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Spartan Poker`s FTS 4.0 Will Be the Biggest-Ever, Cash Fiesta – FTS Edition Promises Rewards Galore

Final Table Series 4.0 & Cash Fiesta
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  • Namita Ghosh February 18, 2022
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For those of you suffering from the IOPC hangover, we have good news! Spartan Poker’s Final Table Series (FTS) is heading your way in March for a 10-day run! The FTS has traditionally been a follow-on series to the IOPC. Sure enough, following the footsteps of a guarantee-crushing 12th IOPC edition, the hugely popular FTS is returning with a bang.

Bigger than all the past FTS editions, FTS 4.0 will have the best poker players in the country vying for a share of ₹13 Crores in guaranteed prizes across 41 events from March 4 to 13.

There`s a lot more to play for this time around as the series comes laden with 11 more events as compared to FTS 3.0, and the prize pool guarantee has correspondingly been hiked by ₹1 Crore.

The India Poker Championship is the longest-running live tournament brand in the country. It has built a reputation for hosting some of the biggest and grandest poker tournaments in the country, and the FTS is one of its flagship online MTT properties. Launched in November 2020, the FTS was a trendsetter for the industry as it was the first one to introduce the concept of live-streaming of the final table of its marquee events.

Some of you might be disappointed to hear FTS 4.0 will not have the final tables live-streamed. However, the ‘Final Table’ USP will be very much alive as anyone who final tables any of the FTS events will collect points towards the FTS Leaderboard. There`s a jaw-dropping ₹30 Lakhs in leaderboard prizes to be won.

The Master Table, a well-received concept at the earlier FTS editions, will also be returning at FTS 4.0. The winners of all the 8 PM marquees, the FTS Supreme, and the FTS Main Event champion will converge for The Master Table on March 14 (9 PM). The ₹10 Lakhs prize pool will be distributed among the top three finishers, with the eventual champion banking ₹5 Lakhs.

If you want to grab free tickets to the series and are fond of playing cash games, then you’ll love the FTS-special cash game offering, Cash Fiesta – FTS Edition. An adaptation of Spartan Poker’s Game of Tickets (GOT), the Cash Fiesta makes a month-long run from February 14 to March 13. There are FTS tickets worth ₹4 Lakhs. Plus, ₹4 Lakhs in Cash Bonus along with other bumper prizes up for grabs for cash game players.

As always, the FTS 4.0 will have a packed schedule of Mega Satellites kicking off tomorrow i.e. February 19, with tickets worth ₹20 Lakhs-plus up for grabs. More information on the satellites and deposit offers will be updated here shortly.


