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Spartan Poker’s ‘The Millionaire’ Now Guarantees ₹20 Lakhs to the Champion!

The Millionaire
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis September 29, 2021
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There is no dearth of big guarantee tournaments at one of India’s leading online poker portals, Spartan Poker. The site has been known to always come out with the biggest MTTs, often with inclusive buy-ins. But its most popular tournament, hands down, is The Millionaire!

With Spartan Poker adopting a busy September schedule, first, with the Final Table Series 3.0, followed by the Ultimate Value Series (UVS), The Millionaire was put on a three-week-long hiatus. The mega tourney makes a grand comeback this week, with the ₹5,500 entry buy-in event guaranteeing ₹20 Lakhs to the eventual champion.

Starting on Thursday, September 30, The Millionaire is scheduled to run weekly with the same five starting flights as before. This highly-anticipated tournament will host starting flights at 7 PM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Sunday will have the site running the last two flights, starting at 4 PM and 6 PM, respectively. All the Day 1 survivors convene at 10 PM the same day to play down to a champion.

Thursday, 7 PMDay 1A₹5,500
Friday, 7 PMDay 1B₹5,500
Saturday, 7 PMDay 1C₹5,500
Sunday, 4 PMDay 1D₹5,500
Sunday, 6 PMDay 1E₹5,500
Sunday, 10 PMDay 2-

The buy-in for The Millionaire may seem out-of-reach for the small-stakes players and the recreational lot. Not to worry, as Spartan Poker is running daily satellites to the weekend flagship with buy-in starting as little as ₹330!

DayTarget TournamentBuy in (₹)Seat GTD
Monday, 4:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Monday, 10:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Tuesday, 4:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Tuesday, 10:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Wednesday, 4:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Wednesday, 10:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Thursday, 12:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A3305
Thursday, 1:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A33010
Thursday, 2:30 PMMillionaire Day 1A33015
Thursday, 4 PMMillionaire Day 1A33010
Friday, 12:30 PMMillionaire Day 1B3305
Friday, 1:30 PMMillionaire Day 1B33010
Friday, 2:30 PMMillionaire Day 1B33015
Friday, 4 PMMillionaire Day 1B33010
Saturday, 12:30 PMMillionaire Day 1C3305
Saturday, 1:30 PMMillionaire Day 1C33010
Saturday, 2:30 PMMillionaire Day 1C33015
Saturday, 4 PMMillionaire Day 1C33010
Saturday, 10 PMMillionaire Day 1E3305
Sunday, 10:00 AMMillionaire Day 1D3305
Sunday, 11 AMMillionaire Day 1D33010
Sunday, 12:00 PMMillionaire Day 1D33015
Sunday, 1 PMMillionaire Day 1D33010
Sunday, 2 PMMillionaire Day 1E33010
Sunday, 3 PMMillionaire Day 1E33015
Sunday, 4 PMMillionaire Day 1E33010


The Millionaire: A Proud Legacy

The Millionaire is arguably the most prestigious weekly tournament in the country today. The event was launched in 2016, with Manoj Pentakota winning the very first Millionaire title.

Manoj Pentakota
Manoj Pentakota


In the last five years, several established and upcoming names of the domestic circuit have shipped the Millionaire title, with Young Guns Anujkumar Kodam, Gaurav Sood, and Arsh Grover, along with Manish Lakhotia, Phanindra Akkina, and Yudhishter Jaswal winning the honor twice.

The flagship tournament has since become a part of several marquee MTT stops on Spartan Poker like the IOPC, with the site even launching a dedicated Millionaire Series last year.

Keep following PokerGuru for all the latest updates and promotions from Spartan Poker!

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