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Pavankiran B, Romit Advani, Piyush Ravi, Ankit Wadhawan & Kunal Patni Dominate the Sunday Majors

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 2, 2021
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Poker players couldn’t have asked for a better start to August! With the 11th edition of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) nearing its end and the Asian Poker Tour (APT) Online Series India and World Poker Tour Online India (WPTOI) commencing their second editions yesterday, the virtual felts were buzzing with electrifying action!

All eyes were on the magnum opus of the IOPC July edition, the ₹3.50 Crores GTD IOPC The Crown that formed its eight-player final table last night. Headlined by the original ‘Poker Guru,’ Aditya Agarwal (17,515,429), the eight finalists will return at 5 PM today to contest for the grandest prize of the series and the diamond-studded gold crown!

Coming to the events that did crown a champion last night, the most prominent of them, IOPC#135 Sunday Prime saw Pavankiran B bank a career-best ₹8.79 Lakhs top prize, following a three-way deal with Himanshu Arora (runner-up for ₹7.34 Lakhs) and Joyithung Lotha (3rd for ₹7.14 Lakhs).

Piyush Ravi was the other big winner at the IOPC, as he came out on top of a massive 5,940-entry field in the multi-flight IOPC #139 Value Mine to collect a personal-best ₹5.58 Lakhs.

The APT#4 Sunday Major offered the most significant guarantee on the opening day of the APT India Online series and mystery user ‘stardust’ collected the winner’s paycheque for ₹7.77 Lakhs. PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan secured the runner-up finish for ₹5.45 Lakhs.

The long-time circuit regular Romit Advani was among the breakout performers last night. Even though he did not win any titles, Advani ran deep in three marquee events, racking up ₹7.66 Lakhs in Sunday winnings.

Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal Patni had shipped two titles on Saturday – IOPC#131 Saturday Spotlight for ₹2.04 Lakhs and IOPC#127 for ₹1.20 Lakhs. He came within touching distance of winning his third title for the weekend with a runner-up finish in the WPT India 6-Max Championship for ₹4.57 Lakhs. The anonymous player ‘Chikuu36’ won the event for ₹7.68 Lakhs.

Rising Star Aman Parakh, Vinayak Bajaj, Ashwin Vijay, Abhishek Sonu, Anuj Yadav, Rahul Sahni, Sanish Chhabra, Tarush Gupta, Saahib Bawa, Nitin Arora, Rishab Malik, Mohak Kapoor, Sandeep Malik, Pankaj Nanda, and Nitin Rawat won the other Sunday flagships!

Here are the Sunday highlights!


Spartan Poker

It’s almost time now, folks! The headline event of the IOPC July edition, the ₹3.50 Crores GTD IOPC The Crown, is down to the eight-handed final table, where leading the eight finalists is none other than India’s poker pioneer, Aditya ‘Yennefer’ Agarwal (17,515,429). The poker maestro is well ahead of the Young Gun Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani (13,363,991) and Ankit’ ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash Bajaj (8,669,642), who hold the other top stacks on the final table.

Aditya Agarwal
Aditya Agarwal


Joining the trio on the final table at 5 PM will be Vaibhav ‘AllinPavBhaji’ Temani (7,123,702), Amit ‘guru’ J (4,301,304), Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal (2,699,918), Young Gun Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav (1,866,422) and Mayank ‘KeepHustling’ Jaggi (829,592). The high-octane final table action will be live-streamed across multiple social media platforms, including PokerGuru’s Facebook page, from 6 PM onwards. Now, this is one live stream you don’t want to miss.

Vaibhav Temani
Vaibhav Temani


Now that we have discussed the final table set-up, let’s quickly look at how the grand event fared. The ₹11,000 buy-in tourney registered a ginormous 3,758 entry-field (Day 1A – 370, Day 1B – 346, Day 1C – 388, Day 1D – 447, Day 1E – 427, Day 1F – 441, Day 1G – 529, and Day 1H – 810) that saw it not just surpass, but crush its massive advertised guarantee with a ₹3.76 Crores prize pool!