FTS 4.0 Schedule

Date & TimeEventBuy-inGTD
March 4 @5 PMFTS#1₹1,100₹15 Lakhs
March 4 @7 PMFTS#2₹2,200₹14 Lakhs
March 4 @7 PMSupreme Day 1A₹8,800-
March 4 @8 PMFTS#3 - Friday Special₹11,000₹50 Lakhs
March 4 @9:30 PMFTS#4₹1,650₹13 Lakhs
March 5 @5 PMFTS#5₹880₹6 Lakhs
March 5 @7 PMFTS#6₹1,650₹9 Lakhs
March 5 @7 PMSupreme Day 1B₹8,800-
March 5 @8 PMFTS#7 - Saturday Special₹7,700₹40 Lakhs
March 5 @9:30 PMFTS#8₹2,200₹12.50 Lakhs
March 6 @3 PMSupreme Day 1C₹8,800-
March 6 @3:30 PMFTS#9₹1,650₹8 Lakhs
March 6 @6 PMSupreme Day 1D₹8,800-
March 6 @7 PMFTS#10₹1,100₹10 Lakhs
March 6 @8 PMFTS#11₹11,000₹50 Lakhs
March 6 @9:30 PMFTS#12₹1,650₹12.50 Lakhs
March 6 @10 PMFTS#12 - Supreme Day 2-₹1 Crore
March 7 @5 PMFTS#14₹550₹4.50 Lakhs
March 7 @7 PMFTS#15₹1,100₹6.50 Lakhs
March 7 @8 PMFTS#16 - Double Stack₹4,400₹25 Lakhs
March 7 @9:30 PMFTS#17₹1,650₹11 Lakhs
March 8 @5 PMFTS#18₹880₹6.50 Lakhs
March 8 @7 PMFTS#19₹1,650₹8 Lakhs
March 8 @8 PMFTS#20 - Challenger₹5,500₹35 Lakhs
March 8 @9:30 PMFTS#21₹2,200₹15 Lakhs
March 9 @5 PMFTS#22₹990₹6.50 Lakhs
March 9 @7 PMFTS#23₹1,100₹7.50 Lakhs
March 9 @8 PMFTS#24 - Big Game₹16,500₹70 Lakhs
March 9 @9:30 PMFTS#25₹3,300₹22 Lakhs
March 10 @5 PMFTS#26₹880₹7 Lakhs
March 10 @7 PMFTS#27₹1,650₹10 Lakhs
March 10 @8 PMFTS#28 - Monster Stack₹11,000₹55 Lakhs
March 10 @9:30 PMFTS#29₹4,400₹26 Lakhs
March 11 @5 PMFTS#30₹770₹6 Lakhs
March 11 @7 PMFTS#31₹2,200₹10 Lakhs
March 11 @8 PMFTS#32 - High Roller₹88,000₹1 Crore
March 11 @9:30 PMFTS#33₹5,500₹30 Lakhs
March 12 @5 PMFTS#34₹880₹ Lakhs
March 12 @7 PMFTS#35₹1,100₹5 Lakhs
March 12 @8 PMFTS#36 - Head Hunter₹16,500₹35 Lakhs
March 12 @9:30 PMFTS#37₹1,650₹9 Lakhs
March 13 @1 PMMain Event Day 1A₹35,000-
March 13 @3:30 PMFTS#38₹1,500₹9 Lakhs
March 13 @5 PMMain Event Day 1B₹35,000-
March 13 @8 PMFTS#39₹11,000₹50 Lakhs
March 13 @9:30 PMFTS#40₹3,300₹15 Lakhs
March 13 @10:30 PMMain Event Day 2-₹2 Crores


Tournament Attractions – What to Look For?

The FTS is known for its carefully curated tournament structures that deliver the thrills of playing a live tournament in a virtual avatar. FTS 4.0 seeks to bring back the same vintage feel with 10 marquee tournaments, including popular flagships like FTS – Challenger and FTS – Head Hunter.

The two multi-flight events – FTS Main Event and the FTS – Supreme headline the 41-event roster. Driving up the high stakes action will be the ₹1 Crore GTD High Roller.

The winners of the 8 PM marquees, FTS Supreme, and FTS Main Event will all sit down for The Masters Table, scheduled to start at 9 PM on March 14. The ₹10 Lakhs GTD prize pool will be distributed among the top three finishers, with the eventual champion banking ₹5 Lakhs.

Here is a list of the major attractions at FTS 4.0:

> FTS #13 Supreme ₹1 Crore GTD (Buy-in: ₹8,800): 4 Starting Flights – Day 2 on March 5, 10 PM

> FTS #41 – Main Event ₹2 Crores GTD (Buy-in: ₹35,000): March 13, 10:30 PM

> FTS #32 – High Roller ₹1 Crore GTD (Buy-in: ₹88,000): March 11, 8 PM

> FTS #3 Friday Special ₹50 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹11,000): March 4, 9:30 PM

> FTS #7 Saturday Special ₹40 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹7,700): March 5, 8 PM

> FTS #11 ₹50 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹11,000): March 6, 8 PM

> FTS #16 – Double Stack ₹25 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹4,400): March 7, 8 PM

> FTS #20 – Challenger ₹35 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹5,500): March 8, 8 PM

> FTS #24 – Big Game ₹70 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹16,500): March 9, 8 PM

> FTS #28 – Monster Stack ₹55 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹2,200): March 10, 8 PM

> FTS $36 – Head Hunter ₹35 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in ₹16,500): March 12, 8 PM

> FTS #30 ₹50 Lakhs GTD (Buy-in: ₹11,000): 2 Starting Flights – Day 2, March 13, 8 PM


FTS Leaderboard

Adding more oomph at the FTS 4.0 will be the leaderboard race that comes with a jaw-dropping ₹30 Lakhs in additional prizes. There will be stiff competition among players to make the final table at the series, as anyone who does so will collect points towards the leaderboard.

