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Gossip Column: Gus Hansen Prepares to Meet Dan Cates Heads-Up, Jackie Glazier Joins Survivor Australia & Men Nguyen Disrupts the WPT Main Event

PokerGuru Gossip Column: Gus Hansen Prepares to Meet Dan Cates Heads-Up
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  • PG News July 28, 2018
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Are you ready for another edition of the PokerGuru Gossip Column full of action, excitement and tomfoolery? Let us give you a preview of what’s to come.

In our first story, we discuss the exciting time that Gus Hansen is having in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio where he is gearing up met Dan Cates in a heads-up battle. Next up, we learn that Jackie Glazier will participate in the action-packed latest season of Survivor Australia. And finally, our last story deals with the unending tomfoolery that Men Nguyen kept doing at the World Poker Tour (WPT) Main Event.

Now that you what’s coming your way, let’s get right to the juicy gossip!

Gus Hansen Prepares to Face Dan Cates in Heads-Up at the Bellagio

The Big Game at Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio which previously used to be a more under the radar event has been brought into the limelight through the social media exploits of some of the participants. The latest of them being the Danish poker player Gus Hansen who recently posted on Instagram about playing in heads-up against the poker pro Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates, captioning “Patiently waiting for Heads-Up with ‘The Jungle’”

Patiently waiting for Heads-Up with ‘The Jungle’

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

Even though Hansen is deep into his Vegas trip but the man from Copenhagen seems to be having a good time, going by his social media updates and since he keeps telling everyone “it’s going to be a great summer!”

Papigto once again providing great footage!

A post shared by Gus Hansen (@therealgushansen) on

But Hansen isn’t the only whose having fun. Finnish professional poker player and former tennis player Patrik Antonius too was all over Instagram, letting everyone know of all the poker big guns he was hanging out with including Cates, Doyle Brunson and Ali Nejad.

Jackie Glazier Features in Survivor Australia

The Australian reality show Survivor Australia is about to embark on its latest season and joining the cast will be the Aussie poker pro Jackie Glazier. The announcement of her participation was made by the poker star herself on Twitter on July 25.

One of the most successful female poker players, Glazier is ranked 26th on the Australia’s all-time money list. With 14 World Series of Poker (WSOP) cashes to her name, Glazier’s career-best score of $458,996 came in the $3,000 No Limit Hold’em (Event #41) of the 43rd WSOP and she went on to win her maiden gold bracelet in €1,100 Ladies Event at the 2013 WSOP Europe.

The Australian’s Survivor profile states, “Jackie has made a living out of reading people’s body language and keeping her cards close to her chest bt now her poker face is about to be put to the ultimate test.”

In the U.S. version of the reality series, 18-20 castaways fight it out for the ultimate prize of $1 Million for a period of 39 days, but in the Australian version, 24 contestants battle it out for a grand prize worth $500,000 over 50 days. The latest season, titled “Australian Survivor: Champions V Contenders”, will take place in Savusavu, Fiji and will have 12 regular individuals (the Contenders) square off against 12 celebrities (the Champions).

Glazier will be a part of the Champions group and she’ll be accompanied by other big names such as Biggest Loser trainer and former special forces officer Steve “Commando” Willis, former Australian rules footballer Brian Lake and rugby league footballer Mat Rogers.

The host of the series Jonathan LaPaglia said, “They really have found people who are true champions in their field. It’s a great narrative for this season: people who are highly trained versus the average guy.”

Men Nguyen’s Shenanigans Cause Disruption at the WPT Gardens Final Table

The Vietnamese-American professional poker player Men Nguyen has been assigned the moniker of ‘The Master’ for a reason. Not only is he a master poker player but he is also the master of mischief. The mischievous side of this pro came out to play during Day 3 of the WPT Main Event at The Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens, California.

Nguyen’s antics included a wide array of dramatics starting from allowing his time to expire before folding without committing a time-extension chip, announcing incorrect raise amounts, refusing to stack his chips in an organized manner, and even putting out calling chips only to take them back after seeing his opponent’s hand.

Several times during the day, tournament staff had to get involved in situations surrounding Nguyen. The most frequent of his infractions included time-extension chips. He waited a few seconds after the buzzer has sounded before folding his cards, leading to confusion as to whether he owes a time-extension chip. He has been forced to give it in, although not without an argument.

