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Spartan Poker is Back With the 2nd Edition of GPS Boasting ₹5+ Crores in Prize Pool GTDs

Spartan Poker Grand Poker Series 2nd Edition
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis August 1, 2020
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The record-smashing India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) may be over, but India’s leading tournament site, Spartan Poker, is not done doling out its repertoire of exciting tournament series!

Starting from August 3, the second edition of the Grand Poker Series (GPS) will kick off, boasting over ₹5 Crores in guaranteed prizes! The series will comprise of 36 tournaments, with buy-ins ranging from ₹330 to ₹27,500.

The first edition of the GPS had run from June 1 to 7.

GPS Schedule

DateTimeEventBuy-in (₹)GTD (₹)
August 31 PMGPS #1₹660₹2.5 Lakhs
August 33 PMGPS #2₹880₹4 Lakhs
August 38 PMRecharge₹2,200₹14 Lakhs
August 39:30 PMThe Flash₹1,100₹6.5 Lakhs
August 311 PMGPS #5₹1,650₹4 Lakhs
August 41 PMGPS #6 (R+A)₹440₹2.5 Lakhs
August 43 PMMonster Stack₹880₹4.5 Lakhs
August 48 PMMega Stack₹3,300₹22 Lakhs
August 49:30 PMThe Race₹1,650₹8.5 Lakhs
August 411 PMGPS #10₹1,650₹4.5 Lakhs
August 51 PMGPS #11₹660₹2.5 Lakhs
August 53 PMGPS #12 (DST)₹880₹4.25 Lakhs
August 58 PMDestiny₹5,500₹35 Lakhs
August 59:30 PMMega Freeze₹3,300₹4.5 Lakhs
August 511 PMMonster Stack₹1,100₹₹4.5 Lakhs
August 61 PMGPS #16₹550₹2.3 Lakhs
August 63 PMPLO₹550₹1.5 Lakhs
August 68 PMUltron₹4,400₹25 Lakhs
August 69 PMHigh Roller₹27,500₹50 Lakhs
August 69:30 PMMonster Stack₹2,200₹7.5 Lakhs
August 611 PMGPS #21₹990₹4 Lakhs
August 71 PMGPS #22 (R+A)₹330₹2 Lakhs
August 73 PMGPS #23₹770₹3.5 Lakhs
August 76 PMGPS - The Millionaire Day 1A₹5,500-
August 78 PMTGIF₹1,650₹12 Lakhs
August 79:30 PMThe Elite₹11,000₹40 Lakhs
August 711 PMMonster Stack₹1,650₹4.5 Lakhs
August 81 PMGPS #27₹440₹2.2 Lakhs
August 83 PMGPS #28 (Boost)₹880₹4 Lakhs
August 86 PMGPS - The Millionaire Day 1B₹5,500-
August 88 PMTitan₹4,400₹17 Lakhs
August 89:30 PMPLO HR₹11,000₹20 Lakhs
August 811 PMHouse Party₹2,200₹8 Lakhs
August 912 PMGPS - The Millionaire Day 1C₹5,500-
August 93 PMMonster Stack₹880₹4.5 Lakhs
August 94 PMGPS - The Millionaire Day 1D₹5,500-
August 98 PMSunday SuperStack₹5,500₹40 Lakhs
August 99:30 PMMoney Heist₹3,300₹15 Lakhs
August 910 PMGPS - The Millionaire Day 2-₹1 Crore
August 911:30 PMReloaded₹550₹2 Lakhs

While a majority of the events on offer are affordable for the low-to-mid stakes players, The Elite ₹40 Lakhs GTD, the Sunday Superstack ₹40 Lakhs GTD, the High Roller ₹50 Lakhs GTD and the GPS The Millionaire ₹1 Crore GTD is sure to attract the high stakes pros as well!


GPS The Millionaire ₹1 Crore GTD

The grandest tourney on the GPS schedule is indubitably the ₹1 Crore GTD GPS The Millionaire that commences on August 7. Sporting a buy-in of ₹5,500, the multi-flight tourney will play out four starting flights.

>Day 1A (August 7, 6 PM)

>Day 1B (August 8, 6 PM)

>Day 1C (August 9, 12 PM)

>Day 1D (August 9, 4 PM)

Day 2 will take place from 10 PM on August 9.

Players will get ample opportunities to win tickets through satellites that will be live on the Spartan Poker lobby from 2:30 PM on August 3 and will continue until 3:15 PM on August 9.