The top-10 ranked players on the FTS leaderboard will be eligible for prizes, with the leaderboard topper receiving ₹10 Lakhs. The #2 ranked player will collect ₹6 Lakhs while the #3 ranked player will receive ₹4 Lakhs.


NOTE: After the series concludes, the leaderboard prizes will be credited with 50% as Bonus Money and 50% as Power Bonus.

The leaderboard race at past FTS editions has been hugely competitive. The FTS 2.0 Head Hunter champion Pulkit Goyal had topped the FTS 2.0 Leaderboard, while Vinay Rajpal made it to the top of the FTS 3.0 Leaderboard.

Pulkit Goyal & Vinay Rajpal
Pulkit Goyal & Vinay Rajpal


All You Need to Know About Cash Fiesta – FTS Edition

Can’t wait a whole fortnight for the FTS to roll?! You can dip your feet in the FTS mania much before by joining the cash game action on Spartan Poker. The site has rolled out the all-new Cash Fiesta – FTS Edition, an upgrade to its Game of Tickets (GOT), and the Feb Fiesta promotion.

Cash game players across stakes can compete in the leaderboard challenge to win from ₹4 Lakhs in FTS tickets and ₹4 Lakhs in Cash Bonus by ranking on the High Stakes and Mid Stakes Leaderboards.

Moreover, leaderboard toppers can get their hands on bumper prizes like a BMW G 310 GS motorbike (earn 8,000 points in four weeks) or an iPhone 13 Pro Max (earn 2,300 points in four weeks).

The promotion will run weekly. All you have to do is to collect points to earn weekly rewards by collecting 1 Point for every ₹500 contributed in rake.


High Stakes Leaderboard

Applicable on NLHE and PLO – ₹200/₹400 and above, OFC – ₹200 per point and above

> Collect a minimum of 8,000 points in four weeks to qualify for bumper prizes.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes.

Cash Fiesta - FTS Edition High Stakes Leaderboard


Mid Stakes Leaderboard

Applicable on the NLHE and PLO – ₹10/₹25 to ₹100/₹200, OFC – ₹10 to ₹100 per point

> Total reward is the combined value of the FTS ticket and Cash Bonus.

> Collect a minimum of 2,300 points in four weeks to qualify for bumper prizes.

Here is a breakdown of the prizes.

Cash Fiesta - FTS Edition Mid Stakes Leaderboard


Mega Satellites to FTS 4.0

Mega satellites will run daily with one event each day, offering tickets for over ₹20 Lakhs. Take a look at the mega-satellite schedule:

Starting February 19, Spartan Poker will be also be hosting mega-satellite offering packages to the FTS 4.0, divided in three categories:


Ø FTS MS 1 – FEATURE: The feature package will give out nine tickets worth ₹94K offering entry into tournaments worth ₹4 Crores+.


Ø FTS MS 2 – MARQUEE: Will give out three tickets to tournaments worth ₹3 Crores including FTS – Supreme, FTS #32 High roller and Main Event Day 1A


Ø FTS MS 3 – REGULAR: Will give out 29 tickets worth ₹51,000 to 5 PM, 7 PM and 9.30 PM tournaments worth ₹3 Crores+.


FTS – A Brief History

Final Table Series was launched during the pandemic in November 2020 to give players the experience of playing a live tournament in an online avatar. The well-curated structures and massive value has made the Final Table Series one of the most awaited MTT events in the country.

No wonder some of the best and brightest poker players hold the distinction of winning the FTS Main Event. Past winners of the FTS Main Event include Arjun Pasricha (Won FTS 1.0 Main Event for ₹16.44 Lakhs), Young Gun Siddharth Karia (Won FTS 2.0 Main Event for ₹32.26 Lakhs), and PokerGuru Ambassador Ankit Wadhawan (Won FTS 3.0 Main Event for ₹33 Lakhs).

Arjun Pasricha, Siddharth Karia & Ankit Wadhawan
Arjun Pasricha, Siddharth Karia & Ankit Wadhawan


Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from Spartan Poker!

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