Day 2 saw 531 runners (298 unique) return to contend to the prestigious crown, and only the top 525 entries were assured a min-cash of ₹18,790. Many notable names were in the running on Day 2, and the final table was formed following the elimination of ‘jailakshmi’ in ninth place for ₹4.50 Lakhs.

The biggest guaranteed event on Spartan Poker to play down to a winner was the ₹60 Lakhs GTD IOPC#135 Sunday Prime. Pavankiran’ Rootahua Machi’ B shipped the event to win ₹8.79 Lakhs, following a three-way deal with Himanshu’ shambolic794′ Arora (runner-up for ₹7.34 Lakhs) and Joyithung’ joyi2492′ Lotha (3rd for ₹7.14 Lakhs). The event dragged in 1,108 participants, experiencing a ₹4.60 Lakhs overlay.

Pavankiran B
Pavankiran B


Pavankiran B has FT-ed two IOPC events previously, namely, the IOPC#124 Friday Spotlight (runner-up for ₹8.66 Lakhs) and the IOPC#104 Tuesday Prime (4th for ₹2.08 Lakhs). He now boasts ₹20.47 Lakhs in recorded winnings on Spartan Poker (₹16.50 Lakhs in net profits).

The other multi-flight event that played down to a winner on Sunday was the ₹40 Lakhs GTD IOPC Value Mine. The ₹660 entry buy-in event collected 5,940 entries, overlaying ₹4.36 Lakhs. Piyush’ anCap’ Ravi outran the competition to win his career-first IOPC title and a personal-best ₹5.58 Lakhs. Aditya ‘This n That’ Kulkarni finished runner-up for ₹3.19 Lakhs.

Piyush Ravi
Piyush Ravi


Rahul’ iLiSHMaCh’ Sahni took down ₹15 Lakhs GTD IOPC#140 for ₹2.95 Lakhs, while the #2 ranked player on the IOPC leaderboard standings Bhanu’ spectre’ Prakash KC came second for ₹1.86 Lakhs.

Rahul Sahni
Rahul Sahni


Besides making it to the final table of the IOPC The Crown, Young Gun Anuj’ titootauji’ Yadav championed the ₹7.50 Lakhs GTD IOPC#136 All-Rounder SNG for ₹3 Lakhs. Yadav’s IOPC The Crown’s final table mate, Vinay’ BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal, placed second for ₹2.25 Lakhs. For his phenomenal run, Anuj Yadav will also receive the All Rounder Trophy.

Anuj Yadav
Anuj Yadav


Saahib’ Str8$$$Homey’ Bawa (Won ₹6 Lakhs GTD IOPC#137 Sunday Spotlight for ₹1.48 Lakhs), Nitin’ Demogorgon’ Arora (Won ₹6.5 Lakhs GTD IOPC#133 for ₹1.37 Lakhs) and ‘TheRealG’ (Won ₹5.5 Lakhs GTD IOPC#134 Monster Stack for ₹1.22 Lakhs), were the other IOPC title winners on Sunday.

Nitin Arora
Nitin Arora


Given the outstanding form that he has been in, it comes as no surprise that Anuj Yadav is still on top of the IOPC Leaderboard with 19,249 points. While IOPC The Crown is yet to announce a winner and Anuj Yadav being one of the finalists, his eventual finish in the event will only determine by how many more points he will top the IOPC Leaderboard. Bhanu Prakash KC locks in the #2 spot with 17,761 points, and Abhijeet Kumar rounds out the top three places with 16,238 points.

IOPC Leaderboard Standings After Day 22

1Anuj 'tittooTauji' Yadav19,249
2Bhanu 'spectre' Prakash KC17,761
3Abhijeet 'TheSupremeone' Kumar16,238
4Anirban 'pokernoob' D Das14,647
5Tanmay 'PlusEv' Benara14,039
6Neeraj 'Jannat52' Kumar13,598
7Aman 'KarmaPoker' Parakh13,292
8Abhishek 'MambaMentality' Goindi12,818
9Suraj 'MR.BEAST' N Yadav12,797
10Kunal 'NutsTodayBluffTomo' Patni12,226



The second edition of the much-awaited ₹8 Crore GTD APT Online Series India kicked off on PokerBaazi yesterday. Sunday saw six APT events crown champions, even as the ₹50 Lakhs GTD Mini Main Event ran the first of its three starting flights.