DateTimeSattyBuy-inVip Points
August 32:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 36:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1B₹33066
August 310:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 42:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 46:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1C₹33066
August 410:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 52:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 56:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1D₹33066
August 510:30 PM7 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 62:30 PM10 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
August 66:30 PM10 Seats To Day 1B₹33066
August 610:30 PM10 Seats To Day 1A₹33066
Satty To GPS The Millionaire Day 1A
August 711:30 AM, 12:30 PM. 1:30 PM10 Seats GTD ₹33066
August 72:30 PM15 Seats GTD₹33066
August 73:30 PM20 Seats GTD₹33066
August 75:15 PM To 6:00 PMOne Hand Satellite (Every 15 Mins)₹550110
Satty To GPS The Millionaire Day 1B
August 811:30 AM, 12:30 PM. 1:30 PM10 Seats GTD₹33066
August 82:30 PM15 Seats GTD₹33066
August 83:30 PM

5:15 PM To 6:00 PM

20 Seats GTD

One Hand Satellite (Every 15 Mins)


Satty To GPS The Millionaire Day 1C
August 99: AM 10 Seats GTD₹33066
August 910:00 AM15 Seats GTD₹33066
August 911:00 AM20 Seats GTD₹33066
August 911:15 AM To 12:00 PMOne Hand Satellite (Every 15 Mins)₹550110
Satty To GPS The Millionaire Day 1D
August 912:00 PM And 1:00 PM10 Seats GTD₹33066
August 92:00 PM15 Seats GTD₹33066
August 93:00 PM20 Seats GTD₹33066
August 93:15 PM To 4:00 PMOne Hand Satellite (Every 15 Mins)₹550110

The first-ever GPS Millionaire was a single-day tournament that had taken place on June 7. A total of 954 entries had been registered, and site regular ‘lazylad’ had topped the field, banking a whopping ₹19.08 Lakhs in top prize! Former Millionaire United winner Arjun ‘lol this guy’ Pasricha had finished runner-up for an equally commendable ₹11.78 Lakhs payday.


Other Tourneys to Watch Out For

While the GPS The Millionaire is undoubtedly the showstopper at the series, the GPS does have several other marquee tourneys that promise to draw in the regs.

>Recharge ₹14 Lakhs GTD (August 3, 8 PM)

>Mega Stack ₹22 Lakhs GTD (August 4, 8 PM)

>Destiny ₹35 Lakhs GTD (August 5, 8 PM)

>Ultron ₹25 Lakhs GTD (August 6, 8 PM)

>High Roller ₹50 Lakhs GTD (August 6, 9 PM)

>TGIF ₹12 Lakhs GTD (August 7, 8 PM)

>The Elite ₹40 Lakhs GTD (August 7, 9:30 PM)

>Titan Stack ₹17 Lakhs GTD (August 8, 8 PM)

>PLO HR ₹20 Lakhs GTD (August 8, 9:30 PM)

>Sunday Superstack ₹40 Lakhs GTD (August 9, 8 PM)

>Money Heist ₹15 Lakhs GTD (August 9, 9:30 PM)

Satellites will be running for most of these events starting August 3.

DateTimeMega Value Satellite ToBuy-In CostVIP Points
August 3, Monday5:30 PMReCharge - 10 Seats GTD8818
August 4, Tuesday5:30 PMMega Stack - 10 Seats GTD11022
August 5, Wednesday5:30 PMDestiny - 10 Seats GTD16533
August 6, Thursday5:30 PMUltron - 10 Seats GTD16533
August 7, Friday5:30 PMTGIF - 10 Seats GTD5511
August 8, Saturday5:30 PMTitan Stack - 10 Seats GTD16533
August 9, Sunday5:30 PMSunday SuperStack - 15 Seats GTD16533


GPS Leaderboard

Besides the series promising more than ₹5 Crores in prize pool guarantees, GPS will also be offering exciting leaderboard prizes worth ₹10 Lakhs! The top 10 finishers will get paid, with the eventual leaderboard topper slated to win ₹2.40 Lakhs.

The runner-up and third-place finisher will receive ₹1.50 Lakhs and ₹1.20 Lakhs, respectively.


A tournament-centric brand, Spartan Poker already has several popular series in its arsenal like the Spartan Super Series (SSS) and the Spartan Value Series (SVS). While the IOPC and the SSS cater to the mid-to-high stakes players, the SVS is aimed at low-to-mid-stakes players. With GPS now well and truly a part of the Spartan Poker line-up, players have a lot of electrifying action to look forward to next week!

Keep following PokerGuru for more updates from Spartan Poker’s GPS!

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