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Balodhi is the First-Ever Millionaire Series Main Event Champion; Bansal, Malik, Negi & Taneja Champion the Other Sunday Marquees

Sunday Online Railbird Report
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis December 14, 2020
  • 14 Minutes Read

Spartan Poker’s inaugural The Millionaire Series is now in the books. Bringing the series to a grand conclusion was the ₹2 Crores GTD Main Event that crowned a winner in PokerGuru Ambassador Ashutosh Balodhi! The DIWALI RUSH Main Event champion also added a runner-up finish in the Millionaire Series#19 to his tally, cumulatively earning a jaw-dropping ₹35.68 Lakhs on Sunday!

Raghav Bansal, Rishab Malik, Ranjeet Negi, and Utsav Taneja shipped the other flagship tourneys.

So, without further ado, here are the highlights of the day!


Spartan Poker

The crowning glory of the inaugural The Millionaire Series, the ₹2 Crores GTD Main Event, finally found a champion in PokerGuru Ambassador Ashutosh ‘SpewMonkey’ Balodhi, who not only clinched his career-first Millionaire title but also banked a personal-best ₹34.24 Lakhs!

Ashutosh Balodhi
Ashutosh Balodhi


But first, let’s do a quick recap of the Main Event. The magnum opus had begun on December 11 and played out five starting flights through December 13, collecting a player pool of 1,924 entries. Only 267 stacks were carried forward to Day 2, of which 209 were unique entries.

Balodhi has been in cracking form over the past few months. He had shipped PokerStars India’s DIWALI RUSH-51 Main Event on November 29 for an impressive ₹9.22 Lakhs. Since then, he has FT-ed four more tourneys, including placing sixth in the Millionaire Series#7 on December 9 for ₹56,040. Balodhi was close to capturing two Millionaire Series titles in one day. He missed taking down the Millionaire Series#19, settling for a runner-up prize of ₹1.44 Lakhs. Balodhi wrapped up his Sunday outing with an overall score of ₹35.68 Lakhs, taking his recorded online earnings to ₹2.20 Crores.

Aryan aka ‘bob_marley’ finished runner-up in the Main Event for ₹19.08 Lakhs, with former Millionaire X5 champion Nitish ‘buttonclicking’ Gupta (3rd for ₹13.32 Lakhs), Ramesh ‘Dabidi_Dibide’ Pathipati (4th for ₹9.64 Lakhs), Rachit ‘Ganja_babe’ Soni (5th for ₹7.73 Lakhs), Tarun ‘MrSweets06’ Guwalani (6th for ₹6.16 Lakhs), Abhigyan ‘Zeigler’ Shukla (7th for ₹4.71 Lakhs) and Kiran Kumar Reddy ‘mannu2424’ Ainala (8th for ₹3.32 Lakhs) also posting FT finishes in the Sunday night extravaganza.

The other flagship tourney on Spartan Poker, the ₹40 Lakhs GTD Millionaire Series#18, registered an overlay of ₹1.35 Lakhs on the back of 773 entries. Ankit ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash took down the event for ₹6.46 Lakhs, following a heads-up deal with Garima lastmountain’ Sharma, who roped in ₹6.11 Lakhs.

We know that Balodhi secured the runner-up spot in the ₹12 Lakhs GTD Millionaire Series#19, but it was Mayank ‘$Magician$’ Makhija who came out on top to win ₹1.48 Lakhs after a five-way deal. Besides the two finalists, ‘ucallucry’ (3rd for ₹1.44 Lakhs), ‘Mr.Bojangles’ (4th for ₹1.44 Lakhs), and ‘shambolic794’ (5th for ₹1.33 Lakhs) also benefitted from the deal.

Mayank Makhija
Mayank Makhija



PokerStars India

The first of the two ₹15 Lakhs guarantee events to play out on PokerStars India yesterday was the ₹5,500 entry buy-in Sunday Special – Progressive KO. Commencing at 5 PM, the event pulled in 300 contenders to just about meet its proposed guarantee. Following eight hours of intense play, Ranjeet ‘Bedevilforyou’ Negi trounced the field and bested online reg Sagar ‘sagarpupull’ Choudhury (runner-up for ₹1.25 Lakhs) heads-up to claim the ₹2.51 Lakhs top prize. Negi also padded his bankroll with a ₹2.85 Lakhs payout, after placing third in Adda52’s Mega Suits. Negi frontlined the Sunday winners with total earnings of ₹5.37 Lakhs, vaulting across ₹1.16 Crores in recorded career winnings.