He even began announcing illegal raise amounts. During the last level, 10/000-20/000 and big blind ante, Nguyen announced 14,000 as an opening amount. While it was ruled just a call, but it caused frustration among players because of the time that was taken to sort the situation out because Nguyen refused to budge from his argument. Sometime later, when Jesse Yaginuma raised to 60,000, Nguyen announced “38,000” and then put forward chips totalling 140,000. The floor was called once again, and Nguyen repeatedly stated that he was making it “38,000”. The ruling was again in his favour. But after the hand had been completed, Nguyen was issued a one-round penalty. ‘The Master’ pleaded with the tournament staff saying, “What did I do wrong? I never do nothing wrong!”

The penalty seemed to calm him down for a while and even when his hand was ruled dead. Nguyen was away from his seat when the deal began, and Gardens Casino has a first-card-off-the-deck rule, meaning if a player isn’t in their seat when the first card is dealt, their hand is dealt. Nguyen returned after his first card had been dealt but before his second card arrived, and he took his seat. a few players spoke up, saying Nguyen’s hand should be dead. Nguyen didn’t appear to be aware of the rule, so some players explained it to him. Tournament Director Cavin Quintanilla was nearby and immediately instructed the dealer to declare Nguyen’s hand dead. Nguyen smiled and pointed to Quintanilla and said, “Whatever he says, I’m okay.”

However, this good-natured vibe did not last very long, and soon enough Nguyen was back to his old tricks. When Steve Sung raised 75,000 from cutoff, Nguyen called from big blind. The flop fell , Nguyen checked and Sung bet 100,000. Nguyen check-raised to 215,000, Sung asked for a time-extension chip and then called. The turn brought , Ngyuen bet 225,000 and Sung used another time-extension chip. Eventually he raised all-in for 435,000. Nguyen called by dropping in two 100,000 chips and Sung immediately tabled revealing he had flopped a set of jacks. When the players looked to Nguyen, they saw that he had already retracted the two chips he had called with.

You called,” said Sung. “That’s why I turned over my hand.”

“I no do nothing,”Nguyen countered.

“Menski, you really trying this on me right now? We’ve known each other a long time, don’t pull this sh*t on me,”Sung said

“I no do nothin!”yelled Nguyen. “I bet $1,000,” he added.

“I’ll bet the prize pool on it!” Sung retorted while pointing at the tournament clock that displayed the prize pool. The tournament staff were alerted of the rapidly escalating situation and began checking the cameras to verify Nguyen’s actions. About 90 seconds later, Nguyen was informed by the tournament staff that he did, in fact, drop in the chips to call and must call.

“You’re wrong,”said a peeved Nguyen, as he’s told to turn his hand over.

“Are you live?”asked Sung.

“I’m live!” shouted Nguyen and tabled for an open-ended straight draw. But on the river didn’t help his hand, and Sung was able to double up. After the hand, the beers at Nguyen’s cocktail table were removed and he was cut off from further adult beverages.

But the alcohol depravation seemed to not work in Nguyen’s favour as he kept dozing off at the table. The hot tea brought by staff didn’t help, and Nguyen was catching naps between folding, rarely playing out an entire hand.

He decided to go for a walk with some friends to wake himself up, and after 25 minutes of absence from the final table, Nguyen returned much more alert.

The eliminations of Tuan Phan (8th for $69,705) and Jesse Yaginuma (7th for $89,360) resulted in the commencement of the six-handed final table with Simon Lam (6,115,000) as chip leader. With a top prize worth $565,055 and a new Mercedes-Benz on the line, the six finalists will return the next day to contend for it.

Let’s hope Nguyen will be done with his antics by then!

Men Nguyen
Men Nguyen

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Simon Lam – 6,115,000

2. Jake Schindler – 4,045,000

3. Men Nguyen – 3,935,000

4. Jared Griener – 3,875,000

5. Saya Ono – 3,445,000

6. Craig Varnell – 1,955,000

And with that, we wrap up this edition of the PokerGuru Gossip Column. We’ll be back with more controversial and dramatic gossip soon, so stay tuned!

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