There are 10 APT trophies to be won at the series, and the first of them was up for grabs in the ₹40 Lakhs GTD APT#4 Sunday Major that took off at 7 PM yesterday. The tournament registered 488 players, overlaying ₹3.40 Lakhs. The play culminated at 4.42 AM after mystery player ‘stardust’ cut past the competition to win the title for ₹7.77 Lakhs after denying PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit ‘d00mtr00p3r’ Wadhawan in heads-up play. The champion ‘stardust’ now boasts of site cashes worth ₹16.36 Lakhs, which include ₹7.57 Lakhs in net profits.

Runner-up Ankit Wadhawan
Runner-up Ankit Wadhawan


Wadhawan picked up a runner-up score of ₹5.45 Lakhs, his best APT Online score to date. The Chandigarh-based player cashed in three more events for a collective ₹5.65 Lakhs.

Ankit Wadhawan’s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹6.44 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹1.87 Crores | Annual Winnings: ₹1.69 Crores | Ranked #17 in the Annual Leaderboard Standings

Gautam’ M8a7′ Rohilla posted a third-place score in the APT#4 Sunday Major for ₹3.50 Lakhs, which formed a significant part of his Sunday winnings that stood at ₹4.04 Lakhs.

Gautam Rohilla
Gautam Rohilla


His top finishes include:

– 3rd in the APT #4 Sunday Major ₹40 Lakhs GTD for ₹3.50 Lakhs

– 5th in the APT #2 Monsterstack ₹10 Lakhs GTD for ₹50,160

The EndBoss third-place finisher Romit’ tilt83′ Advani finished one spot after Rohilla, earning ₹2.59 Lakhs for finishing fourth. He also placed fourth in the WPT Superstack. In all, Advani banked ₹7.66 Lakhs.

Romit Advani
Romit Advani


His top finishes include:

> 3rd in the WPT SuperStack for ₹4,69,418

> 4th in APT#4 Sunday Major for ₹2,59,200

> 18th in WPT India 6-Max Championship for ₹31,500

The ₹20 Lakhs APT#1 Kickoff saw Vinayak’ salmanbhai’ Bajaj outlast the 709-entry field to win ₹3.93 Lakhs. ‘tiltonlytilt‘ secured a runner-up payday of ₹2.75 Lakhs. Bajaj was able to cash out in six more tourneys, to pad his bankroll by a hefty ₹9.82 Lakhs.

Vinayak Bajaj
Vinayak Bajaj


His top finishes include:

> 1st in the APT #1 Kickoff ₹20 Lakhs GTD for ₹3.93 Lakhs

> 5th in the IOPC #139 Value Mine ₹40 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.21 Lakhs

The top 81 players earned a share of the ₹21.27 Lakhs prize pool.

Three of Sunday`s title winners made it to the APT #1 Kickoff final table.

Rising Star Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh collected ₹1.31 Lakhs for placing fourth in the APT#1 Kickoff. Parakh also bested a field of 516 entries to win the ₹10 Lakhs GTD APT #2 Monsterstack for ₹1.81 Lakhs, following a heads-up chop with Prabhat ‘comeon’ Kumar (runner-up for 1.61 Lakhs). He collected ₹4.30 Lakhs yesterday.

Aman Parakh
Aman Parakh


His top finishes include:

> 1st in the APT #2 Monsterstack ₹10 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.81 Lakhs

> 4th in the APT #1 Kickoff ₹20 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.31 Lakhs

> 7th in the ₹10 Lakhs GTD APT #6 Megastack for ₹32,260

> 3rd in the IOPC #133 6.50 Lakhs GTD for ₹65,260

> 3rd in the WPT Classic for ₹44,000

Fifth-place finisher Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla picked up ₹98,270 in the APT #1 Kickoff. Dembla also bested a 94-strong field to champion the ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD Turbo for ₹42,225. With four FT finishes, including the title win, Dembla pocketed ₹3.68 Lakhs.

