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PokerStars Removes Split HoldEm, 3 New Poker Variants Expected to be Launched

PokerStars PokerStars Removes Split Hold'emRemoves Split Hold ‘Em
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  • PG News May 18, 2018
  • 8 mins Read

Just a month after Split Hold ‘em, a new and innovative two-board variation to the immensely popular Texas Hold ‘em was launched by PokerStars, the game is now being scrapped. The game was on its trial run and evidently didn’t evoke a very enthusiastic response from players.

PokerStars has removed Split Hold ‘em from its client and is exploring new poker variants to engage their recreational players looking for some fun and excitement. While there’s no detailed information on what these games may be, the PokerStars software is already popping up three game icons that has sent industry analysts into a speculative spree.

Split Hold ‘em was a remodeled version of Texas Hold ‘em in which players were dealt two full flops, turns, and rivers simultaneously and to win the entire pot a player had to have a winning hand either on both of the boards, or play to force all of his opponents to fold before the showdown. A player winning on one board would win only half the pot.

The game was brought in by PokerStars, one of the world’s leading online poker sites after a lot of internal discussion. It also had the ‘Seat me’ feature brought on by PokerStars in its endeavor to offer the feel of live poker to their online offerings, that reduces the players’ ability to ‘bumhunt’ or select weaker opponents.

When it was launched, PokerStars on its official blog said that the game is part of PokerStars’ strategy to offer new variants that can offer “engaging challenges and opportunities for players to test their wits in a fresh format that is new for everybody.”

Players can now look forward to three new games: Spin and Goal, Showtime Hold ‘em, and PokerStars Fusion.

Spin and Goal

The Spin and Goal looks to be a soccer themed variant that will ride along the FIFA World Cup and run soccer-themed matches from June 14. It could be a short-term, seasonal promotional variant on the site.

Showtime Hold`em

The second new game, Showtime Hold ‘em promises to be an exciting variation of the traditional Hold ‘em. It’s not very clear yet how the game rules will pan out but the name suggests that players may have to show one of their hold cards at some stage of the hand. Would it be before betting on the flop, turn or river, or maybe even at showdown? Players will find out soon, as and when the game variant is announced.

PokerStars Fusion

The third game is the PokerStars Fusion and will definitely be a blend of two games. Industry pros speculate that since now Full Tilt Poker is under the PokerStars umbrella, Irish Poker- a game that was being offered on Full Tilt Poker will now be making an appearance on PokerStars in the avatar of PokerStars Fusion. Irish poker is an interesting mix of Hold ‘em and Omaha and has players deal four cards and discard two after the flop, following which the game takes on the classic Hold ‘em flavor.

With these three new games, PokerStars hopes to invite fresh interest amid PokerStars regulars and pull more recreational players to its fold.

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