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Gossip Column: Doug Polk & Fernando Habegger Upswing Poker Feud Blows Up & Gus Hansen & 6 Others Flip Over $294,000 Pots For 2 Hours

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  • PG News July 24, 2018
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After a summer filled with exciting poker tournaments we’d have thought there would be some respite from the hectic action on and off the felts, but not so! There’s never a shortage of juicy and head-turning developments in the poker world, and in this edition of our PokerGuru Gossip Column, we have just the right mix of entertainment for you.

In our first story, we see the disagreement between YouTuber and poker player Doug Polk and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) specialist Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger intensify even further as both former partners take to YouTube to wash their dirty laundry in public.

We then move to Las Vegas, where the Bobby’s Room at The Bellagio was once again stage to Gus Hansen and six others who grabbed the attention, with all players going all-in for $42,000 to make for a $294,000 pot every hand, for a non-stop two hours.

So sit back and read on while we take you to the high-drama action in the life and career of some of the biggest poker stars!

Doug Polk vs. Fernando Habegger Feud Over Upswing Poker Blows Up

The dispute between PLO instructor Fernando Habegger and YouTuber and poker player Doug Polk has been ongoing for quite some time, but on July 22, Habegger, aka JNandez87, released an hour long video on YouTube, titled ‘The Truth about Doug Polk, Joey Ingram and my Relationship with Upswing Poker’, presenting his side of the story on the argument where he claims that Polk owed the former Upswing coach $90,000.

The video response was due to previous tweets that Polk had posted on his social media handle on July 20 where he belittled Habegger.

Habegger did find support on social media.

But, true to his nature, Polk responded to Habegger’s video with a video post of his own, ‘Let’s Talk About The Facts Regarding Upswing Poker And JNandez’, a few hours after Habegger had posted his video.

In his video, Polk defended Upswing’s decision to purchase the domain name, even though the main domain name was meant to be connected to Phil Galfond’s training site, which prompted some negative reactions from the twitteratti.

Not to be outdone, Habegger took to YouTube, this time posted a video labelled ‘Someone Has to Keep Doug Polk Accountable’, and he took things a step further by challenging Polk to a $50,000 boxing challenge, stating that if he wins he’ll use the money “to get as many people as I can into the Colossus event at the WSOP next year.”

With Polk slated to appear in his friend and Upswing affiliate partner Joey Ingram’s podcast soon, we can be rest assured that it’s not the last of this quarrel!

Gus Hansen & 6 Others Play Huge Stakes At Bobby’s Room For 2 Hours Straight

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is over and many poker pros have traveled back out of Las Vegas but not high stakes pro Gus Hansen who seems to have made Bobby’s Room at The Bellagio his poker den. And since Hansen doesn’t tire of giving his fans video glimpses of the games and hands at play, we know what he’s been up to!

Hansen was one of the seven players in the thick of action at the Big Game last Thursday. The game of choice was seven way Omaha flips and the group was playing this for $42,000 a pop, coming to a total $294,000 in the middle every single hand. Hansen shared a video of one of these hands.

The new game in Bobby’s Room – 7 handed 42K flip – 294K in the middle – Very Sick!

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

The shocking part here is not even the high stakes but the fact that they played the high stakes game continuously for two whole hours.

Hansen himself called it “Insanity” in his next Instagram post.

Insanity prevails! It’s gonna be a great a summer 😉

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

After the two-hour sweat at limits that were the highest so far this summer, the seven players finally decided to return to playing poker with blinds of $6,000/$12,000. A tad modest after the heights they went up to, we’d say!

That’s it from our gossip stables for this edition but stay tuned for we’ll be back with more titillating and scandalous gossip soon!

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