Harsh Dembla
Harsh Dembla


His top finishes include:

> 7th in the APT #4 Sunday Majors ₹40 Lakhs GTD for ₹1.30 Lakhs

> 5th in the APT #1 Kickoff ₹20 Lakhs GTD for ₹98,270

> 4th in the APT #6 Megastack ₹10 Lakhs GTD for ₹64,415

> 1st in the Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹42,225

Another standout performer was the former Full House Finale runner-up, Myron ‘priyankAAchoprAA’ Pereira, who placed sixth in the APT #1 Kickoff for ₹79,337. Pereira’s best score at the APT and his first APT title came with him shipping the ₹5 Lakhs GTD APT #3 Turbo for a ₹1.09 Lakhs paycheque. He cashed out in four more events, adding ₹2.30 Lakhs to his kitty, which has expanded his online bankroll to ₹4.49 Crores.

Myron Pereira
Myron Pereira


The ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT #5 Mini Main Event sounded off yesterday, with the first of its three starting flights. The ₹3,300 buy-in event registered 281 participants on Day 1A. Only 39 bagged stacks for Day 2. ‘acessorted’ (anonymity requested) (271,000) bagged the end-of-day chip lead, with APT #4 Sunday Major finalists Gautam ‘M8a7’ Rohilla (265,000) and Romit’ tilt83′ Advani (231,000) rounding out the top three stacks from the flight.

Tarush’ Busterr’ Gupta (Won ₹10 Lakhs GTD APT#6 Megastack for ₹1.61 Lakhs), and Rishab’ ryuk’ Malik (Won ₹5 Lakhs GTD APT#7 Turbo for ₹1.07 Lakhs) were the other top winners on the site.

Tarush Gupta
Tarush Gupta


With the series getting underway, the APT Leaderboard has also begun ticking. Rising Star Aman ‘KarmaPoker’ Parakh (2,424 points) currently tops the standings, with Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla (1,728 points) and Chirag ‘miyagi’ Sodha (1,652 points) rounding out the top three positions on the leaderboard.

APT Online Series India Leaderboard Standing After Day 1

1Aman 'KarmaPoker' Parakh2,424
2Harsh '100crdream' Dembla1,728
3Chirag 'miyagi' Sodha1,652
4Myron 'priyankAAchoprAA; Pereira1,586
5Rishabh 'ryuk' Malik1,507
6Vinay 'vinay09' Rajpal1,446
7Gautam 'M8a7' Rohilla1,260
8Vinayak 'salmanbhai' Bajaj1,192
9Aditya 'KesarDa' Kesharwani1,102
10Bhanu 'Chennaino1' Prakash KC1,077



The second edition of the WPT Online India (WPTOI), featuring a jaw-dropping ₹25 Crores in guaranteed prizes across 250 events, commenced its run on Sunday.

Offering an unheard-of ₹1 Crore in guaranteed prize money for a mere ₹499 buy-in, WPT Unreal logged in 417 participants on Day 1A. By the end of the play, only 39 players advanced through to Day 2. ‘realstar07’ (368,119), Avinash ‘avinkon’ Koneru (355,010), and ‘Sherpa84’ (349,981) topped the day-end chip counts.

One of the star attractions on Day 1 of the series was the ₹30 Lakhs GTD WPT India 6 Max Championship. The ₹11,000 entry buy-in event registered 292 participants, falling eight entries short of breaking event, and paid out 30 places. After almost nine hours of intense action, the Adda52 user ‘Chikuu36′ came out on top to win the prestigious WPT Trophy and the ₹7.68 Lakhs up-top. Adda52 Game Ambassador Kunal ‘FloatToMyBoat’ Patni secured a runner-up payday worth ₹4.57 Lakhs.