Ranjeet Negi


The other ₹15 Lakhs guaranteed tourney, the Sunday Highroller, began at 7:30 PM. A total of 124 participants ponied up the ₹11,000 entry buy-in, but it still wasn’t enough to avoid an overlay of ₹2.6 Lakhs. The tourney continued for almost seven hours, and in the end, Avijit ‘SwangoRay’ Jaiswal came out on top to win ₹2.70 Lakhs. The Sunday night score has pushed his online tally across ₹1.63 Crores.

Avijit Jaiswal
Avijit Jaiswal


Young Gun Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover has occupied the #2 spot on the yearly leaderboard for 15 weeks straight. He cemented his position further by banking a runner-up payout of ₹3 Lakhs in the Sunday Highroller, following a heads-up chop with Jaiswal. He also final tabled the Sunday Special, placing fifth for ₹93,680, raking in a cumulative ₹3.94 Lakhs for the day.

Arsh Grover
Arsh Grover


Besides the Sunday Special, the other tourney awarding TLB points for the PokerStars India ‘Star of the Month’ – December race was the ₹1 Lakh GTD Supersonic. The event attracted 84 entries, overlaying ₹16,000. Sandeep ‘effuno007’ Varma shipped the tourney for ₹24,341, defeating the Sunday Storm champion ‘muttonmm,’ who pocketed a second-place payday of ₹18,183.

Sandeep Varma RS
Sandeep Varma RS


For complete details on the ‘Star of the Month’ promotion and the latest leaderboard standings, visit the promotions page.



Leading the charge on Adda52 was the ₹30 Lakhs GTD Mega Suits that drew in 543 entries, resulting in a sizable ₹2.85 Lakhs overlay. The tournament played out from 7:30 PM to 4:40 AM, and saw Raghav ‘balugawhale’ Bansal navigating his way to the top. Bansal outlasted Navin ‘kutkut69A’ Bohania (runner-up for ₹4.20 Lakhs) heads-up to claim the title and winner’s paycheque worth ₹7.20 Lakhs, crossing the benchmark ₹3 Crore-mark in annual earnings.

Raghav Bansal
Raghav Bansal


An experienced MTT professional, Bansal, was in superb form last month and topped the November leaderboard. He had bagged two WPT trophies in the WPT Big Game and the WPT Thursday Feature respectively last month and finished runner-up in IPC’s FTS Highroller for ₹20.78 Lakhs. He began December in style by taking down Adda52’s Godfather on December 10 for ₹6.52 Lakhs. Bansal presently has ₹3.73 Crores in lifetime online winnings.

Meanwhile, Rishab ‘rish1994’ Malik raced past a player pool of 241 entries in the ₹25 Lakhs GTD Adda52 Millions. The ₹11,000 entry buy-in tourney overlayed ₹90,000, and Malik netted the ₹6.86 Lakhs up-top. With this win, Malik’s online earnings have now touched ₹1.64 Crores. Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma came in second for ₹4 Lakhs.

Rishab Malik
Rishab Malik


Another featured tourney on Adda52’s packed Sunday lineup was the ₹12.5 Lakhs GTD Big Slick. A turnout of 524 entries resulted in a prize pool collection of ₹12.49 Lakhs, and Young Gun Kanchan ‘thandicoke’ Sharma locked horns with PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha for the top honors. Eventually, it was Sharma who walked away with the ₹2.34 Lakhs first-place cash prize. Chadha bagged a second-place payout of ₹1.72 Lakhs.

Kanchan Sharma
Kanchan Sharma


Kanchan Sharma had finished runner-up in Spartan Poker’s Millionaire Series#13 on December 11 and has recorded online winnings worth ₹1.83 Crores. Chadha had finished third in Millionaire Series#8 on December 9. His overall online score stands at ₹5.43 Crores.



The ₹25 Lakhs GTD BSS SuperStack kicked off at 7 PM, and by the time the late registrations were closed, the event had locked in 491 entrants. Nevertheless, the ₹5,500 entry buy-in tourney still fell ₹45,000 short of reaching the break-even point. Well-known online player Utsav ‘ranny006’ Taneja championed the event for ₹4.86 Lakhs, just as ‘kidbuu’ finished runner-up for ₹3.41 Lakhs. Taneja’s last title win had come in PokerBaazi’s Wednesday MegaStack on December 2. With this win, he has made it across ₹1.46 Crores in online winnings.

Utsav Taneja
Utsav Taneja


The first of two ₹5 Lakhs GTD events on PokerBaazi yesterday was the BSS Monster 6-Max. The tourney ran from 5 PM to 9:15 PM, and Priyank ‘Piko1432’ Kothari trounced the 225-entry field to win ₹1.33 Lakhs in first-place prize money. Kapil ‘Spady’ Arora settled for a runner-up finish worth ₹93,280.

