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Online Rankings: Siddhanth Kripalani Tops the Weekly Charts, Gaurav Sood Completes 10th Consecutive Week as the #1 Ranked Player of the Year

Online Rankings 10-10
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  • Namita Ghosh October 11, 2021
  • 5 Minutes Read

n this feature, we will bring you to the top 5 weekly and monthly performers every Saturday. However, the rankings will only include players who are registered to our online ranking system, so if you haven’t signed up on PokerGuru yet, hurry up and register!

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The top order of the yearly charts maintained the status quo for another week, even as Young Gun Gaurav Sood completed his 10th consecutive week as the winningest player of the year – a title he won convincingly last year as well. It`s been almost two weeks since Sood has been MIA from the action (he`s been busy at EPT Sochi). Despite the absence, Sood`s comfortable lead over the others has kept him isolated from any immediate competition. With 3.62 Crores in annual earnings, he is almost 12.70 Lakhs ahead of the #2 ranked Manish Lakhotia and over 2.5X that of PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh in #3. However, if any of these two were to make a Sunday run, he could be dethroned.

Since we’ve only just crossed the first week of October, the monthly and weekly rankings essentially reflect the same results. Hence, we won’t be covering the October rankings separately.

Coming to the weekly trailblazers, Siddhanth Kripalani stole the thunder, winning three flagship titles and over 19 Lakhs cumulatively. He started the week with a bang by taking down PokerBaazi`s BSS SuperStack on Sunday. Kripalani captured two more titles, shipping The Summit on Thursday and The Elite on Friday, his breakout week pushing him to #9 in the annual leaderboard standings.

Just around the time Kripalani was taking down the BSS SuperStack title, Dhinesh Kumar took second place in Spartan Poker`s The Millionaire, scoring the bulk of the 15.55 Lakhs he accumulated through the week.

Harshit Sanghi, who won his second consecutive The Big Deal title on Thursday for ₹10 Lakhs, rounds out the top three on the weekly rankings. Sanghi closed out the week with ₹11.18 Lakhs in cumulative earnings (₹9.71 Lakhs in net profits).

Online Rankings from October 2 – October 9 (Weekly Rankings)

PlayerWeekly CashesWeekly Profit
Siddhanth Kripalani₹19,16,236₹13,62,708
Dhinesh Kumar₹15,55,244₹12,00,525
Harshit Sanghi₹11,18,201₹9,70,906


Online Rankings from January 1 – October 9 (Yearly Rankings)

PlayerYearly CashesYearly Profit
Gaurav Sood₹3,61,60,337₹1,75,84,833
Manish Lakhotia₹3,48,91,563₹95,22,225
Laksh Pal Singh₹3,29,44,509₹1,66,99,748


Weekly Online Rankings

1. Siddhanth Kripalani

Weekly Cashes – 19,16,236

Weekly Profit – 13,62,708

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 1,409

All of 26, Young Gun Siddhanth Kripalani has an enviable poker resume. He holds the unique distinction of having won the Game Changer 3.0 champion and the IOPC The Millionaire United titles and happens to be a two-time Destiny winner as well.

This week, the poker phenom made the headlines on three separate days, starting on Sunday when he championed PokerBaazi’s BSS SuperStack for 3.69 Lakhs. As the week wore on, Kripalani went back-to-back, claiming Thursday’s The Summit and Friday’s The Elite. He added 19.16 Lakhs through his exploits, collecting a healthy 13.63 Lakhs in profits and sits at #9 in the annual leaderboard rankings.

Siddhanth Kripalani
Siddhanth Kripalani


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Elite 30 Lakhs GTD (Top Place 10 Lakhs GTD) for 10 Lakhs on October 8

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s The Summit 15 Lakhs GTD for 3.84 Lakhs on October 7

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s BSS SuperStack 20 Lakhs GTD for 3.69 Lakhs on October 3

Siddhanth Kripalani - Total Profit Graph
Siddhanth Kripalani – Total Profit Graph


2. Dhinesh Kumar

Weekly Cashes – 15,55,244

Weekly Profit – 12,00,525

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 408

Former Millionaire LITE champion Dhinesh Kumar drove up the momentum this past Sunday as he almost won The Millionaire title, eventually falling in second place to Spartan Poker user ‘SiValee.’ Still, Kumar banked 14.38 Lakhs for his run. With 15.55 Lakhs in cashes, he takes up the #2 spot on the weekly charts.

