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PokerStars India`s Inaugural Red Spade Series Packs a Punch With Over ₹1 Crore Guaranteed Across 17 MTTs (February 2 – 5)

PokerStars India Red Spade Series
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  • Namita Ghosh February 1, 2023
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2023 is looking up for players who prefer to play on PokerStars India, the Indian client of the global poker giant PokerStars. The India-facing site made a solid start to the year by hosting the biggest-ever edition of its flagship Winter Series and has announced another MTT launch in just a fortnight.

Starting on February 2 will be PokerStars India’s first-ever Red Spade Series (RSS), a tournament series that brings back all the site`s favorite tournaments with boosted guarantees. The mini-series makes a short four-day run from February 2 to 5, sporting ₹1 Crores in guarantees across 17 tournaments.

The biggest draw at the new launch is the 25 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 13 ‘Sunday Special’ that features a ₹5,500 buy-in and commences at 5 PM on February 5. The 18 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 01 ‘The Colosseum’ (February 2, 8 PM) and the 15 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 14 ‘Sunday Highroller’ (February 5, 8 PM) are the other featured attractions at the inaugural series.

The day`s featured RSS attractions come loaded with juicy prize pool guarantees, but what makes the deal even better are the freerolls and other giveaways allowing anyone to jump into the action for free.

The Daily Freerolls get underway at 3.45 PM on February 2, guaranteeing ₹2 Lakhs worth of RSS tickets from Feb 2-5.

Over and above this, are five Freebuys to the five featured RSS tournaments, offering 65 tickets worth ₹3.50 Lakhs from Feb 2-5

Red Spade Series (RSS) – Schedule

Date & TimeEventBuy-in
February 2, 8 PMRed Spade Series-01 [The Colosseum] ₹18L Gtd₹11,000
February 2, 9:30 PMRed Spade Series-02 [Uppercut Mini] Rs. ₹3L Gtd₹1,375
February 2, 10:30 PMRed Spade Series-03 [Bounty Adrenaline] ₹75K Gtd₹375
February 2, 11:59 PMRed Spade Series-04 [Ultrasonic] ₹1.5L Gtd₹880
February 3, 8 PMRed Spade Series-05 [Uppercut] ₹10L Gtd₹4,400
February 3, 9:30 PMRed Spade Series-06 [Big Bubble Rush] ₹3L Gtd₹1,375
February 3, 10:30 PMRed Spade Series-07 [Bounty Adrenaline] ₹75K Gtd₹375
February 3, 11:59 PMRed Spade Series-08 [Ultrasonic] ₹1.5L Gtd₹880
February 4, 8 PMRed Spade Series-09 [Eliminator] ₹8L Gtd₹2,500
February 4, 9:30 PMRed Spade Series-10 [Super Stack] ₹1.75L Gtd₹1,100
February 4, 10:30 PMRed Spade Series-11 [Bounty Adrenaline] ₹75K Gtd₹375
February 4, 11:59 PMRed Spade Series-12 [Ultrasonic] ₹1.5L Gtd₹880
February 5, 5 PMRed Spade Series-13 [Sunday Special] ₹25L Gtd₹5,500
February 5, 8 PMRed Spade Series-14 [Sunday Highroller] ₹15L Gtd₹11,000
February 5, 9:30 PMRed Spade Series-15 [Sunday Storm] ₹2L Gtd₹550
February 5, 10:30 PMRed Spade Series-16 [Bounty Adrenaline] ₹75K Gtd₹375
February 5, 11:59 PMRed Spade Series-17 [Ultrasonic] ₹1.5L Gtd₹880


Headline RSS Attractions

> ₹25 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 13 ‘Sunday Special’; Buy-in: ₹5,500, February 5, 5 PM

> ₹18 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series -01 ‘The Colosseum’; Buy-in – ₹11,000, February 2, 8 PM

> ₹15 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 14 ‘Sunday Highroller’; Buy-in – ₹11,000, February 5, 8 PM

> ₹10 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 05 ‘Uppercut’; Buy-in – ₹4,400, February 3, 8 PM

> ₹8 Lakhs GTD Red Spade Series – 09 ‘Eliminator’ Buy-in – ₹2,500, February 4, 8 PM


Freeroll, Your Way in!

The tournament tables on PokerStars India will be buzzing with activity starting Thursday, February 2. Offering you a cheaper gateway into the headline RSS events, PokerStars India has mapped out four Freerolls and five Freebuys. Take a look:

> 4 Daily Freerolls – A total of 89 tickets guaranteeing ₹2 Lakhs worth of RSS tickets (February 2-4, 3.45 PM and February 5, 12 pm)

> 5 Freebuys to Marquee RSS Events – A total of 65 tickets are up for grabs in the 5 Freebuys for RSS Marquees (RSS-01 10 Seats, RSS-05 15 Seats, RSS-09 25 Seats, RSS13 10 Seats, RSS-14 5 Seats), making for a total giveaway of ₹3.50 Lakhs

The Red Spade is synonymous with PokerStars’ brand image of quality and competition. The upcoming Red Spade Series on PokerStars India promises the same high-octane action that players have come to expect from the site.


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