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Spartan Super Series Returns From Oct 21-27 With ₹4.3+ Crores GTD

Spartan Super Series
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  • Arpit Jain October 18, 2019
  • 2 Minutes Read

Spartan Poker is the undisputed market leader when it comes to hosting high-value online tournaments. With premiere offerings like the IOPC, The Millionaire, Two of a Kind, and Five for Five in its stable, the Spartan Super Series (SSS) is another marquee offering on the site.

It is for a reason Spartan Poker is considered the numero-uno platform for tournaments. They go all out in everything they do, and the Spartan Super Series is no different. The platform has hosted 21 editions of the SSS so far – accounting for 644 high–value tournaments and given away a mind-boggling ₹60+ Crores in prize money!

Guess What? The Spartan Super Series is returning for its 22nd edition on Spartan Poker later this month. The festive-special edition will be held from Oct 21-27, with 41 events that will offer a cumulative of ₹4.3+ Crores as guarantee, including ₹10 Lakhs as leaderboard prizes!


SSS Leaderboard Prizes



Now, if the above has piqued your interest, it may be worth noting that head lining the upcoming series will be the SSS The Millionaire.

The Millionaire boasts of a whopping ₹1 Crore guaranteed at a buy-in of ₹11,000! Running from Oct 25-27, the multi-flight Millionaire will host three starting flights – one each day, followed by Day 2 on Oct 27 at 9 pm.

Some other marquee tournaments at the series worth noting:

Oct 23 – SSS Destiny – ₹35 Lakhs GTD

Oct 24 – SSS Highroller – ₹50 Lakhs GTD

Oct 25 – SSS The Elite – ₹25 Lakhs GTD

Oct 27 – SSS Sunday Superstack – ₹30 Lakhs GTD


Deposit Code

Want a free ticket to play SSS The Millionaire?

Simply deposit 40,000 using the deposit code “MILL1A” and get a free ticket to the Millionaire Day 1A!


Spartan Super Series Complete Schedule

October 21112:00 PM₹80,000₹220
202:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
304:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
406:00 PM₹2,00,000₹660
508:00 PMRecharge₹14 Lakhs₹2,200
610:00 PMHi-Fi₹800,000₹1,650
October 22712:00 PM₹1,00,000₹330
802:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
904:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
1006:00 PM₹1,50,000₹880
1108:00 PMMega Stack₹20 Lakhs₹3,300
1210:00 PMHi-Fi₹8,00,000₹1,650
October 231312:00 PM₹50,000₹110
1402:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
1504:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
1606:00 PM₹2,25,000₹770
1708:00 PMDestiny₹35 Lakhs₹5,500
1810:00 PMHi-Fi₹8,00,000₹1,650
October 241912:00 PM₹65,000₹165
2002:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
2104:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
2206:00 PM₹2,50,000₹1,100
2308:00 PMHead Hunter₹12 Lakhs₹5,500
2409:00 PMHigh Roller₹50 Lakhs₹27,500
2510:00 PMHi-Fi₹8,00,000₹1,650
October 252612:00 PM₹1,50,000₹550
2702:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
2804:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
06:00 PMSSS The Millionaire 1Cr GTD Day 1A₹11,000
2908:00 PMTGIF₹12 Lakhs₹1,650
3009:00 PMThe Elite₹25 Lakhs₹11,000
3110:00 PMHi-Fi₹7,00,000₹1,650
October 263212:00 PM₹50,000₹110
3302:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,00,000₹2,200
3404:00 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
06:00 PMSSS The Millionaire 1Cr GTD Day 1B₹11,000
3508:00 PMMega Freeze₹7,50,000₹5,500
3610:00 PMHi-Fi₹6,50,000₹1,650
October 273712:00 PM₹1,30,000₹330
3802:00 PMAfternoon Showdown₹4,50,000₹2,200
04:00 PMSSS The Millionaire 1Cr GTD Day 1C₹11,000
3904:30 PMAfternoon Hi-Fi₹3,00,000₹1,100
4008:00 PMSunday Superstack₹25 Lakhs₹5,500
09:00 PMSSS The Millionaire 1Cr GTD Day 2₹1 Crore
4109:00 PMBig Daddy₹6,00,000₹1,650


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