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Gossip Column: Doug Polk Is A Master Troll But Daniel Negreanu Gets The Last Laugh

Gossip Column: Doug Polk Is A Master Troll But Daniel Negreanu Gets The Last Laugh
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  • PG News June 4, 2018
  • 8 mins Read

Poker is as much a game of skill but skills cannot be limited to just the poker table. A pro knows that its important to get under their opponent’s skin and be able to play mind games. But does it always work? In this edition of our Gossip Column we’ll see the lengths that YouTuber and poker pro Doug Polk went to in order to troll Daniel Negreanu. But did he have the last word? Let’s find out!

It all started back in 2016 when PokerStars had made an announcement regarding increasing the rake in ring games. The Canadian pro Negreanu had expressed his support for the move and stated, “There’s a lot of games where the rake is really high, and it keeps pros away. But overall, for the game, it’s actually better because pros aren’t playing.”

The 3-time bracelet winner Polk, who already had an acrimonious relationship with the poker franchise, was irked by Negreanu’s statement. In a video uploaded on YouTube in October 2016, WCGRider ranted against Negreanu.

In the aftermath of the video, KidPoker faced a lot of criticism from the poker community. He eventually had to explain his stance in a long blog post released on fullcontactpoker.com, titled “My thoughts on RAKE!”, in which he states, “it makes sense to give the majority of the bonuses or rewards to recreational players”.

This, however, only added fuel to fire and resulted in a Twitter battle between Polk and Negreanu.

Nevertheless, this war of words took a new turn recently when Polk was seated beside Negreanu during the WSOP Super High Roller Bowl on Thrusday, May 31. Midway through the game on Day 1, the Upswing Poker creator started to unclothe, revealing a t-shirt that read “More Rake is Better.” The following Friday, Polk hired a billboard in Las Vegas that asked people to visit MoreRakeIsBetter.com.

Polk later confessed that his reasons for trolling Negreanu, despite being blocked by him on Twitter, was due to his comment in favour of a higher rake, but he also stated that he did it for the “lol’s” on social media.

But in the end, it was Negreanu who had the last laugh as Polk was busted the Super High Roller Bowl early while KidPoker finished runner-up and won $3 Million.

Well, that’s poker world for you folks, a lot of bluff, a few bets and some calls, take it all with a pinch of salt and ice to go with the Malt! Cheers!

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