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Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain Takes Down PPL High Roller For ₹15.46 Lakhs

Shashank Jain wins the PPL High Roller
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  • Namita Ghosh October 9, 2019
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After a blistering run on the online felts, the final table of the two most prominent PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) tournaments played out live at the PokerBaazi LIVE poker room onboard the floating Casino Pride 2 in Goa. The first of these events to crown a champion was the PPL #35 High Roller 6-Max ₹70 Lakhs GTD that saw a star-studded final table returning on October 7. Well-known pro Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain (cover image) outlasted the competition to win the live-online hybrid event for an impressive ₹15.46 Lakhs!

All eyes were on the first-ever Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) Main Event champion Puneet ‘neo1’ Dua, who had entered the final table as the obvious favorite holding almost 34% of the total chips in play; however, he ultimately fell victim to Jain in third place. Jain, on the other hand, went on a rampage on the final table, eliminating Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan first followed by Anish ‘Illusionist’ Patra heads-up to capture the title.

Jain was placed third in chips when the final table had started, but the seasoned campaigner leaned on all the experience he has gathered over the years to make it to the top. He had to work for it though, as the heads-up play alone lasted four hours with both Jain and Patra playing tight. But in the end, Jain prevailed to take home the title and the ₹15.46 Lakhs that came with it – his personal best at a domestic event.

The PPL High Roller had kicked off last week on September 26, where it had recorded 271 entries (179 unique and 92 re-entries), each dishing out a buy-in equivalent to ₹27,500. The top 36 places benefitted from the ₹2.25 Lakhs overlay on offer at the event that had an advertised guarantee of ₹70 Lakhs.

Among the well-known names who made it in the money but fell out short of the final table were Nadeem ‘SpadeHunter’ Basha (9th for ₹1.54 Lakhs), Aditya ‘adit11’ Kulkarni (11th for ₹1.12 Lakhs), Rajat ‘LungFakeer’ Sharma (13th for ₹92,400), Raghav ‘thatssosick’ Bansal (14th for ₹92,400), Rubin ‘kornkid’ Labroo (16th for ₹79,100), Ashish ‘OMG_spew’ Munot (19th for ₹69,300), Arjanveer ‘holdbaby’ Singh Chadha (25th for ₹54,600), and Ashish ‘rocky3705’ Ahuja (28th for ₹47,600).

The PPL High Roller final table
The PPL High Roller final table

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Puneet ‘neo1’ Dua – 172,000
  2. Anish ‘Illusionist’ Patra – 112,000
  3. Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain – 82,000
  4. Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan – 70,000
  5. Nitin ‘hoodlincs’ Jain – 55,000
  6. Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor – 18,000


Final Table Recap

The action was intense from the get-go, and among the early mover and shakers was the short-stacked Nitin ‘hoodlincs’ Jain, who went on to improve his position while Sreekanth’ n0thing’ Narayan became short. Just over an hour into the final table, Narayan lost his tournament life in sixth place. The hand saw Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan open-raising for 26,000 from the hijack seat with . Jain 3-bet to 90,000 from the cutoff with . Narayan moved all-in for 309,000 only to get a quick-call from Jain. The board ran , and Jain, who had flopped a set, took down the pot eliminating Narayan in sixth place.

Despite the early chip up, Nitin ‘hoodlincs’ Jain became the next casualty. The hand in question saw Dua open-raising for 40,000 under-the-gun with . Small blind Jain shoved with , and Dua called off. The runout saw Dua who’d flopped a high pair scoop the pot, sending Jain out in fifth place.

Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor, who didn’t even show up to play the final table, was sporting the shortest starting stack on the final table. All this while he was getting blinded out, but he still managed a two-place pay jump that saw him winning the fourth-place payday.

Nearly 40 minutes after Jain’s exit, the start-of-the-final-table chip leader Puneet Dua who had since become very short, lost his tournament life to Shashank Jain. The action saw Jain raising the button for 35K with , and Dua moved all-in from the small blind for 168K holding . A flop saw Jain hit top pair. Both the turn and the river were safe cards for Jain, and just like that, the COO of BalleBaazi was relegated to the rail in third place.

Dua’s elimination set the heads-up play between Anish ‘Illusionist’ Patra and Shashank Jain in motion with the former starting off with a 3:2 chip lead.

The heads-up between Shashank Jain & Anish Patra
The heads-up between Shashank Jain & Anish Patra

The finale was an engaging fight that saw the game turning quite a few times. It all came to a close on the board where Patra pitted his against Jain’s . And just like that with three-of-a-kind nines, Jain knocked out Patra in second place to win the PPL High Roller title and ₹15.46 Lakhs in prize money!

Shashank Jain wins the PPL High Roller
Shashank Jain wins the PPL High Roller

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Shashank ‘Westworld’ Jain – ₹15,46,300
  2. Anish ‘Illusionist’ Patra – ₹10,85,000
  3. Puneet ‘neo1’ Dua – ₹6,97,900
  4. Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor – ₹5,16,600
  5. Nitin ‘hoodlincs’ Jain – ₹3,87,800
  6. Sreekanth ‘n0thing’ Narayan – ₹3,10,110


Watch the complete final table live stream below.

Content & Images Courtesy: PokerBaazi

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