Runner-up Kunal Patni
Runner-up Kunal Patni


The ₹30 Lakhs GTD WPT Super Stack featuring a ₹5,500 entry buy-in found a champion in the user’ LUCKYS0007,’ who walked away with a ₹5.39 Lakhs cash prize following a three-way deal with ‘ckps86’ (2nd for ₹5.20 Lakhs) and Romit ‘ft83’ Advani (3rd for ₹4.69 Lakhs). The 7:30 PM event filled in ₹3.55 Lakhs in overlays after recording 529 entries, and the top 55 places finished ITM.

Ashwin ‘Ashwinvijay1399′ Vijay took down the series-opener ₹15 Lakhs GTD WPT Kickoff for ₹3.18 Lakhs following a heads-up chop with PokerGuru Ambassador Shashank ‘IndianRat’ Desai (2nd for ₹2.92 Lakhs). The ₹3,000 entry buy-in event overlaid ₹89,624 after registering 517 participants, and 55 places boarded the money bus.

Ashwin Vijay
Ashwin Vijay


Devrat ‘Vickypune’ Singh came out on top in the ₹10 Lakhs GTD WPT Monster Turbo to win ₹2.44 Lakhs, while Avinash’ i_fart_you_faint’ Kumar placed runner-up for ₹1.72 Lakhs. The ₹2,500 entry buy-in event overlaid ₹1.36 Lakhs after logging in an entry-field of 384 participants, and the top 38 places walked past the money line.

Devrat Singh
Devrat Singh


Sanish ‘Sanish21′ Chhabra (Won ₹8 Lakhs GTD WPT Lazy Sunday for ₹1.96 Lakhs), ‘justbethere’ (Won ₹4 Lakhs GTD WPT Classic for ₹81,207), Mohak ‘Sparkie’ Kapoor (Won ₹3 Lakhs GTD WPT Late Night PKO for ₹80,261), Pankaj ‘Pok3rking’ Nanda (Won ₹1.40 Lakhs GTD WPT Battlefield for ₹30,486), ‘Amanpoker27’ (Won ₹30K GTD WPT PLO for ₹7,141), and ‘Papakratos’ (Won WPT Regular 50 for ₹2,030) won the other WPT Online India titles on Day 1 of the series.

Sanish Chhabra
Sanish Chhabra


WPT Online India Leaderboard Standings after Day 1

2Devrat 'Vickypune' Singh155
3Satnam 'LUCKYS0007' Singh154
4Kunal 'FloatToMyBoat' Patni137
6Ashwin 'Ashwinvijay1399' Vijay135
8Arun 'runyrules' Sriram122
9Sahil 'you3bi4b' Nair114
10Avinash 'i_fart_you_faint' Kumar113


PokerStars India

PokerStars India ran the Sunday Special PKO last night but skipped the Sunday Highroller.

The ₹15 Lakhs GTD Sunday Special – Progressive KO attracted 254 entries, overlaying ₹2.30 Lakhs. The former Uppercut champion Abhishek ‘Addysonu’ Sonu raced past the competition and defeated the #1 ranked player of the year, Manish ‘theoldestkid’ Lakhotia, heads-up to collect a winner’s paycheque worth ₹3 Lakhs (includes ₹1.53 Lakhs in bounties).

Abhishek Sonu
Abhishek Sonu


This win was the second time Abhishek Sonu shipped the Sunday Special. On November 22, 2020, he had won the Diwali Rush-02 Sunday Special SE for a career-best ₹3.60 Lakhs. Following this win, Sonu’s lifetime tally of online winnings touched ₹53.61 Lakhs (₹18.57 Lakhs in net profits).

