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Gossip Column: Doyle Brunson Announces Retirement, Sang Liu’s Premature Celebration Backfires, Shaun Deeb Plays 2 Tables at Once at WSOP 2018 & More

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  • PG News June 14, 2018
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There’s a lot that’s been happening on and off the poker tables and with the registers ringing at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP), the buzz of interesting incidents is catching our attention! In this edition of PokerGuru Gossip Column, we serve you the most important and entertaining cocktails from the WSOP felts and around the poker globe.

Our first story revolves around iconic poker player, Doyle Brunson who returned to WSOP after a five-year hiatus and participated in his favorite event, Event #23: $10,000 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship. Earlier on Twitter, Brunson announced that this would be his last WSOP!

Next, we take you to the final table of the WSOP COLOSSUS event where the heads-up match between Roberly Felicio and Sang Liu resulted in one of the most epic moments when Liu, almost certain of victory started celebrating prematurely! He was eventually defeated by Felicio, who won the title!

Yet another story comes from the WSOP poker rooms where Shaun Deeb was spotted by PokerNews running between the Brasilia and Amazon poker room to participate simultaneously in two tournaments! While Deeb couldn’t win a bracelet in either, he quite literally, made a ‘run’ for it!

Our final story focuses on a poker cash game in the Bicycle Casino in Los Angeles that witnessed one of the worst angle betting scenes by a local player that took Twitter by storm.

Doyle Brunson Retires After 50-Year Long Poker Career

The American living legend of poker, Doyle Brunson is saying goodbye to a career that has spanned over five decades. Through a tweet the 84-year-old shared on June 12, Doyle mentioned that WSOP Event #23: $10,000 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship may very well be his last tournament.

When asked about the reason behind not competing regularly in tournaments, Brunson said, “I’ve been married for 57 years and my wife is not in very good health. She can’t go to sleep until I come home. So I play in cash games just about every day when there is one running, and I can get home at 9:00 or 10:00 at night. But if you play in a tournament and you do well, you can’t get home until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning, so that’s what keeps me from playing in them. I think I could still do it, I am physically able to handle the hours. I’ve always had great endurance, which is a blessing, but I feel guilty if I leave the house with my wife in poor health. I feel like I should be there with her, so I think I plan on retiring after this summer and spending all my time with her.”

The 10-time WSOP bracelet winner also discussed his love for the $10,000 deuce-to-seven lowball championship, “It is my favorite game. My son texted me this morning and told me that I could buy in on day 2 in this event. If I got down to the final table, which is probably unlikely, but I could get home late tonight… I already spoke to my wife and she told me to go ahead and play. It’s just kind of a goodbye to the World Series of Poker. I don’t think I’ll play any more… I might play in the $50,000 event.”

Doyle Brunson
Doyle Brunson

Even though Brunson stated that he would not be appearing in anymore WSOP Main Events, his tweet on June 13 announcing his retirement from WSOP mentioned – ‘isn’t written in stone’ giving his fans hope that he may make another historic comeback sometime in the future.

Sang Liu’s Early Celebration at the COLOSSUS Backfires on the River

The six-day long Event #7: COLOSSUS – $565 No-Limit Hold’em had 13,070 hopefuls fighting it out for the coveted WSOP gold bracelet and top prize of $1,000,000. In the end, it was the Brazilian Roberly Felicio who took home the top honors. But this event, like all other WSOP events, saw its share of excitement and adrenaline rush, the best of which came towards the end.

Right as Felicio was battling it out with Sang Liu in the heads up play, there came a hand where the two ended up playing a huge 61 Million pot, after they had both flopped top pair.

On the turn, it looked like Liu would win, as he was just one card away from victory, holding on a board of against Felicio’s , Liu started to celebrate when a king came up!

It was quite a spectacle when the player began to dance around the table, even waving his jacket in the air!

Sang Liu
Sang Liu

However, it was Felicio’s turn to rejoice when the popped up on the river, bringing a two pair and a big chip lead for him while sending Liu spiraling down to the brink of elimination! 16 hands later, Felicio busted Liu and won the bracelet!

Shaun Deeb Multi-Tables at WSOP

If you’ve ever wondered how Mike Leah managed to ‘double-bag’ chips by playing in two WSOP tourneys in a single day for the past two consecutive years, then Shaun Deeb will just flummox you with his recent feat!

Deeb has not just multi-tabled tournaments in the ongoing WSOP i.e. Event#13 – $1,500 Big Blind Ante No Limit Hold ‘em and Event #14 – $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw, running back and forth between the Brasilia and Amazon poker rooms in Rio, he also made it to the third day of both events, last Thursday! The next day, Deeb requested the tournament directors to bring the tables of both events into one single room, so that he could multi-table better!

Shaun Deeb
Shaun Deeb

In Event#14 – $1,500 No-Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw, Deeb made a run for the bracelet but was relegated to the third place by event winner Daniel Ospina. He banked $36,330 for his finish. Deeb was caught in action by PokerNews anchor Sarah Herring.

Meanwhile, Deeb finished 16th in the $1,500 Big Blind Ante NLHE event, pocketing $11,533. This is the furthest any player multi-tabling between two different tournaments has ever reached. Leah could never progress beyond Day 2 in any tournament he multi-tabled and same is true for Max Kruse, who was another player spotted multi-tabling at WSOP this year.

Not just this, right after these events got over, Deeb dived into two more events that were going on simultaneously!

Deeb didn’t make it to the final day in these events, though. While he finished 965th in Event #21 -1,500 NLHE Millionaire Maker, he did better in Event #23 – $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Lowball Championship with a 35th place finish.

Deeb’s multi-table abilities do come with a tinge of controversy. He’s known as a deliberate slow roller, something that is considered as ‘bad etiquette’ by poker professionals.

But this time, in the $1,500 No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw, Ospina, who’s had a bit of history with Deeb over this, didn’t miss the opportunity to give it right back, in the three-handed play where he slow rolled Deeb!

Angle Shooting Incident: Man Bets $10,300 Into $900 Pot on Bluff, Loses & Tries to Take Back Bet

Angle shooting has always been the center of controversy and debate in the poker fraternity and when a player named ‘Armenian Mike’ tried something like this in a Los Angeles cash game last week, it took the entire poker community by storm!

At the Bicycle casino, ‘Armenian Mike’ bet $10,300 on the river into a $900 pot holding ace-high and a pair on the board, and he was instantly called by poker pro Ryan Feldman with a full house. Mike then tried to take his wager back and claimed it was a joke, unleashing all hell in the casino! The hand was captured in the ‘Live At The Bike’ live stream and poker player and media person, Joey Ingram had much to say on this!

The poker Twitterati including Allen Cunningham, Max Pescatori and Dan Fleyshman reacted strongly to this. Director of Poker operations at Aria, Sean McCormack also tweeted on the incident.

Eventually, the floor ruled that the bet had to stand, but let Feldman decide whether to hold his opponent to the play or let him off the bet. Feldman, rightly so took Mike’s chips.

So here’s it all for this edition of PokerGuru Gossip Column. We will be back with more interesting updates very soon!

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