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Looking to Make Easy Money? Join PokerMatch India’s ‘Easy Cash’ to Win From Over ₹8 Lakhs in Cash Prizes (January 29 – February 26)

PokerMatch India - Easy Cash
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis January 30, 2023
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Are you looking to win easy money? Then look no further than PokerMatch India’s latest offering, Easy Cash, which has over ₹2 Lakhs in cash prizes on offer each week. With the promotion spanning four weeks – from January 29 to February 26 – over ₹8 Lakhs await players on the site.

So, how do you earn a quick buck? Here’s how:

Play games of any limits or formats (MTTs, cash games, or Twisters) and generate just ₹160 (€2) in rake (or 200 Status Points) per day.

Once you hit this easy milestone, you will be automatically registered to the Easy Cash Flipout all-in shootout tournament that starts at 10:30 PM daily from January 30. You do not have to track the course of the tournament, as the winners are determined automatically.

After each tournament is complete, participants will be credited points to the weekly leaderboard.


Points System

PositionNumber of Points
Tournament participation5


The top 20 players of the weekly leaderboard will get a share from over ₹2 Lakhs (€2,500) each week, with the winner netting ₹80,000!


Weekly Leaderboard Prizes

RankPrize Amount
1₹80,000 (€1,000)
2₹40,000 (€500)
3₹20,000 (€250)
4₹12,000 (€150)
5₹8,000 (€100)
6-7₹6,000 (€75)
8-10₹4,000 (€50)
11-15₹2,000 (€25)
16-20₹1,200 (€15)


Wait! There’s more! The top 128 ranked players on the weekly leaderboard will get a chance to spin the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ to win anywhere from ₹80 (€1) to ₹8,000 (€100) in cash prizes!

The scoring period for the weekly leaderboards are:

Week 1: January 29 (11 PM) to February 5 (10:29 PM)

Week 2: February 5 (11 PM) to February 12 (10:29 PM)

Week 3: February 12 (11 PM) to February 19 (10:29 PM)

Week 4: February 19 (10:30 PM) to February 26 (10:29 PM)


Terms & Condition

  • The mission for the ticket to the Easy Cash Flipout tournament will start at 10:31 PM and end at 10:30 PM the next day.
  • You don’t need to be online to participate in the Easy Cash Flipout tournament. All actions are performed automatically.
  • If several players have the same points, the player who scored the points first will win.


About PokerMatch India

Last December, Eastern Europe’s favorite online gaming platform – PokerMatch, debuted in an India-exclusive avatar, PokerMatch India, in partnership with the world’s largest supplier of online gaming software company Playtech.

Almost immediately after its India launch, the site joined hands with the world’s first professional Match Poker league, Match Indian Poker League (MIPL), becoming the title sponsor of Season 5 of the league.

The brand has aggressively promoted poker as a mind sport, and its marketing campaign – “Poker is Your Sport,” won the Ukrainian Gaming Week (UGW) Award in the “Best Marketing Campaign” category.

Two weeks ago, the brand launched an eight-day-long €25 (~₹2,000) entry buy-in tournament with an NLHE Knockout format – The Prologue.

Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerMatch India!

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