MTT pro Manish Lakhotia secured a second-place payday worth ₹2.01 Lakhs (includes ₹54,102 in bounties). He finished ITM in seven more events yesterday, collectively earning over ₹3.34 Lakhs. His stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹8.42 Crores | Lifetime Profits: ₹2.96 Crores|Annual Winnings: ₹2.88 Crores | Ranked #1 in the Annual Leaderboard Standings|Ranked #5 in Annual Profits

Amar ‘AceConsultant’ Mehta finished ITM in five events that included two FT scores, cumulatively earning over ₹2.69 Lakhs. His FT scores were:

Amar Mehta
Amar Mehta


> 5th in PokerBaazi’s APT#4 Sunday Major for ₹1.94 Lakhs

> 5th in PokerStars India’s Sunday Special PKO for ₹64,906

PokerStars India regular ‘Poker_Basilisk’ took down the ₹2.50 Lakhs GTD Big Bubble Rush for ₹61,736 (includes ₹34,971 in bounties), while ‘raghav1990’ came second for ₹23,211 (includes ₹3,438 in bounties). The champion ‘Poker_Basilisk’ was an incredible form yesterday as they championed a second event, the ₹1 Lakh GTD Sunday Warm-up for ₹18,118. They also FT-ed the ₹1.50 Lakhs GTD Sunday Classic, placing sixth for ₹9,744. Their cumulative scores on the site yesterday were ₹89,618.

Sandeep ‘goldypaji’ Malik (Won Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹34,385), ‘shubh79’ (Won Sunday Classic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹31,075), Nitin ‘NRIPOKER’ Rawat (Won Sunday Storm ₹1.5 Lakhs GTD for ₹23,854), and ‘Romi 899’ (Won Deepstack ₹50K GTD for ₹10,243) were the other title winners on PokerStars India.

The other Sunday winners were:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
Tarush ‘Busterr’ Gupta₹1.61 LakhsAPT #6 Megastack 10 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Saahib ‘Str8$$$Homey’
₹1.48 LakhsIOPC#137 Sunday Spotlight ₹6 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Nitin ‘Demogorgon’ Arora₹1.36 LakhsIOPC#133 ₹6.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
TheRealG₹1.22 LakhsIOPC#134 Monster Stack ₹5.50 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Rishab ‘ryuk’ Malik₹1.07 LakhsAPT #7 Turbo ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Myron ‘priyankAAchoprAA’ Pereira₹1.09 LakhsAPT #3 Turbo ₹5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Poker_Basilisk₹61,736Big Bubble Rush ₹2.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla₹42,225Turbo ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Rahul7463₹40,000Big Bang ₹1 Lakh GTDKhelo365
Sandeep 'goldypaji' Malik₹34,385Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
shubh79₹31,075Sunday Classic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Nitin 'NRIPOKER' Rawat₹23,854Sunday Storm ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Madbullmode₹21,000Monster ₹1 Lakh GTDGoodPoker
Poker_Basilisk₹18,118Sunday Warm-up ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Ajaashish₹17,000Dominaor ₹50K GTDKhelo365
Romi 899₹10,243Deepstack ₹50K GTDPokerStars India


IOPC#138 The Crown ₹3.5 Crores GTD Day 2 Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 1,896

Re-entries – 682

Re-buys – 1,180

Prize Pool – ₹3,75,80,000

Places Paid – 525

The pièce de résistance at the 11th edition of the IOPC, the ₹3.50 Crores GTD IOPC#138 The Crown is only hours away from finding its champion. The event ran eight starting flights that tallied up a monstrous 3,758-entry field (Day 1A – 370, Day 1B – 346, Day 1C – 388, Day 1D – 447, Day 1E – 427, Day 1F – 441, Day 1G – 529, and Day 1H – 810), crushing its posted guarantee to collect ₹3.76 Crores in the prize pool.

A total of 531 qualifying stacks (298 unique players) progressed to Day 2, with the top 525 entries guaranteed a min-cash of ₹18,790.

Day 2 began at 10 PM on Sunday, and Akash ‘Akash0510′ Gupta fell out on the money bubble in 526th place. But with his second stack, he placed 181st for ₹34,198.

Bagging the overnight chip lead was none other than India’s poker pioneer & PokerGuru Mentor Aditya ‘Yennefer’ Agarwal, who holds an enormous 17,515,429 (109 BBs). Agarwal is significantly ahead of the second chip-lead, the Game Changer 3.0 & the former IOPC The Millionaire United champion, Young Gun Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani (13,363,991).

