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PokerMatch India Launches ‘Combomania’ – Compete For ₹23 Lakhs in Prizes on Hold’em Boost Cash Tables! (May 22 – June 19)

PokerMatch India Combomania
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  • Namita Ghosh May 18, 2023
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Save the dates! PokerMatch India, the Indian subsidiary of the well-known Eastern European online poker platform, PokerMatch, has unveiled its latest promotional bonanza, ‘Combomania.’ Set to run from May 22 to June 19, this promotion will take place at the Boost Hold’em cash game tables and promises exciting daily rewards for participating players.

As part of this exciting promotion, PokerMatch India offers daily rewards to players on the Boost tables. Regular players who frequent the Boost Hold`em cash tables with limits of $0.02/0.05 and above can participate, vying for daily rewards and a grand prize of $5,000.

Combomania incorporates two types of leaderboards—Daily and Global. Points accrued in the Daily Leaderboard also contribute to the Global Leaderboard for the entirety of the promotion.

To rank in the Daily Leaderboard, you must reach a specified target of hands each day. As you play, you collect combinations during the game, contributing points to both the Daily and Global Leaderboards. Ranking on the Daily Leaderboards makes you eligible to win a Trump Card, which awards $1 – $100 as Game Bonus Dollars.

High-ranking players on the Global Leaderboard stand to win real money cash prizes starting from $10, with a whopping $5,000 reserved for the leaderboard champion.

The promotion also features Daily Prizes simply for logging into the poker client during the promotional period. Upon logging into the site, you will receive a Trump Card, offering $2 to $50 in rewards. To make things even more exciting, an All-in Shootout Tournament will be hosted daily at 8:30 PM, where the top 10 players will share a $100 prize.


Combomania – How it Works?

> Play a certain number of hands per day.

> Collect combinations during the game and score points in the Daily and Global Leaderboards.

> Get gifts in the Daily Leaderboard and $5,000 for first place on the Global Leaderboard.

The stronger the combination, the more points you will be awarded.

Here are the points you can collect for the different combinations:

Two pairs2
Full House50
Four of a Kind100
Straight Flush200
Royal Flush500


Remember that the points are awarded only for a certain number of hands, so players of all ranks will be on an equal footing.

You need to play:

Week #1 (May 22 – 29): 200 hands per day

Week #2 (May 29 to June 5): 300 hands per day

Week #3: (June 5 to 12): 500 hands per day

Week #4: (June 12 – 19) 750 hands per day

If you can complete the daily challenge, you will receive an additional 50 points.

For instance, if you have played the required 200 hands and accumulated 1,000 points, no points will be awarded for any of the subsequent games, no matter what combinations you collect.


Combomania – Daily Leaderboard

The Daily Leaderboard will rank cash game players on the Hold’em Boost tables. Players who finish in places from 1 to 100 will receive a Trump Card, allowing them to draw prizes from $1 to $100. The Trump Card prizes will be paid as Game Bonus Dollars.

PrizeDrop chance


Combomania – Global Leaderboard

Points earned in the Daily Leaderboards will also rank you on the Global Leaderboard. The top 100-ranked players, through the entire promotion, will win additional cash prizes, ranging from $10 to $5,000, with the winner guaranteed a grand prize of $5,000.

All the Global Leaderboard prizes are in the form of real money.

Final placePrize


Daily Prize

In addition to the enticing rewards available through the Daily and Global Leaderboards, PokerMatch India also offers Daily Prizes through Trump Cards. By simply logging into the poker client from May 22 (5.30 AM IST) to June 1 (5.29 AM IST), you will receive a Trump Card. This card can earn you anything from $2 to $50 in prizes.

It’s important to note that you’re eligible for one Trump Card per day.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. An All-in Shootout Tournament is set to take place daily at 8.30 PM (IST), with the top ten players sharing a prize pool of $100.

PrizeDrop chance
Ticket to All-in Shootout55%


PokerMatch India has recently unveiled an array of enticing offers for both cash game and tournament players. These range from the Weekly Cash Masters and Daily Missions to high-stake tournaments such as the PokerMatch Legend PKO and the High Roller PKO. As the site prepares to host its most significant multi-table tournament (MTT) series, the International Poker Series, running from May 19 to June 4, the newly introduced ‘Combomania’ provides the perfect incentive for cash game players to dive into the cash action!


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerMatch India!

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