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Spartan Poker is Bringing Its Biggest-Ever IOPC a Week Early (July 9-26)

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  • Attreyee Khasnabis June 17, 2020
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Massive prize pool guarantees, exciting tournaments, and dazzling prizes, including a regal ‘gold’ crown, are all ingredients of a perfect online poker series. And one of India’s leading online poker operators is all geared up to bring them to you!

Yes, you guessed right! We are talking about Spartan Poker’s much-awaited July edition of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC)! Initially slated to run from July 17 to August 2, the series has been preponed a week. The series will now be commencing on July 9 and will run till July 26. Big guarantees and jaw-dropping prizes have become staple for the IOPC, but the cherry on top of the cake this time will be the glorious gold crown that will be awarded to the IOPC Main Event champion!

IOPC July 2020 Complete Schedule

DateTimeTournamentGTD (₹)Buy-in (₹)
July 912 PMIOPC #1₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 92 PMIOPC #2₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 94PMMoster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 96 PMIOPC #4₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 98 PMUltron₹35 Lakhs₹4,400
July 99:30 PMIOPC #6₹15 Lakhs₹3,300
July 911 PMMonster Stack₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1012 PMIOPC #8₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 102 PMIOPC #9₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 104 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 106 PMThe Millionaire United Day 1ANA₹7,700
July 108 PMTGIF₹15 Lakhs₹1,650
July 109:30 PMThe Elite₹45 Lakhs₹11,000
July 1011 PMMonster Stack₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1112 PMIOPC #14₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 112 PMIOPC #15₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 114 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 116 PMThe Millionaire United Day 1BNA₹7,700
July 118 PMTitan₹25 Lakhs₹4,400
July 119:30 PMHouse Party₹12 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1111 PMDareDevil (50% Off on Re-buy)₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1212 PMIOPC #20₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 122 PMIOPC #21₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 123:30 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 124 PMThe Millionaire United Day 1CNA₹7,700
July 126 PMIOPC #23₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 128 PMSunday SuperStack₹50 Lakhs₹5,500
July 129 PMThe Millionaire United Day 2₹1.5 CroresNA
July 129:30 PMIOPC #26₹6.5 Lakhs₹1,100
July 1211 PMBig Daddy₹12 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1312 PMIOPC #28₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 132 PMIOPC #29₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 134 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 136 PMIOPC #31₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 138 PMRecharge₹20 Lakhs₹2,200
July 139:30 PMIOPC #33 (FO)₹7 Lakhs₹3,300
July 1311 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1412 PMIOPC #35₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 142 PMIOPC #36₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 144 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 146 PMIOPC #38₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 148 PMMega Stack₹35 Lakhs₹3,300
July 149:30 PMIOPC #40₹12 Lakhs₹1,650
July 1411 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1512 PMIOPC #42₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 152 PMIOPC #43₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 154 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 156 PMIOPC #45₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 158 PMDestiny₹50 Lakhs₹5,500
July 159:30 PMIOPC #47₹10 Lakhs₹1,650
July 1511 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1612 PMIOPC #49₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 162 PMIOPC #50₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 164 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 166 PMIOPC #52₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 168 PMUltron₹40 Lakhs₹4,400
July 169:00 PMHigh Roller₹1 Crore₹55,000
July 169:30 PMIOPC #55₹15 Lakhs₹3,300
July 1712 PMIOPC #57₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 172 PMIOPC #58₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 174 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 176 PMIOPC #60₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 178 PMTGIF₹18 Lakhs₹1,650
July 179:30 PMThe Elite₹60 Lakhs₹11,000
July 1711 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1812 PMIOPC #64₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 182 PMIOPC #65₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 184 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 186 PMThe Millionaire Legends Day 1ANA₹27,500
July 188 PMTitan₹25 Lakhs₹4,400
July 189:30 PMHouse Party₹12 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1811 PMDareDevil (50% Off on Re-buy)₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
July 1912 PMThe Millionaire Legends Day 1BNA₹27,500
July 192 PMIOPC #70₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 193:30 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 194 PMThe Millionaire Legends Day 1C₹1.5 Crores₹27,500
July 196 PMIOPC #72₹3 Lakhs₹1,100
July 198 PMSunday Superstack₹60 Lakhs₹5,5000
July 199:30 PMIOPC #74₹6.5 Lakhs₹1,100
July 1910 PMThe Millionaire Legends Day 2₹1.5 CroresNA
July 1911 PMBig Daddy₹15 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2012 PMIOPC #77₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 202 PMIOPC #78₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 204 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 206 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1A"NA₹11,000
July 208 PMRecharge₹20 Lakhs₹2,200
July 209:30 PMIOPC #81 (FO)₹7 Lakhs₹3,300
July 2011 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2112 PMIOPC #83₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 212 PMIOPC #84₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 214 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 216 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1B"NA₹11,000
July 218 PMMega Stack₹35 Lakhs₹3,300
July 219:30 PMIOPC #87₹12 Lakhs₹1,650
July 2111 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2212 PMIOPC #89₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 222 PMIOPC #90₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 224 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 226 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1C"NA₹11,000
July 228 PMDestiny₹50 Lakhs₹5,500
July 229:30 PMIOPC #93₹10 Lakhs₹1,650
July 2211 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2312 PMIOPC #95₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 232 PMIOPC #96₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 234 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 236 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1D"NA₹11,000
July 238 PMUltron₹40 Lakhs₹4,400
July 239 PMSuper High Roller₹1 Crore₹1.05 Lakhs
July 239:30 PMIOPC #100₹15 Lakhs₹3,300
July 2311 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2412 PMIOPC #102₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 242 PMIOPC #103₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 244 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 246 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1E"NA₹11,000
July 248 PMTGIF₹18 Lakhs₹1,650
July 249:30 PMThe Elite₹60 Lakhs₹11,000
July 2411 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition₹10 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2512 PMIOPC #108₹4 Lakhs₹550
July 252 PMIOPC #109₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 254 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 256 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1F"NA₹11,000
July 258 PMTitan₹25 Lakhs₹4,400
July 259 PMPLO High Roller₹45 Lakhs₹27,500
July 259:30 PMHouse Party₹12 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2511 PMDareDevil (50% Off on Re-buy)₹8 Lakhs₹2,200
July 2612 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1G"NA₹11,000
July 262 PMIOPC #115₹6 Lakhs₹1,650
July 263:30 PMMonster Stack₹5 Lakhs₹880
July 265 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 1H"NA₹11,000
July 268 PMSunday Superstack₹60 Lakhs₹5,500
July 269 PMDestiny - IOPC Edition SNG₹5 LakhsNA
July 269:30 PMIOPC #119₹6.5 Lakhs₹1,100
July 2610 PMIOPC ME - The Crown "Day 2"₹3 CroresNA
July 2611 PMBig Daddy₹15 Lakhs₹2,200