The former IOPC #103 – TGIF winner Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash Bajaj (8,669,642), Vaibhav ‘AllinPavBhaji’ Temani (7,123,702), Amit ‘guru’ J (4,301,304), Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal (2,699,918), IOPC July 2021 series leaderboard topper Young Gun Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav (1,866,422), and Mayank ‘KeepHustling’ Jaggi (829,592) are the other players in contention.

Most of the players on the final table had qualified for Day 2 with multiple stacks. Their other finishes in IOPC The Crown were:

> Aditya ‘Yennefer’ Agarwal – 16th for ₹1,87,900, 114th for ₹41,338, 145th for ₹41,338, and 372nd for ₹22,924 (over ₹2.93 Lakhs cumulatively)

> Siddhanth’ PluRibu$’ Kripalani – 257th for ₹34,198

> Vaibhav ‘AllinPavBhaji’ Temani – 66th for ₹76,287

> Amit’ guru’ J – 431st for ₹22,924

> Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal – 142nd for ₹41,338

> Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav – 161st for ₹34,198, 194th for ₹34,198, and 286th for ₹28,185 (₹96,581 cumulatively)

The eight final contenders are now in the money for at least ₹5.56 Lakhs, but all of them will be chasing the ₹57.26 Lakhs up top. The champion will also fill up the final seat on the IOPC Masters Table that will be live-streamed on August 4 at 5 PM.

‘jailakshmi’ bubbled the final table in ninth place for ₹4.50 Lakhs.

Some other notable ITM finishers included Dhirendra ‘dhiru91’ Kumar (10th for ₹3,49,494), Prateek ‘AurelionSol’ Bhartia (12th for ₹3,49,494), Amit ‘DoctorGTO’ Ajwani (13th for ₹3,49,494), Abhinav ‘hightr0ller’ Iyer (14th for ₹2,63,060), Mohit ‘BigFox’ Dhingra (15th for ₹2,63,060), Siddharth ‘Ari Tribbiani’ Karia (17th for ₹1,87,900), Vikranth ‘borntrouble’ Varma (19th for ₹1,31,530), Dhaval ‘ElegantlyWasted’ Mudgal (20th for ₹1,31,530), Shrey ‘Kingsb30’ Baj (22nd for ₹1,31,530), Akshay ‘powershell’ Asawa (23rd for ₹1,31,530), and Bheem ‘MaiMeel’ Singh Meena (24th for ₹1,31,530).

Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Aditya ‘Yennefer’ Agarwal – 17,515,429
  2. Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani – 13,363,991
  3. Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash Bajaj – 8,669,642
  4. Vaibhav ‘AllinPavBhaji’ Temani – 7,123,702
  5. Amit ‘guru’ J – 4,301,304
  6. Vinay ‘BeepBeepImaJeep’ Rajpal – 2,699,918
  7. Anuj ‘tittooTauji’ Yadav – 1,866,422
  8. Mayank ‘KeepHustling’ Jaggi – 829,592


WPT Unreal Fight ₹1 Crore GTD Flight 1A Adda52

Buy-in – ₹499

Entries – 308

Re-entries – 109

Survivors – 39

With a massive ₹1 Crore GTD for a mere ₹499 entry buy-in, WPT Unreal lives up to its name! The event has 30 starting flights to get through, and it all began last night with Flight 1A registering 417 participants. Only 39 players advanced through to Day 2.

The user ‘realstar07’ bagged up the chip lead after the first opening day and will return on Day 2 with a stack of 368,119 while Avinash ‘avinkon’ Koneru (355,010) and ‘Sherpa84’ (349,981) carried forward the other top stacks.

