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PokerSaint’s Brand-New ‘Ace It’ Promotion Has a Jaw-Dropping ₹10.50 Crores Up For Grabs For Cash Players! (March 13 – April 9)

PokerSaint’s Brand-New ‘Ace It’ Promotion
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  • Namita Ghosh March 15, 2023
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You can’t win every time in poker, but with Poker Saint’s dazzling new cash game promotion, you can compete to “Ace it till you make it!” With a tagline that says as much, the India-headquartered global gaming and entertainment portal has unveiled a brand-new 28-day Ace It promotion that opens doors to a guaranteed ₹10.50 Crores in rewards on the cash tables.

The Ace It promotion went live on Monday, March 13, and will run until April 9, giving you nearly a month to polish up your skills and add significantly to your cash table winnings.

PokerSaint’s Brand-New ‘Ace It’ Promotion


So how does Ace It work? The promotion offers prizes across three Daily Leaderboards. Applicable across all the cash tables running on the site, it allows you to play on the stakes of your choice. As you grind on the cash tables, you will collect VIP Points. Hitting specified milestones in VIP Points makes you eligible for prizes in any of the three leaderboards.

The Daily rewards are divided across Gold, Platinum and Diamond categories, making available an enticing sum of ₹37,48,500 Lakhs to be won EVERY DAY. Lock bigger prizes for yourself by collecting as many VIP Points as possible and leveling up on the leaderboards.

Remember, each leaderboard is open to players of all stakes, and you can win better rewards as you generate more VIP Points by moving from Gold to Platinum or Diamond in a particular category. The best part is you can play across different stake categories to qualify for multiple rewards. All the better; you can play any stakes and aspire to “Ace It’ on the tables.

However, you must note that each leaderboard awards only the top 10 ranked players with cash prizes.


How ‘Ace It’ Works

The Ace It is ticking across all the stakes starting as low as ₹0.5/₹1 to ₹1,000/₹2,000 and above. The Daily Leaderboards reset at 12 AM and run up to 11.59 PM.

While you can play in any stake category, you will receive the payout for the Daily Leaderboard cash reward you become eligible for. If you qualify for a reward on multiple leaderboards, you will be credited the best reward provided you are among the top ten ranked players.

To understand this better, let`s say you generate 350 VIP Points on the stakes category of ₹5/₹10 & ₹10/₹20. You will receive ₹1,500 in cash prize for the day under the Gold Leaderboard.

Collecting 450 VIP Points at those same stakes makes you eligible for Platinum Leaderboard winnings of ₹2,700. Collect 700 VIP Points at those stakes, and you qualify for the Diamond Leaderboard cash reward of ₹8,330.

However, you must be ranked among the day’s top ten players in that category to win these cash rewards.


Stakes-Wise Race Categories

Race Timings

Stakes Wise Race Categories(in ₹)
₹0.5/₹1 & & ₹1/₹2
₹2/₹4 & ₹3/₹6
₹5/₹10 & ₹10/₹20
₹25/₹50 & ₹50/₹100
₹100/₹200 & ₹200/₹400
₹250/₹500 & ₹500/₹1,000
₹1,000/₹2,000 & Above


Leaderboard Prizes

Gold Leaderboard

Collect between 50 to 6,000 VIP Points to become eligible for the Gold Leaderboard, which offers prizes ranging from ₹220 to ₹26,000 and a daily prize pool of ₹63,870.

Stakes (in ₹)VIP PointsDaily Prizes (in ₹)
₹0.5/₹1 & ₹1/₹250₹220
₹2/₹4 & ₹3/₹6150₹650
₹5/₹10 & ₹10/₹20350₹1,500
₹25/₹50 & ₹50/₹100700₹3,000
₹100/₹200 & ₹200/₹4002,500₹10,500
₹250/₹500 & ₹500/₹10005,000₹22,000
₹1000/₹2000 & Above6,000₹26,000


Platinum Leaderboard

The daily cash prizes are better if you can accumulate between 75 to 9,000 VIP Points. You can win anywhere from ₹450 to ₹54,000, translating to a daily prize pool of ₹1,28,650.

Stakes (in ₹)VIP PointsDaily Prizes (in ₹)
₹0.5/₹1 & ₹1/₹275₹450
₹2/₹4 & ₹3/₹6250₹1,500
₹5/₹10 & ₹10/₹20450₹2,700
₹25/₹50 & ₹50/₹100850₹5,000
₹100/₹200 & ₹200/₹4003,500₹21,000
₹250/₹500 & ₹500/₹10007,500₹44,000
₹1000/₹2000 & Above9,000₹54,000


Diamond Leaderboard

The Diamond Leaderboard offers daily cash prizes ranging from ₹1,190 to ₹1,54,700 on collecting between 100 to 13,000 VIP Points. You can earn from ₹3,74,850 in daily rewards on the Diamond Leaderboard.

Stakes (in ₹)VIP PointsDaily Prizes (in ₹)
₹0.5/₹1 & ₹1/₹2100₹1,190
₹2/₹4 & ₹3/₹6400₹4,760
₹5/₹10 & ₹10/₹20700₹8,330
₹25/₹50 & ₹50/₹1001,300₹15,470
₹100/₹200 & ₹200/₹4006,000₹71,400
₹250/₹500 & ₹500/₹100010,000₹1,19,000
₹1000/₹2000 & Above13,000₹1,54,700


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