Priyank Kothari
Priyank Kothari


Starting off at 8 PM was the second ₹5 Lakhs GTD event of the night, the BSS MegaStack. The event wrangled in 189 entries, overlaying ₹27,500. Play continued till 2:46 AM and ended only after Ashish ‘Imgabru’ Kumar was crowned the champion. Kumar took home ₹1.21 Lakhs, while Anish ‘THENUTS’ Suri received ₹84,650 for his runner-up finish.

Ashish Kumar
Ashish Kumar




To celebrate 2 years of poker operations, Pocket52 had announced the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Birthday Bash Freeroll that played out last night. The event clocked in 4,000 entries, and only 92 runners finished ITM. Topping the field was mystery user ‘nobomi1,’ who won ₹85,000. Runner-up ‘kiraL’ was awarded ₹62,500 for their efforts.

The other Sunday winners were:

PlayerPrize MoneyEventPoker Site
Shashank ‘IndianRat’ Desai₹1.17 LakhsHurricane ₹4.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
nobomi1₹85,000Birthday Bash Freeroll ₹5 Lakhs GTDPocket52
Reverse88₹46,000Big Bang ₹1 Lakh GTDKhelo365
Dhiru006₹37,141Ultimate DST 1.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
abbey4u₹30,991Ultrasonic ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
muttonmm₹29,486Sunday Storm ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Sandeep 'effuno007' Varma RS₹24,341Supersonic ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Pratik 'pratspratik' Doshi₹23,422Sunday Warm-up ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
GKReddy₹18,105Dominator ₹50K GTDKhelo365
Sandhiya1122₹12,900Rivered PLO ₹30K GTDKhelo365
Madhai ‘Jesus’ Ghosh₹11,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
JonGregor₹6,880Grinder 2.0 ₹20K GTDKhelo365
Interstellar₹6,500Depositors Freeroll ₹25K GTDPokerDangal
Jayinfotech₹1,850Weekly Freeroll ₹10K GTDPokerDangal


Millionaire Series – Main Event ₹2 Crores GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 1,104

Re-entries – 318

Re-buys- 502

Prize Pool – ₹2,00,00,000

Places Paid – 263

Bringing the curtains down on Spartan Poker’s Millionaire Series on Sunday was the series’ most awaited tourney, the ₹2 Crores GTD Main Event. The event garnered 1,924 entries across five starting flights, the last of which, i.e., Day 1E, had a turbo run starting at 6 PM on Sunday.

A total of 267 stacks (Day 1A – 44, Day 1B – 39, Day 1C – 35, Day 1D – 61, Day 1E – 88) of which 209 were unique players, made it to Day 2. The action began at 10 PM on Sunday, and it took less than six hours for a winner to emerge.

Claiming the glory was PokerGuru Ambassador AshutoshSpewMonkeyBalodhi, who pocketed a colossal ₹34.24 Lakhs after beating Aryan Kumar aka ‘bob_marley’ (runner-up for ₹19.08 Lakhs) in heads-up play.

Balodhi, who has won titles like the Elite on Spartan, had closed out November on a winning note, after capturing the ₹50 Lakhs GTD DIWALI RUSH-51 Main Event for ₹9.22 Lakhs on November 29.

Last night, while he donned the champion’s hat at the Millionaire Main Event for his personal-best score to date, he also came strikingly close to winning the ₹12 Lakhs GTD Millionaire Series#19, where a five-way deal saw him pick a runner-up score of ₹1.44 Lakhs. In all, Balodhi now has worked up an online MTT scorecard of more than ₹2.2 Crores.

Former MoneyMaker champion Nitish ‘buttonclicking’ Gupta ran close to the title, eventually earning a third-place finish worth ₹13.32 Lakhs, while Rachit ‘Ganja_babe’ Soni (5th for ₹7.73 Lakhs) also FT-ed the event.

Ramesh ‘Dabidi_Dibide’ Pathipati (4th for ₹9.64 Lakhs), Rachit ‘Ganja_babe’ Soni (5th for ₹7.73 Lakhs), Tarun ‘MrSweets06’ Guwalani (6th for ₹6.16 Lakhs), Abhigyan ‘Zeigler’ Shukla (7th for ₹4.71 Lakhs) and Kiran Kumar Reddy ‘mannu2424’ Ainala (8th for ₹3.32 Lakhs) were the other players who FTed the tourney.

Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaneni (9th for ₹2.70 Lakhs), Vikranth ‘borntrouble’ Varma (10th for ₹2.24 Lakhs), Sagar ‘StrangeplayChoudhury (12th for ₹2.15 Lakhs), Rajat ‘raso009’ Sood (13th for ₹1.89 Lakhs), Apratim checm@teSharma (14th for ₹1.83 Lakhs), Guruprasad DONKAKING’ Gupta (16th for ₹1.49 Lakhs), PokerGuru Ambassador Arjnveer Singh bazzingaaChadha (17th for ₹1.93 Lakhs), and Chirag ‘chilling’ Sodha (20th for ₹1.29 Lakhs) were among the other known players who ran deep in the event.

Final Table Results

  1. Ashutosh ‘SpewMonkey’ Balodhi – ₹34,24,000
  2. Aryan bob_marley Kumar – ₹19,08,000
  3. Nitish ‘buttonclicking’ Gupta – ₹13,32,000
  4. Ramesh ‘Dabidi_Dibide’ Pathipati – ₹9,64,000
  5. Rachit ‘Ganja_babe’ Soni – ₹7,73,000
  6. Tarun ‘MrSweets06’ Guwalani – ₹6,16,800
  7. Abhigyan ‘Zeigler’ Shukla – ₹4,71,400
  8. Kiran Kumar Reddy ‘mannu2424’ Ainala – ₹3,32,600


Millionaire Series#18 ₹40 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 378

Re-entries – 142

Re-buys – 253

Prize Pool – ₹40,00,000

Places Paid – 71

The ₹40 Lakhs GTD Millionaire Series#18 drew 773 runners (378 unique, 142 re-entries, and 253 re-buys). With each of them shelling out 5,500 to sign up, the tourney registered an overlay of ₹1.35 Lakhs.

Nonetheless, the final 71 players boarded the money bus. The tourney soon wrapped up after the last two contenders agreed on a heads-up deal that saw Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash capture the title for ₹6.46 Lakhs, with Garima lastmountain’ Sharma placing second for ₹6.11 Lakhs.

Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain (4th for ₹2.74 Lakhs), Chandan ‘Meme lover’ Arora (5th for ₹2.15 Lakhs) and Haider ‘Callmebabe’ Madraswala (7th for ₹1.22 Lakhs) also FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Ankit ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Omprakash – ₹6,46,840*
  2. Garima ‘lastmountain’ Sharma – ₹6,11,560*
  3. rounders_fish – ₹3,48,400
  4. Paras ‘AAKKQQJJ’ Jain – ₹2,74,400
  5. Chandan ‘Meme lover’ Arora – ₹2,15,600
  6. Bahubali2002 – ₹1,68,400
  7. Haider ‘Callmebabe’ Madraswala – ₹1,22,800
  8. misamvasr – ₹88,400

*denotes heads-up deal


Mega Suits 30 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 284

Re-entries – 259

Prize Pool – ₹30,00,000

Places Paid – 55

Adda52’s ₹30 Lakhs GTD Mega Suits experienced an overlay shortfall of ₹2.85 Lakhs after 543 hopefuls signed-up for ₹5,500. The top 55 places boarded the money bus.

After more than nine hours of intense action, Delhi-based MTT pro Raghav Bansal claimed his second flagship title of the week by championing the tourney for ₹7.20 Lakhs. With this score, Bansal has crossed the ₹3 Crore-mark in recorded earnings for the year!

Navin ‘kutkut69A’ Bohania finished runner-up for ₹4.20 Lakhs.

The other notables who FT-ed the tourney included Ranjeet ‘rj147’ Negi (3rd for ₹2.85 Lakhs), Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari (4th for ₹2.25 Lakhs), Shashank ‘felter’ Jain (5th for ₹1.50 Lakhs), Meherzad ‘sailaway’ Munsaf (6th for ₹1.05 Lakhs), Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma (7th for ₹75,000), and Nishaanth ‘superdeluxe’ Shanmughasundaram (8th for ₹60,000).

Final Table Results

  1. Raghav ‘balugawhale’ Bansal – ₹7,20,000
  2. Navin ‘kutkut69A’ Bohania – ₹4,20,000
  3. Ranjeet ‘rj147’ Negi – ₹2,85,000
  4. Gaurav ‘zillastar’ Bhandari – ₹2,25,000
  5. Shashank ‘felter’ Jain – ₹1,50,000
  6. Meherzad ‘sailaway’ Munsaf – ₹1,05,000
  7. Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma – ₹75,000
  8. Nishaanth ‘superdeluxe’ Shanmughasundaram – ₹60,000


Adda52 Millions 25 Lakhs GTD Adda52

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 137

Re-entries – 104

Prize Pool – ₹25,00,000

Places Paid – 24

Adda52 laid out a power-packed lineup of Sunday tourneys, and offering the second biggest prize pool at the site was the ₹25 Lakhs GTD Adda52 Millions. The ₹11,000 entry buy-in tourney attracted 241 entries, overlaying ₹90,000.

