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Romit Advani Champions the PPL MoneyMaker For ₹19.25 Lakhs

Romit Advani wins the PPL The Moneymaker
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis October 9, 2019
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The PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL), which had completed the online leg of its run from September 20 – 29, finally witnessed a champion emerge in its marquee tournament – PPL #46: The MoneyMaker ₹1 Crore GTD – on October 8. In the end, well-known pro Romit ‘tilt83’ Advani (cover image) overcame the final table that comprised of poker heavyweights like Dhaval ‘Rehab77’ Mudgal, Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved and Young Gun Siddharth ‘schemer’ Karia, to get his hands on that elusive trophy along with an impressive ₹19.25 Lakhs in prize money!

The MoneyMaker had commenced on September 29, registering 1,132 entries (699 unique and 433 re-entries) in total, obliterating its advertised guarantee with a prize pool collection of ₹1.13 Crores.

Karia had entered the final table as the chip leader, whereas, Advani had come in as one of the shorter stacks. However, Advani got the ball rolling by dismissing his friend and another seasoned poker pro Dhaval Mudgal straight out of the gate in ninth place. He also eliminated Vinayak Bajaj and eventual runner-up Shawn Jose, on his way to claiming the coveted title.

Following the event, PokerGuru caught up with the champion who talking about his win said, “I feel relieved and elated. The title means a lot as I had several FT’s and deep runs but couldn’t convert it. I have been putting a lot of effort, study, and volume into my game, and the monkey is finally off my back. I am thrilled.”

With the conclusion of The MoneyMaker, the PPL September’19 edition has finally come to a close. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of exciting poker action to look forward to as the second edition of the Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) now beckons with the comeback series starting today at 6 PM at PokerBaazi LIVE!


Final Table Chip Counts

1. Siddharth ‘schemer’ Karia – 80,000

2. Vinayak ‘salmanbhai’ Bajaj – 70,000

3. Sumit ‘therussian06’ Bajaj – 50,000

4. Shawn ‘achayan’ Jose – 49,000

5. Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved – 28,000

6. Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma – 25,000

7. Charush ‘charsispro’ Bhatia – 20,000

8. Romit ’tilt83’ Advani – 18,000

9. Dhaval ‘Rehab77’ Mudgal – 14,000

The MoneyMaker final table
The MoneyMaker final table

Final Table Recap

In the first elimination hand, Ashit Sharma raised from the hijack with , and Dhaval Mudgal, who was the shortest stack at the table, decided to jam from the button with . Romit Advani woke up with in the big blind and announced all-in as well. Sharma got out of the way, and both Mudgal and Advani tabled their cards. The board ran eliminating Mudgal in ninth place.

Charush Bhatia, in the meantime, had lost a major chunk of his stack to Kartik Ved, but he managed to win some chips back from Advani. Ultimately, Bhatia’s deep run came to an end when his ran into Ved’s . With the board bringing , Ved flopped top pair to eliminate Bhatia in eighth place.

Finishing in seventh place was Sumit Bajaj.

The next elimination hand saw Ashit Sharma moving all-in for 170,000 on the button and small blind Vinayak Bajaj re-shoved over the top.

Ashit Sharma

Vinayak Bajaj

The flop didn’t change anything, but the on the turn improved Bajaj to a set and with the river blanking out, Sharma was eliminated in sixth place.

The next player to depart was Kartik Ved. He opened to 50,000 from under-the-gun with and Karia 3-bet to 130,000 on the button holding . The blinds folded, making it two-way on the runout and with that, Ved was sent packing in fifth place.

Kartik Ved
Kartik Ved

Soon after that, Advani opened to 60,000 with , and Shawn Jose called with . Vinayak Bajaj came along with a call as well holding . The flop gave Advani the lead. Jose and Bajaj checked their option before Advani led out for 85,000. Jose folded his hand, and Bajaj moved all-in. Advani promptly called to see the remaining two streets bringing & , ending Bajaj’s run in fourth place.

Three-handed play continued for two hours before Young Gun Siddharth Karia hit the rail. The action saw Jose raising it to 130,000 with on which Karia, who held , made it 70,000 to call. After the flop, both players checked through to see the land on the turn. Jose bet 150,000, and Karia moved all-in for 430,000. Jose had completed a straight, and with the on the river not helping Karia, the latter was eliminated in third place.

The heads-up confrontation between Romit Advani (2.5 Million) and Shawn Jose (1.8 Million) kicked off with the former enjoying a comfortable lead. It was an extremely short-lived finale that lasted just one hand.

Shawn Jose
Shawn Jose

In what turned out to be the last hand of the tournament, Advani fired a bet of 145,000 with and Jose 3-bet to 400,000 holding . Advani immediately announced all-in, and Jose called after tanking for a few seconds. The rundown declared Advani the champion who bagged the title along with ₹19.25 Lakhs in prize money!

Romit Advani
Romit Advani


Final Table Results (INR)

1. Romit ‘tilt83’ Advani – ₹19,25,532

2. Shawn ‘achayan’ Jose – ₹13,49,344

3. Siddharth ‘schemer’ Karia – ₹8,75,036

4. Vinayak ‘salmanbhai’ Bajaj – ₹6,46,372

5. Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved – ₹4,82,232

6. Ashit ‘nexus010’ Sharma – ₹3,90,540

7. Sumit ‘therussian06’ Bajaj – ₹3,23,752

8. Charush ‘Charsipro’ Bhatia – ₹2,58,096

9. Dhaval ‘Rehab77’ Mudgal – ₹1,92,440

You can watch the final table action below

Content & Images Courtesy: PokerBaazi

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