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Gossip Column: Former Card Player Magazine Employee Indicted For Embezzlement, Phil Ivey Appeals $10 Million Judgement & Samantha Abernathy Engaged

Shelby McCann's, Phil Ivey and Samantha Abernathy
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  • PG News September 1, 2018
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Greetings poker lovers! We are back with another edition of the PokerGuru Gossip Column with stories enough to make a solid Bollywood flick riddled with fraud, drama and love.

Right as we learned about former Card Player employee Shelby McCann’s indictment for embezzling over a $1 Million from the publication, the saga of World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Ivey’s legal troubles took a new turn.

Nonetheless, all is not dull and gloomy in poker land as American pro Samantha Abernathy got engaged to the ‘love of her life’ Rory Brown.

Former Card Player Magazine Employee Indicted For Embezzlement

Shelby McCann, better known by her alias ‘Anna McCann’, took one of America’s best-known poker publications for a ride for more than $1 million!

Shelby McCann
Shelby McCann

McCann, was indicted for 24 felonies on Thursday after prosecutors charged her with stealing from Card Player Magazine when she began working for the company in September of 2011. As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “She is charged with using checks made out to herself to pay off credit cards, increase her salary, and for other expenses.”

Card Player is a very popular magazine among card players and is often available for free in casino poker rooms. It is owned by chief executive officer (CEO) Barry Shulman, who bought the publication in 1998, and his wife Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, who also serves as the magazine’s lawyer.

According to the newspaper, “the theft continued until McCann resigned in August of 2016. Company officials discovered the thefts after there was not enough money left to pay bills.”

Prosecutors have speculated that while McCann worked as the magazine’s bookkeeper, she made use of the publications funds and shifted base to Hawaii where she was recently arrested. It has also been alleged that she may have funnelled the magazine’s money into a crowdfunding site to help pay for an adoption.

She has been charged with stealing a total of $1.1 Million for the duration that she was employed with Card Player. Jaffrey Shulman stated that the total theft was really just a bit over $1.4 million.

Barry Shulman and his son Jeff Shulman, who serves as chief operating officer, have contributed $20,000 to the business to handle the company’s immediate needs. Jaffrey Shulman said, “Her embezzlement didn’t affect business or payroll at all.”

The investigation also revealed that McCann even sent herself flowers using company funds.

“Employees tell me she would walk around the office saying, ‘Look how much my husband loves me,’ when she had actually sent the flowers to herself with our money,” Jaffrey Shulman said. “She wrote checks to herself, sent money to her husband, paid off four different credit cards, bought airline tickets, stole petty cash, bought clothes and other items and had them sent to her home, made large donations to one of her many GoFundMe accounts, and changed her salary every two weeks for five years.”

But thats not all, McCann also used some of the stolen money to buy a home in Hawaii! The company alleges that she forged a letter from Card Player saying she worked remotely and made $200,000 a year in order to get a loan for the home.

Phil Ivey to Appeal $10 Million Judgement

Only yesterady we had reported that 10-time bracelet winner Phil Ivey and his playing partner Cheung Yin ‘Kelly’ Sun‘s motion to stay a $10.1 million judgement was denied by U.S. District Court Judge Noel Hillman. It seems that this legal drama is not over yet.

Phil Ivey
Phil Ivey

According to court documents, Ivey is asking the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit to overturn a $10.1 million judgement in a case pitting him against an MGM Resorts-owned casino.

The origin of this case is rooted way back in 2012. During a high-stakes baccarat session at the top casino in the East Coast gambling hub Borgata, Ivey and Sun implemented a technique called edge-sorting to exploit subtle manufacturing defects on the back of the playing cards. This gave them a considerable advantage over the house and also helped them win heaps of money over the course of their marathon gambling sessions.

However, the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey determined in 2016 that Ivey and Sun breached their contract with the Borgata when they gained a small edge on the house. Their legal team still disputes the breach of contract ruling.

Borgata claims that the edge-sorting “changed the overall odds of the game from an approximate 1.06 percent house advantage to an approximately 6.765 percent advantage for Ivey.

“Even though Ivey and Sun’s cunning and skill did not break the rules of baccarat, what sets Ivey and Sun’s actions apart from deceitful maneuvers in other games is that those maneuvers broke the rules of gambling as defined in this state,”Judge Hillman wrote in his judgement in late 2016.

While Ivey had previously claimed in an unsuccessful countersuit that the casino plied him with alcohol, let’s see whether this attempt made to the Third Circuit Court favors the Poker Hall of Famer.

Wedding Bells During Poker Season For Samantha Abernathy

The 2018 European Poker Tour (EPT) Barcelona is ongoing in full swing, many players have taken a break from the felts to enjoy the beautiful Spanish city.

While Brad Owen took to golfing…

I’m coming for you @blakemanpoker

A post shared by Brad Owen (@bradowen1) on

Leo Margets took a scooty ride…

And Muskan Sethi enjoyed being out and about in the sun…

#sunkissed #barcelona

A post shared by Muskan Sethi (@muskansethi5) on

But it was probably Samantha Abernathy who was having the time of her life as he got engaged to her beau Rory Brown. Abernathy announced her engaged via an Instagram post which she captioned “I have never been happier!! Love of my life, yes!”

We can see the love and excitement pouring out of the happy couple and wish them the best for their future!

And that concludes this edition of the PokerGuru Gossip Column. Keep following us for more news and updates from the world of poker!

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