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PokerMatch India’s Month-Long Summer Marathon to Award ₹25 Lakhs in Prizes Across NLH, PLO & OFC Cash Tables & Windfall Tournaments! (June 11 – July 11)

PokerMatch India Summer Marathon
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  • Namita Ghosh June 8, 2023
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PokerMatch India, the Indian arm of Eastern Europe`s largest online poker platform PokerMatch, is turning up the heat this June with a sizzling new Summer Marathon cash-game-centric promotion.

Starting on June 11 and running until July 11, the month-long promotion will see players racing to collect points by playing on the NLHE, Omaha, and OFC cash tables and Windfall tournaments. The rewards are solid, with an impressive 25 Lakhs up for grabs!

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The Summer Marathon features three thrilling leaderboard sprints, each with prizes worth $8,000 (6.40 Lakhs). The NLHE, PLO, and OFC cash leaderboards are divided into three stake categories, catering to players of different levels. Whether you prefer Medium ($0.02/$0.05 and $0.05/$0.10), High ($0.10/$0.20 and $0.25/$0.50), or Grand ($0.50/$1 and $1/$2 & above) stakes, there’s an opportunity for everyone to chase the rewards.

For Open Face Chinese (OFC) fans, PokerMatch India has introduced three dedicated OFC cash leaderboards. With a guaranteed prize pool of $1,500 (₹1.2 Lakhs) and the chance to win $500 in each ten-day scoring period, OFC enthusiasts have something exciting to look forward to.

Windfall tournament players can also get in on the action with three exclusive leaderboards based on buy-ins. Compete in the Junior ($1-$2), Medium ($5-$10), and Masters ($20 and above) categories and earn points equivalent to your buy-in amount. At the end of each scoring period, the top 15 players from each leaderboard will share a prize pool of $2,750 (over ₹2 Lakh).

Here is a breakdown of the three leaderboard sprints – each ten days long.

June 11, 05:30 AM – June 21, 05:29 AM (IST)

June 21, 05:30 AM – July 01, 05:29 AM (IST)

July 01, 05:30 AM – July 11, 05:59 AM (IST)


Hold’em and Omaha Cash Leaderboards

The Hold’em and Omaha cash players are in for an exciting opportunity to boost their bankroll with PokerMatch India’s Summer Marathon. The platform has introduced three captivating multi-limit leaderboards, which will cover three ten-day cycles. With a remarkable prize pool of $8,000 (₹6.40 Lakhs) in every leaderboard, participants have ample chances to boost their winnings.

To earn points on the leaderboards, Hold’em and Omaha cash players need to play 25 raked hands on the respective tables. Each set of 25 raked hands contributes to your leaderboard point total, giving you a chance to climb the ranks and claim a spot among the top performers.

The NLH (No-Limit Hold’em) and PLO (Pot-Limit Omaha) leaderboards are further divided into three distinct stakes categories, providing everyone a fair and competitive chance to cash in on the rewards by playing at their preferred stakes.

Here are the leaderboard stake-wise categories:

> Medium – $0.02/$0.05 and $0.05/$0.10

> High – $0.10/$0.20 and $0.25/$0.50

> Grand – $0.50/$1 and $1/$2 & above

At the end of each scoring period, the top 15 ranked players on the leaderboard will receive prizes. Winners will be awarded between $100 and $500.

Take a look at the leaderboards and the points distribution:

LeaderboardLimitsPoints for 25 raked hands
[Medium] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$0.02/$0.052
[Medium] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$0.05/$0.105
[High] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$0.10/$0.202
[High] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$0.25/$0.505
[Grand] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$0.50/$12
[Grand] Summer Marathon NL Hold'em$1/$2 ? ????5
[Medium] Summer Marathon Omaha$0.02/$0.052
[Medium] Summer Marathon Omaha$0.05/$0.105
[High] Summer Marathon Omaha$0.10/$0.202
[High] Summer Marathon Omaha$0.25/$0.505
[Grand] Summer Marathon Omaha$0.50/$12
[Grand] Summer Marathon Omaha$1/$2 ? ????5


Here are the prizes you will be competing to win:

Place[Medium] Summer Marathon[High] Summer Marathon[Grand] Summer Marathon
NL Hold'em/OmahaNL Hold'em/OmahaNL Hold'em/Omaha


OFC Cash Leaderboards

Poker enthusiasts with a penchant for Open Face Chinese (OFC) poker are in for a treat in PokerMatch India’s Summer Marathon. The platform has introduced three dedicated OFC Cash leaderboards, guaranteeing a generous prize pool worth $1,500 (₹1.2 Lakhs) exclusively for OFC players. Each scoring period offers a chance to win $500.

To participate in the OFC cash leaderboards, you just need to contribute $1 in rake at the Pineapple cash tables. For every dollar in rake generated, you will earn 1 point on the leaderboard, increasing your chances of securing a top position. The most dedicated and persistent competitors will claim the biggest share of the enticing prize pool.

At the end of each scoring period, the top six ranked players on the OFC cash leaderboards will be rewarded for their impressive performances.



Windfall Leaderboards

PokerMatch India is offering Windfall tournament players a chance to boost their winnings. The platform has introduced three exclusive leaderboards tailored specifically for Windfall tournaments, categorized based on the buy-ins.

For every Windfall tournament played, you will be awarded points equivalent to the buy-in amount. After each scoring period, the top 15 players from each leaderboard will share the $2,750 (over ₹2 Lakh) prize money. Winners will receive generous cash rewards ranging from $100 to $400, directly credited to their PokerMatch India accounts.

The three leaderboards are:

> Junior ($1-$2),

> Medium ($5-$10)

> Masters ($20 and above)

Place[Junior] Summer Windfall Marathon[Medium] Summer Windfall Marathon[Masters] Summer Windfall Marathon


Do Remember:

> A hand is considered a raked hand when a player has put money in the pot, there is $0.20 or more in the pot, and players have reached at least the flop.

> Players have the opportunity to participate in all leaderboards at the same time.

> Progress on leaderboards can be tracked in the game client under the “Promotions” section.

PokerMatch India has unveiled an entire gamut of offers for June, including up to ₹80,000 in bonuses to depositing players & ₹4,000 in additional rewards on completing Welcome Missions. With the Summer Marathon, the poker platform has given cash game addicts the right incentive to get to the tables and play their favorite game for hefty rewards.


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerMatch India!

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