The IOPC July edition boasts of a never-been-seen ₹25 Crores in prize pool guarantees, making it the biggest-ever online poker series in India to date! With buy-ins ranging from ₹550 to ₹1.05 Lakhs, the series offers a whopping 121 events. Whether you’re a low, mid, or high stakes player, there is something for everyone.

The centerpieces of the series will indubitably be the THREE Millionaire events!

– Millionaire United ₹1.5 Crore GTD (July 10-12)

– Millionaire Legends ₹2 Crore GTD (July 18-19)

– Millionaire Main Event – The Crown ₹3 Crore GTD (July 20 – 26)

First up will be the Millionaire United. With a buy-in of ₹7,700, the event will run from July 10 to 12. This is one of newer additions to the franchise, with the inaugural event crowning its first female Millionaire champion in Mahima Walia Das on March 29 for ₹21.93 Lakhs. The second edition was shipped by Arjun Pasricha on May 17 for ₹14.86 Lakhs.

Mahima Walia Das & Arjun Pasricha
Mahima Walia Das & Arjun Pasricha


Next on the line-up will be the Millionaire Legends, sporting the biggest buy-in among all three IOPC Millionaire events, worth ₹27,500. The tournament takes place from July 18 to 19 and comprises of three starting flights. The previous edition of the IOPC saw MBA and Chartered Accountant from Bhavnagar, Dhruvin Kothari, trounce a field of 980 entries to claim the Millionaire Legends title, along with a colossal ₹36.77 Lakhs payday!

Dhruvin Kothari
Dhruvin Kothari


The ‘Koh-i-Noor’ of the IOPC July edition is the Millionaire Main Event – The Crown. The Millionaire Main Event at the last IOPC in February featured a ₹3 Crores GTD and was won by Anurag Srivastava for a life-altering ₹60.34 Lakhs! This edition, Spartan Poker, has increased the guarantee to ₹3.5 Crores while keeping the ₹11,000 entry fees unchanged. The event will host eight starting flights from July 19, and Day 2 will begin on July 26. The player who ultimately wins this event will not only receive a real-life majestic crown but also win the bragging right of becoming the ‘champion of IOPC’!

Anurag Srivastava


This July edition will also have a smattering of all your favorite big-ticket flagships like:

– The Elite ₹60 Lakhs GTD and ₹45 Lakhs GTD (July 10, 17 and 19)

– Sunday SuperStack ₹60 Lakhs GTD (July 12, 19 and 26)

– Destiny ₹50 Lakhs GTD (July 15 and 22)

– PLO High Roller ₹45 Lakhs GTD (July 25)

– Ultron ₹40 Lakhs GTD (July 9, 16 and 23)

– Mega Stack ₹35 Lakhs GTD (July 14 and 21)


Other marquee events to watch out for will be:

– High Roller ₹1 Crore GTD (July 16) with a buy-in of ₹55,000

– Super High Roller ₹1 Crore GTD (July 23) with a buy-in of ₹1.05 Lakhs

Over the years, the IOPC has become one of the most popular online poker series in the country and with good reason. Spartan Poker has continually worked hard to bring bigger and better promotions to its loyal user base.

The prizes at the IOPC have also seen an exponential rise over time. In January 2019, the IOPC had boasted of ₹8.5 Crores in guaranteed prizes. In July, the same year, the guarantee was hiked to ₹11 Crores. The 2020 January edition offered more than ₹16 Crores in prize pool guarantees. The upcoming IOPC will be the biggest yet, with ₹25 Crores in prize pool guarantees!

PokerGuru caught up with the co-founder of Spartan Poker, Sameer Rattonsey, who elaborating about how the IOPC has developed over the years said, “It’s been an incredible journey since 2012 when we started the IOPC as a monthly freeroll series which awarded tickets to the IPC Live event in Goa. From there to now, where a whopping ₹25 Crores in guaranteed prizes is on offer, is a clear indicator of the growth of Indian poker. The series has always been about providing top value and as in the past, we expect this IOPC as well, to surpass its guarantee and continue to wear the mantle of India’s biggest online poker championship.”

So, this July, get ready for the BIGGEST online poker bonanza and keep following PokerGuru for more updates on the upcoming IOPC!

A typographical error in the article was corrected at 8 pm on June 18.

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