Yogesh ‘POKERBRAT0118’ Choudhary (333,859), Himanshu ‘Baagdi’ Bagdwal (316,707), Harjas’ jasthegreat’ Wadhwa (275,897), Kritarth ‘TightAgressive28’ Pant (264,862), and Aditya ‘Opulentadi’ Sharma (242,778) were the other know players who made the top 10 chip counts.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Flight 1A

  1. realstar07 – 368,119
  2. Avinash ‘avinkon’ Koneru – 355,010
  3. Sherpa84 – 349,981
  4. Yogesh ‘POKERBRAT0118’ Choudhary – 333,859
  5. 5. Himanshu ‘Baagdi’ Bagdwal – 316,707
  6. Wolowizard – 290,468
  7. Asarishi – 286,848
  8. Harjas’ jasthegreat’ Wadhwa – 275,897
  9. Kritarth ‘TightAgressive28’ Pant – 264,862
  10. Aditya’ Opulentadi’ Sharma – 242,778


IOPC#135 Sunday Prime ₹60 Lakhs GTD Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 509

Re-entries – 224

Re-buys – 375

Prize Pool – ₹60,00,000

Places Paid – 103

The IOPC #124 – Friday Spotlight runner-up finisher Pavankiran’ Rootahua Machi’ B clinched an IOPC title on the last day of the schedule. He won the ₹60 Lakhs GTD IOPC #135 Sunday Prime for a career-best ₹8.79 Lakhs following a three-way deal with Himanshu’ shambolic794′ Arora (runner-up for ₹7.35 Lakhs) and Joyithung’ joyi2492′ Lotha (3rd for ₹7.15 Lakhs).

Pavankiran B`s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹51.90 Lakhs | Lifetime Profits: ₹6.60 Lakhs

One of the IOPC commentators, Goonjan ‘gmtesting’ Mall, finished ITM in six events yesterday for a cumulative ₹4.15 Lakhs. These included two FT scores.

> 5th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #135 – Sunday Prime for ₹2.99 Lakhs

> 6th in Spartan Poker’s IOPC #140 for ₹65,246

Goonjan Mall’s stats: Lifetime Winnings: ₹7.50 Crores|Lifetime Profits: ₹3.30 Crores| Annual Winnings: ₹1.91 Crores|Annual Profits: ₹87.87 Lakhs|Ranked #11 in the Annual Leaderboard Standings | Ranked #6 in Annual Profits

The ₹5,500 entry buy-in event pulled in 1,108 entries, falling ₹4.60 Lakhs short of its ₹60 Lakhs prize pool guaranteed.

Siddharth ‘siddchat’ Chaturvedi (6th for ₹2.30 Lakhs), Rahul ‘sttoned’ Kumar (7th for ₹1.66 Lakhs), and Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor (8th for ₹1.13 Lakhs) were the other FT scorers.

PokerGuru Ambassador Naresh ‘FreeFlow’ Veeravalli bubbled the FT in ninth place for ₹90,000.

Runner-up Himanshu Arora
Runner-up Himanshu Arora


Final Table Results

  1. Pavankiran ‘Rootahua Machi’ B – ₹8,79,120*
  2. Himanshu ‘shambolic794’ Arora – ₹7,34,750*
  3. Joyithung ‘joyi2492’ Lotha – ₹7,14,730*
  4. norm_macdonald – ₹3,76,200
  5. Goonjan ‘gmtesting’ Mall – ₹2,99,400
  6. Siddharth ‘siddchat’ Chaturvedi – ₹2,29,800
  7. Rahul ‘sttoned’ Kumar – ₹1,66,200
  8. Mohak ‘Tiltin’ Kapoor – ₹1,13,400

*denotes a three-way deal


APT#5 Mini Main Event ₹50 Lakhs GTD Day 1A – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 191

Re-entries – 90

Survivors – 39

The ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT#5 Mini Main Event opened to action on Sunday. Day 1A of the three-flight tourney logged in 281 players and only 39 bagged stacks for Day 2. Headling this advancing group was the APT#4 Sunday Major finalist, ‘acessorted’ (271,000), with Gautam ‘M8a7’ Rohilla (265,000) and Romit ’tilt83′ Advani (231,000) rounding out the trio of top stacks.

Ashish Kumar ‘Notoriousladka’ Yadav (206,000), Karan ‘bozo’ Kapur (198,000), Rubin ‘kornkid’ Labroo (166,000), and Yudhishter Singh ‘Rowdy6’ Rathore (139,000) carried forward a big bag of chips for Day 2.

Final Table Results

  1. acessorted – 271,000