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PokerStars Launches New Poker Variant: Spin & Goal

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  • PG News June 5, 2018
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PokerStars has recently been in the news regarding the launch ofan entire new variant of poker – Spin and Goal. This is the third variant that the online poker franchise has released, after Split Hold ‘em and Showtime Hold Ê»em.

In Split Hold Ê»em, which is a two-board version of Texas Hold ‘em, in order to win the players had to have winning hands on both boards where they were dealt two full flops, turns, and rivers at the same time, or they would have to bluff their opponents into folding prior to the showdown. If a player managed to win only on one board, they were entitled to only half the pot. This variant has been removed by PokerStars.

Showtime Hold’em, on the other hand, is a spin-off from No Limit Hold’em but in this version when a player folds, their cards are displayed to their opponents and stay that way for the entire duration of the hand.

This new variant, Spin and Goal, has a football-based theme to it and is meant to be in celebration of the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup. It was released on June 1 and will begin to host football-themed matches from June 14 which coincides with the start of the FIFA World Cup.

The format of the game is like normal Spin and Go games. Players compete in fast-moving, three-player tournaments in which the prizes are arbitrarily allocated at the start of the tournament with the top prize being $1 Million.

Players can avail two Spin and Goal Freeroll tickets by using the Star Code ‘SPINGOAL’. They can also register for the Spin and Goal Freeroll that are conducted every hour. Players who finish in the top 10 in any freeroll will get a Spin and Goal ticket worth $5.

This seasonal promotional variant may be a short-term endeavour, nevertheless, PokerStars has another variant in the pipeline – PokerStars Fusion. But details regarding PokerStars Fusion have not yet been disclosed, however it could be speculated that since the name states ‘Fusion’, the game may be a combination of two variations of poker.

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