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PokerStars India’s ‘Sundays With PokerStars’ Wraps Up Season 1 With a Bang!

PokerStars India’s ‘Sundays With PokerStars’ Wraps Up Season 1 With a Bang!
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis September 3, 2021
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PokerStars India’s ‘Sundays With PokerStars!’ is one of the hottest poker live streams to hit YouTube this year. YouTube sensations and ace comedians Samay Raina and Tanmay Bhat hosted nine poker streams on PokerStars India between June 20 to August 15, and the response to their onscreen shenanigans has been nothing short of fantastic.

By the way, Bhat and Raina were not the only ones on these streams, with several prominent personalities joining the duo for funny banter and poker every Sunday. Celebrities like Vivek Desai, Kaashvi Hiranandani, Dhruv Sangwan, Hitesh Khangta, Atul Khatri, Gaurav Kapoor, Rahul Dua, Aakash Gupta, Hanumankind, Dino James, Slow Cheetah, Shah Rule Music, Karunesh Talwar, BeYouNick, Gamer Fleet, Sagar Shah, Tania Sachdev, Vidit Gujrathi, and Joel Dsouza spiced up these live streams as guests.

With Bhat busy with family-related issues, the last ‘Sundays With PokerStars’ stream on August 15 was hosted by Raina alone. Following the Independence Day episode, the live streams have gone on a hiatus.

However, with the overwhelming response that PokerStars India has received, especially from the non-poker playing community, the site has already hinted that they’ll be back soon with many more such exciting and educational poker streams that go beyond just making Sundays a whole lot of fun.

If you loved watching Season 1 of ‘Sundays With PokerStars,’ keep an eye out by subscribing to PokerStars India’s official YouTube channel.

Let’s take a quick look at how the final five streams did.


Episode 5 (July 18)

Episode 5 had all first times guests. The two-hour-long stream witnessed the debut of illusionist, mentalist, and YouTube streamer Vivek Desai, along with YouTube gamers and streamers Kaashvi Hiranandani, Dhruv Sangwan, and Hitesh Khangta. The live stream is presently sitting at combined views of 317,313 and 17,900 likes.

Watch the highlights of the fifth episode below.


Episode 6 (July 25)

Episode 6 was a laugh riot with a hoard of stand-up comedians, Atul Khatri, Gaurav Kapoor, Rahul Dua, and Aakash Gupta, gracing the near 1 hour 50 minutes long live stream. Khatri, Kapoor, and Gupta appeared on the show for the first time, while Dua was making his second appearance after Episode 2. The live stream has combined views of 310,172 and 15,900 likes.

Watch the highlights of the sixth episode below.


Episode 7 (August 1)

Rappers Sooraj Cherukat aka Hanumankind, Dino James, Chaitanya Sharma aka Slow Cheetah, and Rahul Shahani aka Shah Rule Music were the guests appearing in Episode 7 of the stream. The over two-hours-long live stream has 288,124 combined views and 16,200 likes.

Watch the highlights of the seventh episode below.


Episode 8 (August 8)

Another two-hour-long stream featured stand-up comedian Karunesh Talwar, YouTuber Nikunj Lotia, aka BeYouNick, and gamers and streamers Anshu Bisht, aka Gamer Fleet and Kaashvi Hiranandani. The stream was a massive hit with 20,000 likes and 390,449 views and counting.

Watch the highlights of the eighth episode below.


Episode 9 (August 15)

The last episode, hosted solely by Samay Raina on Independence Day, was a ‘chess special’ with chess pro Sagar Shah, National Chess champion Tania Sachdev, Indian Chess Grandmaster Vidit Gujrathi, and comedian Joel Dsouza appearing as guests. The two-hour-long live stream has 211,106 views and 10,000 likes.

Watch the highlights of the ninth episode below.


Going by the stats, Season 1 of ‘Sundays With PokerStars’ was undoubtedly a raging success! With PokerStars India already hinting that a second season of ‘Sundays With PokerStars’ with a new twist in the format is already in the works, we can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

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