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3-Bet: Female Bilzerian Goes to Jail, $285 Million Heist in Macau & Season 2 of PokerStars Shark Cage Begins

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  • PG News September 16, 2015
  • 3 Minutes Read

Big money is synonymous with high stakes poker and together, these always attract all kinds. This edition of 3-Bet, we no doubt, do have some news of a poker tournament, but the focus is more on the seedier side of this world, which ranges from a professional mistress to a $285 Million burglary and both occur in the Far-East.

Our 3rd story is the return of the PokerStars Shark Cage, as if there weren’t enough sharks in poker-world already! But, as they say, the greater the risks, the more the thrill…


Female Bilzerian Gets 5 Years In Jail

Guo Meimei, Chinese Internet celebrity and “professional mistress” has been sentenced to five years in jail for illegal gambling activities in Beijing.

Guo Meimei
Guo Meimei

The social-media butterfly who loved posting hot images of herself, with luxury cars set all, much like Dan Bilzerian, had shot into the limelight in July 2014, when she had been caught by the authorities accepting bets on the World Cup.

The 24-year old used to run illegal high stakes games in posh flats rented in Macau and news that had really made headlines, was her statement that she “slept” with a high-flying poker-playing businessman in Macau, in return for money, despite having a regular boyfriend.

I’m really not short of those who want to keep me as mistress,” she declared last year. “There are many who would spend money to sleep with me for a night, no matter the price.”

Meimei is believed to have taken a 3% to 5% in rakes and later admitted, “I shouldn’t have participated in gambling, but I don’t think my actions constituted (a) crime.”

Besides the five year sentence, Meimei will also have to pay 50,000 Yuan as penalty for her crimes.


PokerStars Shark Cage Season 2 Returns

The ruthless and hard-hitting action is back, with the PokerStars Shark Cage, which began on Sept 15.

The series was broadcast at 00.10 UK time on Channel 4 and some of the names lining up the event include Daniel Negreanu, Phil Ivey, actor Don Cheadle, soccer legend Ronaldo, and star of Season one Miss Finland, Sara Chafek, Sergio Garcia, Ronaldo, and Maria Ho.

The show will put contestants through a grueling challenge, with not only removal from the event in case of failure, but also ridicule in front of all social media. Viewers can however participate through the “Play Along” App and win seats in a weekly freeroll.

Last Aug, Muskan Sethi had been the first and lone Indian to qualify for the Shark Cage. The highlight of her time there had been while facing seasoned pros, Jason Mercier, Sam Grafton, Liv Boeree, with co-amateur Mike Tindell.


Macau Junket Operator Hit By $285 Million Theft

Macau has been facing the brunt of ruthless govt crackdowns, which have already caused immense loss to junket operators. A latest report states that Dore Holdings, a junket operator saw a heist of $285 Million and the perpetrator is believed to be one of the employees, a cage manager.

The Dore runs two VIP rooms at the Wynn Macau, with a minimum of 25 tables and accounts for about 5% of all the junket gambling industry share in Macau. The heist, though not directly a hit to the Dore, has caused the shares of Wynn Resorts to drop by 10%.

Junket operators mostly thrive on high rollers, with baccarat driving almost 91% of Macau’s gambling money.

This theft comes at a time, when Macau is reeling from strong reforms, including a smoking ban, which has already driven away high rollers to other destinations. On the other hand, several companies have already invested $20 Billion in new projects in the Vegas of the East.

Last year, a bigger heist of $1.3 Billion had been taken from junket operator Kimren.


That’s it for this bulletin. By the way, a little birdie tells us Madonna’s going to be performing at the Studio City in Macau on Feb 20 & 21, 2016! Adieu, until next time.

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