Dhinesh Kumar
Dhinesh Kumar


Top Cashes This Week

– 2nd in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire (Top Place 20 Lakhs GTD) for 14.38 Lakhs on October 3

Dhinesh Kumar - Total Profit Graph
Dhinesh Kumar – Total Profit Graph


3. Harshit Sanghi

Weekly Cashes – 11,18,201

Weekly Profit – 9,70,906

Weekly Leaderboard Points – 928

Harshit Sanghi is best-known for his spectacular victory in the inaugural IOPC – The Crown last year. Proving that the win was no flash in the pan, Sanghi shipped Spartan Poker`s The Big Deal in back-to-back weeks this month, his latest victory coming this Thursday when he decimated the 184-player field to collect the 10 Lakhs up-top. Enough for Sanghi to storm into the top three of the weekly leaderboard standings.

Harshit Sanghi
Harshit Sanghi


Top Cashes This Week

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Big Deal 30 Lakhs GTD (Top Place 10 Lakhs GTD) for 9.94 Lakhs on October 7

Harshit Sanghi - Total Profit Graph
Harshit Sanghi – Total Profit Graph



Yearly Online Rankings

1. Gaurav Sood

Yearly Cashes – 3,61,60,337

Yearly Profit – 1,75,84,833

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 51,367

Gaurav Sood has been prominently missing in action for almost two weeks now as the Young Gun is busy at EPT Sochi. Nevertheless, the former dentist was seen running deep in the Sunday Superstack, where he placed seventh for 1.28 Lakhs. Sood can afford a break – he is still the undisputed annual leaderboard topper with 3.62 Crore in annual winnings and 1.76 Crore in corresponding profits.

Gaurav Sood
Gaurav Sood


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Adda52’s WPT Super Highroller 1 Crore GTD for 32.60 Lakhs on August 12

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 14.51 Lakhs on April 18

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s FTS#2 – Kick-off 75 Lakhs GTD for 14.39 Lakhs on March 7

Gaurav Sood - Total Profit Graph
Gaurav Sood – Total Profit Graph


2. Manish Lakhotia

Yearly Cashes – 3,48,91,563

Yearly Profit – 95,22,225

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 64,505

Manish Lakhotia was another leaderboard topper who went through a relatively slow week. The reclusive MTT pro from Siliguri added a modest 1.77 Lakhs this week and trails Gaurav Sood by 12.70 Lakhs.

With Sood occupied with his travels and playing live tournaments at EPT Sochi, this presents an excellent opportunity for Lakhotia to reclaim the #1 spot – but he will need to book a massive Sunday score to get close.

Manish Lakhotia
Manish Lakhotia


Top Cashes This Year

– 2nd in Adda52’s Adda52 DOPT Main Event 1.5 Crores GTD for 17.93 Lakhs on June 13

– 2nd in Spartan Poker’s FTS #23 – High Roller 1 Crore GTD for 17.43 Lakhs on September 16

– 1st in PokerBaazi’s APT Championship 40 Lakhs GTD for 12.15 Lakhs on January 21

Manish Lakhotia - Total Profit Graph
Manish Lakhotia – Total Profit Graph


3. Laksh Pal Singh

Yearly Cashes – 3,29,44,509

Yearly Profit – 1,66,99,748

Yearly Leaderboard Points – 39,782

PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh Pal Singh continues to remain the #3 ranked player of the year. In fact, Singh was the most significant scorer among the top three this week.

Singh FT-ed the Iron Man and The Big Show on Monday. On Tuesday, he took down the Bounty Builder HR for 2.21 Lakhs, adding 3.05 Lakhs through the week. Singh is ranked #2 in annual profits behind Gaurav Sood.

Laksh Pal Singh
Laksh Pal Singh


Top Cashes This Year

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #117 – The Crown 3.5 Crores GTD for 53.12 Lakhs on February 1

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s Millionaire Series #8 – High Roller 50 Lakhs GTD for 17.24 Lakhs on May 6

– 1st in Spartan Poker’s The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD for 14.47 Lakhs on April 11

Laksh Pal Singh - Total Profit Graph
Laksh Pal Singh – Total Profit Graph


PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (Yearly Cashes – 2.92 Crore), Young Gun Arsh Grover (Yearly Cashes – 2.75 Crore), and Kunal Patni (Yearly Cashes – 2.73 Crore) are the other top-ranked players on the annual leaderboard.


For a complete list of online rankings, check out our ‘Leaderboards’ page. If your name is not on our list, register and enter your screen names to your account to get ranked.

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