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Gossip Column: Doug Polk Launches New YouTube Channel, Charlie Carrel Talks About Poker & Drugs, Brad Owen Plays $1/$2 NLHE With Dan Bilzerian & More

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  • PG News June 22, 2018
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Right in the middle of summer when the poker circuit is looking to Vegas, where the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and numerous other tournaments are on in different casinos, there are many stories to talk about, from the other parts of the poker globe as well. In this edition of our PokerGuru Gossip Column, we serve you with a poker-flavored palate that will send your senses in a tingle!

Our first story revolves around poker pro Doug Polk who is launching his new YouTube channel to “discuss” topics related to “mainstream news” that he wants to ponder on.

Next, we take you to London, where British pro Charlie Carrel has chosen to shed light on how different drugs can affect the poker player’s mind while playing. At a time when many poker veterans are running videos and tutorials on hand strategies and assessments, Carrel finds it extremely relevant to talk about different drugs and stimulants.

The third story is about a vlog shared by YouTube star and poker player Brad Owen showing him playing an NLHE game with internet sensation Dan Bilzerian.

We wrap up this gossip column with the final story of colonoscopy parties thrown by Hollywood actors Martin Short, Tom Hanks and Steve Martin in pre-celebration of their healthy anatomies.

Doug Polk Launches Mainstream YouTube Channel

Not long after three-time WSOP bracelet winner and avid YouTuber, Doug Polk dabbled in posting videos on avoiding cryptocurrency scams on his ‘DougPolkCrypto’, the poker pro seemed to have hopped onto the mainstream news media. Polk, who has a loyal audience of nearly 200,000 subscribers tuning in to his poker hand analysis videos has now launched a new YouTube channel related to mainstream news, and light-headed humor is an inherent part of it!

Doug Polk
Doug Polk

While Polk hasn’t really come out with a name for his new project yet, he describes it as a place to make videos addressing ‘mainstream topics’! Polk says he wants to “talk about mainstream stuff and doesn’t have a place to do that,” and that, his new content goals is simply “making videos that he likes.”

Surprisingly this summer, Polk has been missing in action at the WSOP felt, choosing instead to do a stand-up comedy act in Vegas. He opened his act with, “So I’m getting too fat lately,” as he reached down next to him to bite into a cupcake!

Beside this, Polk made his presence felt quite well in Vegas, where he is known to have put up a billboard outside Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino that read “”, a sarcastic jab hinting at his opposition to Daniel Negreanu’s comment in a 2016 interview that more rake is better on PokerStars for recreational players.

As part of his new project, Polk has even come up with a first video which is a little more than 11 minutes long where he offered his take on hard-hitting topics such as IHOP becoming the International House of Burgers! He also talked of the raging popularity of Fortnite and full-time video gamers, and US missing out on the 2018 World Cup in Russia, among other things.

Charlie Carrel Talks About Drug Use & Poker

British High roller Charlie Carrel has been, in his own words, “pretty public about poker, and I’m pretty public about drugs.” Carrel calls himself as a ‘veteran’ of both subjects, and while he doesn’t advocate use of drugs while playing, he has his own opinion and advice to give, on drugs and poker players!

His tweet features his video on how he micro-dosed on drugs while playing poker, calling it interesting experience where he could no longer rely on rational thoughts!

Charlie Carrel
Charlie Carrel

He also advised people not to play poker on psychedelics unless it’s a micro-dose. Carrel’s tweet certainly evoked quite a range of reactions!

This isn’t the first time that Carrel, who has more than $6 Million in tournament earnings has regaled his fans with tales of taking drugs and other stuff.

This time, he has touched upon the entire range of drugs, from weed to cocaine, nootropics to speed, and other stimulants. Certainly, a poker player’s guide to what-to and what not to use when playing in tournaments!

Brad Owen & Dan Bilzerian Play $1/$2 NLHE at Red Rock Casino

As Event #33: $50,000 Poker Players Championship at the 2018 WSOP drew to an end and found a winner in former WSOP gold bracelet winner Michael Mizrachi, a slightly different battle was taking place on the other side of the desert city of Las Vegas.

In the Red Rock Casino, a $1/$2 NLHE game of poker was being played between Instagram sensation Dan Bilzerian and rising poker star Brad Owen. In a YouTube video posted by Owen on his channel titled ‘Dan Bilzerian Shoves On Me! – Poker Vlog Ep 63’, the poker player documents his play with Bilzerian and his girlfriend, model Sofia Bevarly.

The incident was also mentioned by PokerNews on Twitter.

Hollywood Megastars Host Annual Colonoscopy Parties

Hollywood icons Steve Martin, Tom Hanks and Martin Short have an odd tradition of hosting annual colonoscopy parties. Joined by another friend, these four men make an occasion out of what most might view as an embarrassing medical procedure.

Steve Martin and Martin Short
Steve Martin and Martin Short

On the talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Steve Martin explained, “Yes, there’s the Christmas party, then the colonoscopy party – that is true! We thought, everybody at our age… at a certain age, you won’t to get a colonoscopy. It’s after 50, right? We thought it would be easier, if it’s all men and we celebrated… We play poker, we watch some funny movie, and you drink all the stuff.”

The tradition begins with all four friends heading over to Martin’s home where they play poker followed by a movie and then go over to the hospital to undertake the medical procedure.

Martin Short added, “We’re very excited, we go to Steve’s house around 5pm the night before, we call it Colonoscopy Eve in Canada. And it’s catered, there’s jello.”

So here’s it all for this edition of PokerGuru Gossip Column. We will be back with more interesting updates very soon!

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