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Heads-Up: In Conversation With MadOverPoker Pro Zarvan Tumboli

Zarvan Tumboli
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  • PG News November 25, 2017
  • 4 Minutes Read

Zarvan Tumboli (cover image) has enjoyed an amazing year so far having clinched two titles at APT Macau 2017 and ACOP Platinum 19 alongside a series of big scores both live and online. This 25-year-old started playing poker at the age of 16 and is certainly one of the rising poker stars in the country today.

However, a closer look at Tumboli’s past reveals that his journey was no sudden flash-in-the-pan, but dates back nine years. Tumboli started like many others with Zynga poker on Facebook and even started hosting home games, while gradually graduating to organizing larger cash games.

Tumboli had an extremely pragmatic approach to the game and finally decided to take the plunge by turning pro seven months back.

Well as they say, dedication pays off and it did for this young lad as he got offered to become the first team pro by the recently launched MadOverPoker (MOP) online poker site. MadOverPoker is run by a group of experienced and passionate poker players led by its co-founder and CEO Amit Kanodia.

Tumboli shares a similar passion for the mind sport just like the company`s co-founder Kanodia and in an exclusive interview with PokerGuru, explains his role, responsibilities and plans as a MadOverPoker pro. Here are the excerpts:


Hello Zarvan, thank you for speaking with us. How did the opportunity of becoming a MadOverPoker pro come by?

I have known Amit (Kanodia) for quite some time now and we are good friends. He was coming up with the site (MadOverPoker) and he wanted to make me its first Team pro member. We spoke about the same and shared a similar passion for the game. I was instantly in.


What was your immediate response on being picked?

Pretty pumped up to be honest. This has been a memorable year for me and the biggest for poker in India. I want poker to grow in India.

Being associated with the site and actively working for it is going to be exciting and I am looking forward to some good results. MadOverPoker is the best platform to do so and it will be a great learning experience for me personally as well.


Tell us about your poker journey so far.

I have been playing professionally for 6-7 months now. I was in Dubai and moved back to Mumbai for the same reason. Since then, I have been traveling a lot to Macau, Netherlands, Manila and Goa for grinding tournaments.

Earlier, I was primarily a cash game player and used to mostly play live cash games. Lately, I have been grinding more live tournaments and have got good results too. I am looking forward to maintaining the good form after this association as well.


Please tell us your role and responsibility as a MadOverPoker pro.

I have a lot of roles and responsibilities when it comes to being a MadOverPoker pro. Wearing patches and hoodies for live poker events is not all. I will be actively participating to promote MadOverPoker and sportifying poker in the country. Taking constant feedback from the community and players itself is very important to me. It gives me an understanding of what they need and what are they looking for in the product.


Please share your official quote on becoming the first pro team member of MadOverPoker.

MadOverPoker is not just a company but a reaction to the needs of modern poker times in sync with its market and players. It’s time to #GoMadOverPoker.


Are there plans to sign more team pro members?

As far as I am aware, MadOverPoker respects talent and would definitely be open to a few more pros and who doesn’t like to get a buddy alongside in a team, right?


What are your plans and expectations from the alliance?

I expect MadOverPoker to grow and reach out to more people. MadOverPoker is the best platform for players who don’t have hefty bankrolls or are new to the game. We have some great value tournaments with small buy-ins but big guarantees at the same time. We don’t see buy-ins as small as ₹100 giving out one lakh guaranteed.

The response has been phenomenal till now and I am expecting it to only get better. Bigger things are in store!


Any parting words or anything you would like to add?

MadOverPoker is coming out with very good promotions and exciting tournaments in the near future, so, all I can say is watch out for it! I am a player first myself, and I will constantly work to bring maximum value to the players for their money and strive to give them a fair, transparent and an ultimate online gaming experience!

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