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Steve O’ Dwyer Takes Down 2018 Master Classics of Poker €25K Super High Roller For €74,250

Steve O' Dwyer
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  • Namita Ghosh November 29, 2018
  • 2 Minutes Read

The 2018 Master Classics of Poker (MCOP) recently played out its €25K Super High Roller at the Holland Casino Amsterdam and it was Steve O’Dwyer (cover image) who took down the event for the winner take all€74,250 cash prize.

O’Dwyer was up against two other players, Patrik Antonius and Dutchman Stefan Wolzak in the event. He was shorter than both Antonius and Wolzak initially, but soon surged ahead. He knocked out Antonius to enter heads-up play with Wolzak and both players were nearly evenly matched in chips. After a slow series of hands, O’Dwyer pulled ahead and finally emerged victorious.

This is O’Dwyer’s second big score in the last fortnight. On November 14, he finished runner-up to Roger Teska in the $2M partypoker Caribbean Poker Party MILLIONS World and pocketed $1,300,000.

MCOP Amsterdam shared news of O’Dwyer’s win on it`s official Twitter profile.

Event Recap

The Sit-n-Go began after Antonius registered as the third player. Wolzak started off well in the beginning and scooped a big pot in Level 2 to enter the first break of the day with more than half the chips in play. He continued putting pressure on the other two opponents.

Soon however, O’Dwyer caught up, after eliminating Patrik Antonius. Holding pocket aces against Antonius’ king-queen suited, O’Dwyer 3-bet, prompting Antonius to 4-bet all in. O’Dwyer called quickly and kept ahead on the board. With Antonius hitting the rail in third place, O’Dwyer had only Wolzak to deal with.

The heads-up between Stefan Wolzak and O’Dwyer was initially slow and tedious, with most pots being won by a single continuation bet on the flop. O’Dwyer collected the first major pot after he hit a full house to run down Wolzak’s flush. Left with only 63 big blinds, Wolzak found himself struggling.

The final hand of the tournament saw Wolzak leading out for 600 from the button and O’Dwyer called to see the flop . O’Dwyer check-called a bet of 700 from Wolzak. A popped up on the turn and O’Dwyer checked again, while Wolzak led out for 2,800. O’Dwyer made the call to see the on the river. O’Dwyer checked once again to Wolzak who announced a bet of 4,500. Thinking for a minute, O’Dwyer moved all in, and it was now Wolzak’s turn to go into the tank. He finally called and O’Dwyer tabled for a backdoor flush, while Wolzak turned over . O’Dwyer was the undisputed winner and collected the €74,250 cash prize along with his maiden MCOP trophy!

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