crores in rewards!

It’s simple. Collect points on the cash game tables as you play, and reach the specified milestones to become eligible for cash rewards, ranging from ₹500 to ₹3 Lakhs!

Check out the Dangal Diwali Rewards details below:

1,500 ₹2,100
5,000 ₹9,000
15,000 ₹30,000
50,000 ₹1,25,000
75,000 ₹2,50,000
1,00,000 ₹4,25,000
1,50,000 ₹8,00,000
2,25,000 ₹17,00,000
3,00,000 ₹30,00,000


About PokerDangal

In 2017, Varun Mahna, Varun Puri, Shashwat Jain, Karan Gandhi, and Manan Sobti launched Xeta Networks Pvt. Ltd, the parent company of Dangal Games. Dangal Games also operates the online rummy platform, RummyDangal, and the fantasy gaming platform, FantasyDangal.

Dangal Games launched a unified multi-gaming app for hyper-casual games in September 2021.

PokerDangal has grown as the go-to site for small to mid-stakes players in just five years. Tournaments pull in big crowds at PokerDangal. The brand has matched the growing interest in MTTs by launching flagships like the Destiny Changer, Destiny Changer Lite, Dangal Value Series, Dangal Grinders Series, Great Indian Poker League, and, more recently, the Big Show.

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from PokerDangal!

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