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Road to PSPC Manila: J Raju Cashes Event #16: ₱10K NLH Re-Entry, Chirag Shah Advances Through Day 1B of Main Event

Road to PSPC Manila
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  • Namita Ghosh September 22, 2022
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PokerStars’ ongoing Road to PSPC Manila at the Coral Lounge at Okada Manila entered its fourth day on September 22. Day 3 of the week-long series saw two side events winding up, even as the ₱10 Million GTD Main Event played out the second of its six starting flights.

Alongside the scheduled events, PokerStars hosted two Poker On Demand ₱50,000 NLHE events.

The Indian rail is following the series closely, especially after Naveen Valluri`s early success in the series-opener ₱1 Million GTD Warm-up.

Naveen Valluri
Naveen Valluri


On September 21, another Indian player J Raju posted a deep run in Event #6: ₱10K NLH Re-Entry. Raju was among the 76 challengers who joined the event, and he finished 10th for ₱16,300 (₹22,578). While he got his scorecard ticking at the series with the deep run, he also managed to bag a stack through Day 1A of the Main Event.

J Raju
J Raju


Local player Ivan Tabucal bested the competition in Event #6 to win his first PokerStars LIVE trophy and ₱178,000 (~$3,080) in prize money.

Canada’s Kiril Gelev was another player taking down a PokerStars LIVE trophy yesterday. He overcame an 80-player field in Event #8: ₱10K Mixed NLH/ PLO Knockout, winning the title for ₱135,600 ($2,322).

The featured event of the festival, the ₱10 Million GTD Road to PSPC Manila Main Event, clocked in 105 entries on Day 1B, including five Indian players. Only 16 advanced to Day 2, led by Filipino player Mariano de La Pena (355,000) and Japan`s Takumi Yoshikawa (314,000) and Takuma Sasaki (294,500).

Chirag Shah (157,000) was the only Indian player making the cut. From a surviving field of 16 players, Shah carried the 11th biggest stack forward.

The four remaining Indians, Naveen Valluri, Dhanesh Chainani, Raju Jaruplavath, and Raja Puttamsetty, fell through the day’s proceedings.

Dhanesh Chainani
Dhanesh Chainani


The Main Event has four more flights to go, so the players who haven’t made it yet can still get in. Day 1C got underway at 3 PM (local time) on Thursday.

On the sidelines, Netherlands’ Martijn Gerrits won the first Poker On Demand ₱50,000 NLHE event for ₱170,000 (~$2,935), and Japan’s Kenji Hata took down the second for ₱261,900 (~$4,520).


Ivan Tabucal Wins Event #6: ₱10,000 NLH Re-entry For ₱178,000

Filipino player Ivan Tabucal outran a 76-player field (60 unique players) in Event #6: ₱10K NLH Re-Entry to win his maiden PokerStars LIVE title and ₱178,000 (~$3,080) in prize money. Tabucal defeated compatriot Emmanuel Segismundo heads-up, the latter collecting ₱126,900 for his runner-up finish.

The event paid out 11 finalists from the ₱648,736 prize pool.

India’s Raju Jaruplavath (10th for ₱16,300) (₹22,578) busted on the final table bubble. Japan’s Yuta Murakami (11th for ₱16,300) also cashed the event.

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Ivan Tabucal – 178,000
  2. Emmanuel Segismundo – 126,900
  3. Jeorge Lagatuz – 83,036
  4. Daiki Aoki – 64,000
  5. Richard Marquez – 50,700
  6. Daisuke Kanai – 39,600
  7. Christopher Mateo– 31,000
  8. Jimmy Suico – 24,400
  9. Au Yeung Chi Fat – 18,500


Canada’s Kiril Gelev Wins Event #8: ₱10,000 Mixed NLH/ PLO Knockout [₱2K Bounty] Re-entry For ₱135,600

Event #8: ₱10K Mixed NLH/ PLO Knockout recorded 80 entries, generating a ₱682,880 prize pool. Canada’s Kiril Gelev was the last player standing and won the PokerStars LIVE trophy and ₱135,600 (~$2,322) after defeating local player Redentor Edoc (2nd for ₱110,000) (~$1,884) heads-up.

The top 11 places got paid at least ₱13,100.

Final Table Results (PHP)

  1. Kiril Gelev – 135,600
  2. Redentor Edoc – 110,000
  3. Ashby Rivera – 67,000
  4. Tomuharu Furuya – 51,600
  5. George Salud – 40,800
  6. Jimmy Valle – 31,900
  7. Hii Kiong Wang – 25,080
  8. Ho Bao Qiang – 19,700
  9. Daiki Aoki – 15,000


₱10 Million GTD Road to PSPC Manila Main Event – Day 1B

Day 1B of the ₱22,000 buy-in ₱10 Million guaranteed Road to PSPC Manila Main Event logged in 105 entrants (85 unique players). After the stipulated sixteen 30-minute levels of play, 16 survivors crossed over to Day 2.

Local player Mariano de La Pena (355,000) topped the advancing field, with Japan’s Takumi Yoshikawa (314,000) and Takuma Sasaki (294,500) taking the #2 and #3 positions in the day-end chip counts. WSOP bracelet winner Mike Takayama (57,000) also qualified from Day 1B.

A total of five Indians, including the series-opener ₱1 Million GTD Warm-up champion Naveen Tiruvalluri, Dhanesh Chainani, Raju Jaruplavath, Raja Puttamsetty, and Chirag Shah, were seen in action on Day 1B.

Chirag Shah (157,000) was the only Indian player who survived the day’s onslaught, albeit with a below-average stack ranked 11th among the 16 survivors.

Added to the 87 Day 1A entries, the Main Event has drawn 192 players, with four more flights to run course. The Main Event permits one re-entry per flight, but players can enter all starting flights even if they make Day 2. Players qualifying with more than one stack will take their biggest stack forward while ensuring themselves a min-cash through the other stacks.

The Day 1C flight started on Thursday at 3 PM (local time). Day 2 begins at 6 PM (local time) on Saturday, September 24.

Mariano de La Pena
Mariano de La Pena


Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1B

  1. Mariano de La Pena – 355,000
  2. Takumi Yoshikawa – 314,000
  3. Takuma Sasaki – 294,500
  4. Lemmor Patulot – 277,500
  5. Wenpeng Dai – 269,000
  6. Joe Mark Vasay – 265,000
  7. Alejevel Yburan – 207,000
  8. Michael Saludes – 195,500
  9. Gary Thompson – 188,500
  10. Duhan Lee – 173,000


Poker On-Demand Events

Beyond the listed Road to PSPC side events, a host of PAGCOR-approved Poker On Demand events are also running at the venue. As the name suggests, the events are hosted as per the players’ format and stake demands.

Four days into the series, PokerStars has already run two ₱50,000 NLHE On Demand events, both at the behest of Martijn Gerrits.

The Dutch player ended up shipping the first ₱50,000 NLHE On Demand event after crushing the six-player field, grabbing the biggest chunk from the ₱262,900 (~$4,525) prize pool – ₱170,000 (~$2,935). Japan’s Yasuhiro Waki placed runner-up for ₱91,900 (~$1,585).

Gerrits came close to taking down the second ₱50,000 NLHE On Demand event that roped in 12 entries, collecting a prize pool of ₱523,800 (~$9,045). He clashed over the top prize with Japan’s Kenji Hata, eventually conceding victory to Hata, who walked away with ₱261,900 (~$4,520). Gerrits banked ₱157,000 in second place, with Japan’s Miki Nakamura finishing third for ₱104,900.


Content & Images Courtesy: PokerStars

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