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PokerStars Launches New Poker Training App ‘Poker DoJo’  

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  • Namita Ghosh May 29, 2020
  • 2 Minutes Read

It has been a fun month for PokerStars players in the UK who have been treated to some unique new features on the site. The new features ‘The Rail and ‘Throwables’ hit the PokerStars UK client earlier this month. This week, the site came out with another attractive offering for all its players in the UK and the US. This time, it’s a poker training app called Poker DoJo that helps players learn and master the game’s basics.

Poker DoJo is the first standalone app launched by PokerStars aimed towards poker training through games. The app accomplishes the task of teaching poker strategy through a trio of mini-games called Grid Poker, All-in or Fold, and Strongest Hand. All these games have been structured to help players develop essential poker skills that they need to master.

Announcing the launch of the app in a blog post dated May 26, PokerStars described Poker DoJo as – “a super-engaging poker mini game app that teaches you essential bits that any poker savvy player should know, like hand rankings, hand strength and how to assess an all in decision.”

“The games will teach you to recognize and make strong hands, make tough value decisions under pressure, and test your courage when the big all-in decision comes flying at you.”

The Poker DoJo app is available on the iOS and Androis app stores in the UK and US and is expected to soon become available on the web as well.



The Trio of Mini Games on Poker Dojo

The Poker DoJo collection of mini-games is a fun and fast way of building up knowledge on poker basics. Even though the games have been designed for newbies, they also double up as an excellent tool for the pros to brush up their poker skills.

The games come armed with appealing features like a common mobile game mechanic of leveling, ‘level-ups’ and level-based challenges, score charts, play history, and leaderboards.


Grid Poker

In this game, players have to select five cards on a 5×5 grid to make a poker hand. The stronger the hands, the higher is the score. The challenge lies in scoring as many points as possible within the stipulated time. Each game lasts two minutes.


Strongest Hand

Here, players are shown three different hands either before, during, or after the community cards are dealt, and they have to pick the best hand out of three. Each game has 12-second rounds.


All-In or Fold

A straightforward game, All-in or Fold, challenges a player to fold until they have the confidence to go all-in with the cards they hold, against an unseen hand. The more times a player survives such all-in situations, the more they score. There’s no penalty for folding hands, but if a player doesn’t go all-in within 20 seconds, they are automatically put all-in.

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