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Gossip Column: 6 Ourgame International Executives Arrested in Government Raid & Florida Poker Pro Death-Crashes a Man After Consuming Edible Marijuana

Gossip Column: 6 Ourgame International Executives Arrested in Government Raid & Florida Poker Pro Death-Crashes a Man After Consuming Edible Marijuana
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  • PG News May 21, 2018
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Just as we eagerly await some hot, competitive action on poker felts at the upcoming World Series of Poker (WSOP) we get news from the poker world that seem to be gravitate to a sensational note this week. In this edition of our PokerGuru Gossip Column, we bring you two shocking reports.

Our first report is from China where Ourgame, a major player in the online poker market in China suffered a big setback after six of its employees were arrested by the Chinese government in a raid. Though Ourgame denied it at first, the company finally came out with a formal acknowledgement on the arrests.

In our second and final story we take you to Florida where Bradley Ruben, a prominent poker pro drove out on the Interstate-95 after consuming edible marijuana and rammed into a man standing by his car, killing him. Well though no body died till date from consuming pot, one can surely take some one’s life it seems.

So, let’s get rolling (no pun intended) with the sensation, the drama and the tragedy of this week’s gossipy updates, served here just for you!

OurGame Acknowledges 6 Employees Were Arrested in China

The Chinese poker industry has started feeling the heat of Chinese government’s ban on online poker platforms. One of the biggest stakeholders in Chinese poker industry, Ourgame International Holdings Limited has now admitted that six employees of its subsidiary inside China, the Beijing Lianjhong Interactive Network Co. Ltd were arrested by the government.


Ourgame that operates from Cayman Islands and is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange had earlier denied that six of its top executives were among the thirty-nine people who were detained in a government raid and claimed that only three Lianjhong employees had been arrested. Following a report carried by Beijing News Agency on this, Ourgame had on May 9, made a regulatory announcement and temporarily suspended trading of Lianjhong stocks on Hong Kong stock exchange, maintaining that the company would make its own internal investigations into the matter.

The Chinese government’s ban on free-play poker came on April 23, stumping the fast growing popularity of poker on smart devices in China. The arrests targeted use of Texas Hold ‘em smart-device apps that had become widely popular in China and were termed as ‘illegal gambling’ by the government.

There were unconfirmed reports that the arrested Lianjhong executives include vice-president Qinyou, Head of ‘Chess & Card’ division Xu and head of VIP services department Zhou. In its recent announcement, Ourgame has acknowledged that six of its employees were arrested in the April raid, but maintained that they did not include directors or top executives.

Poker Pro From Florida Death-Crashes a Man After Consuming Edible Marijuana

A poker player from Florida, 32-year-old Bradley Ruben to be precise, has been arrested for death-crashing a man on Interstate-95 in Broward Country and has admitted he was stoned after consuming edible pot.

Bradley Ruben
Bradley Ruben

Last Wednesday, Ruben drove his car where a couple, identified as 63 years old Juan Pedro Garcia and Aleshandra Favre were standing on the road side and having their car towed after being involved in a near-fatal incident.

Ruben’s Volkswagen GTI crashed into Favre’s car and Garcia who was standing behind it, pinning him between the guard rail and the car. The tow truck driver saw Ruben wait for a few minutes before driving away from the scene of the incident. Garcia was driven to North Broward hospital but he couldn’t survive.

Later police found Ruben a quarter mile away from the spot sitting on a railing. When approached by a Broward Sheriff’s deputy he became ‘irate and combative’ and was handcuffed ‘after a brief struggle’. Ruben has admitted he had consumed a marijuana-laced edible and was under its influence at the time of the incident. He’s been handed a bail bond of $100,000 and charged with ‘failure to remain at the scene of a crash involving death’, ‘resisting an officer without violence’.

So folks, that’s all for this edition of PokerGuru gossip column! We will be back soon with more exciting updates from the world of poker!

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