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PokerStars Rolls Out PokerStars VR in Company`s Global Markets

PokerStars VR
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  • Namita Ghosh November 10, 2018
  • 3 Minutes Read

The much-awaited and talked off virtual reality social game, PokerStars VR is finally here! Online gaming giant PokerStars has officially launched the free-to-play game that seamlessly recreates the live poker environment on the virtual platform.

In its official statement, PokerStars stated that PokerStarsVR, “provides the perfect mix of serious gameplay, fun interactivity and social engagement that adds a whole new poker realm for players and gamers to explore.”

PokerStars announced and introduced PokerStars VR that has been developed in conjunction with Lucky VR, in September this year. Since then the company has invited more than 150 players to play and beta-test the virtual reality imbued online poker game.

Looks like the closed group beta testing proved successful, as PokerStars has gone ahead with the global launch of PokerStars VR. The game is now available to players in global markets through Oculus, Viveport and Steam.

An authentic and immersive social poker game, PokerStars VR allows players to choose their environment, such as Macau in the future, or an old West location.

PokerStars VR
A Glimpse of the PokerStars VR Gaming Environment

“When we showcased the product, it was amazing to see people really enjoy and become engrossed in the game,” said Director of Poker Innovation and Operations at PokerStars, Severin Rasset.

“We wanted to venture into the world of virtual reality because we believe it is an exciting avenue of technology to explore and something that our players would appreciate. I highly recommend that everyone tries out the game as it can only truly be understood and enjoyed by experiencing it,” he added.

The game is compatible with Twitch broadcasting and Oculus Rift streaming and is accessible to users through the Oculus Rift VR headset that gives an amazing social ambiance during online play.

Players can also make use of the virtual reality technology to look at their hole cards, talk to their tablemates and pick up on the tells that are usually missing from the conventional online poker play. They can customize their own in-game avatar and handle their cards and chips like at an actual table.

Currently, there are five different environments to choose from in the game’s poker suite i.e., Macau 2050, The Macau Suite, The Showdown Saloon, Monte-Carlo Yacht, and the Void.

Players like Jaime Staples, Team PokerStars pro Liv Boeree, Jeff Gross and Chris Buckley were among the invitees who had the privilege to try out the game first and they can’t stop raving about it.

“It’s not going to appeal to the grinders that typically are playing six to eight tables, but it’s going to appeal to pretty much everyone else. It’s a broader way of playing poker, it’s a richer experience. I think everyone from who’ve never played before to who enjoy playing for play money with their friends, will love it,” Staples said.

Buckley shared his thoughts on Twitter. “I got to play PokerStars VR this morning ahead of the release! I might have to head home and buy a VR headset now,” he wrote.

Boree also tweeted on the same.

To get a feel of the PokerStars VR, watch the clip below.

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