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Popular Video Gamer Sophia Djarii White Joins Unibet as Brand Ambassador

Popular Video Gamer Sophia 'Djarii' White Joins Unibet as Brand Ambassador
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  • PG News May 3, 2018
  • 4 mins Read

Bringing to its fold yet another popular gamer, Unibet has announced signing in Sophia ‘Djarii’ White (cover image) as its ambassador for Unibet’s poker gaming ventures. White will share this role with fellow ambassadors Dara O’Kearney, David Lappin and Ian Simpson.

Unibet is one of the gaming and sports betting industry’s top market players and has spread its network in nearly 100 countries since it launched in 1997. It is now definitely betting big on White! White is relatively new to the game and primarily a video gamer.

“My friend Hotted got me into poker for the first time, then it kind of stuck ever since then”, stated White in a recent interview. There was no turning back for White. She has been quick to learn the game and finds poker very engaging and deeply satisfying. “The feeling when you bust a live table! The best thing about poker is the adrenaline rush on live tables, without a doubt”, she admitted.

White is not the first gamer to step into the world of poker and there have been several notable switchovers. In 2015, Bertrand ‘Elky’ Grospellier became the first dual sponsored gamer who went on to beat Daniel Negreanu in a live match on Twitch.

So, what makes her such a big presence in the online gaming circuit? This young gaming pro from England who once dreamed of learning art from Edinburgh has been a passionate gamer since she was a kid. It’s not just super gaming skills but also her quirky personality that has set eyeballs rolling in her direction. White’s Twitter and Twitch accounts only have to browsed once to witness how she masterfully combines her e-gaming with her ‘cospainting’ looks, that she calls a creative mix of body painting and character dressing.

And with this recent tie up, White has now joined an exclusive group of world-class sportsmen and gamers who have been signed by Unibet as their brand ambassadors in different genres of gaming.

Clearly Unibet hopes to cash in on her massive online fan following. With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, 50,000 on Twitter, close to 33,000 subscribers on YouTube and an impressive fan base of 262,000 subscribers on Twitch TV, White seems to be the correct choice to promote poker and pull in new players to their site. White has already come up with videos on poker, doling out tips and inviting her subscribers to post suggestions.

“Unibet are a great family who’ve helped welcome poker into my life”, she stated in one of her video interviews posted online, “I’m honored to be an ambassador for them!” she added.

The young gamer sees her stepping into the role of a Unibet ambassador as the right decision. Just as she’s clear that she will not be giving up video gaming altogether, she’s happy to be seen as a role model for women in gaming and hopes to help empower those who have taken the same path as her.

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