The former EndBoss finalist, Rishab ‘rish1994’ Malik, decimated the competition to win a personal-best (on Adda52) ₹6.86 Lakhs. This happens to be Malik’s second-title victory in the last three days; he had won PokerStars India’s Battle Royale on December 10 for ₹1.45 Lakhs. Malik’s lifetime MTT scores have now surpassed ₹1.64 Crores.

Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma placed runner-up in the event for ₹4 Lakhs. Sharma posted a second FT score in the site’s Mega Suits event, placing seventh for ₹75,000.

The final table also included Kunal ‘kunalpatni’ Patni (4th for ₹2.15 Lakhs), Arjunn HaanMeinFlipHoon Agrawal (6th for ₹1.06 Lakhs), and Raman thuscame Gujral (7th for ₹81,250).

Runner-up Vaibhav Sharma
Runner-up Vaibhav Sharma


Final Table Results

  1. Rishab ‘rish1994’ Malik – ₹6,86,250
  2. Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma – ₹4,00,000
  3. aceofspace – ₹3,00,000
  4. Kunal ‘kunalpatni’ Patni – ₹2,15,000
  5. XXX2837 – ₹1,50,000
  6. Arjunn ‘HaanMeinFlipHoon’ Agrawal – ₹1,06,250
  7. Raman ‘thuscame’ Gujral – ₹81,250
  8. acceleration – ₹62,500


BSS SuperStack 25 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 252

Re-entries – 239

Prize Pool – ₹25,00,000

Places Paid – 63

PokerBaazi’s Sunday signature tourney, the ₹25 Lakhs GTD BSS SuperStack, drew 491 runners (252 unique and 239 re-entries), falling nine entries short of its listed 500-entry guarantee.

It was nearly 4 AM in the morning by the time the last hand of the tourney was dealt. Grabbing all the chips in play was Utsav ranny006’ Taneja, who locked horns with mystery player ‘kidbuu’ heads-up before taking home the lion’s share of ₹4.86 Lakhs. The latter netted ₹3.41 Lakhs for their runner-up finish. Taneja now boasts ₹1.46 Crores in lifetime online earnings.

Gadadhar ‘gd1921’ Behera (3rd for ₹2.19), Sandeep ‘effuno’ Varma RS (4th for ₹1.62 Lakhs), Siddharth ‘Siddonuts’ Pandey (5th for ₹1.22 Lakhs), Ankur ‘Stonecold’ Sehgal (6th for ₹97,500), Vinay ‘Vinstill’ B (7th for ₹81,250), and Harish ‘Harishguptha’ Guptha (8th for ₹64,750) were the other FT finishers.

Final Table Results

  1. Utsav ‘ranny006’ Taneja₹4,86,000
  2. kidbuu – ₹3,41,000
  3. Gadadhar ‘gd1921’ Behera – ₹2,19,000
  4. Sandeep ‘effuno’ Varma RS – ₹1,62,000
  5. Siddharth ‘Siddonuts’ Pandey – ₹1,22,000
  6. Ankur ‘Stonecold’ Sehgal – ₹97,500
  7. Vinay ‘Vinstill’ B – ₹81,250
  8. Harish ‘Harishguptha’ Guptha – ₹64,750


Sunday Highroller 15 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 77

Re-entries – 47

Prize Pool – ₹15,00,000

Places Paid – 20

The Sunday 7.30 PM tourney on PokerStars India, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD Sunday Highroller, attracted 124 runners (77 unique and 47 re-entries) after three hours 37 minutes of late registrations to post an overlay deficit of ₹2.6 Lakhs.

After close to seven hours of play, the ₹11,000 buy-in tourney crowned Avijit ‘SwangoRay’ Jaiswal as the champion for ₹2.70 Lakhs. This is the second time this year Jaiswal has won this tourney. Earlier, he had won the event on June 28 for ₹3.54 Lakhs. Jaiswal now has 92.28 Lakhs worth of yearly scores, and his lifetime annual scores have crossed ₹1.63 Crores.

Young Gun Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover, who had sattied his way to this event, received the lion’s share of the prize pool worth ₹3 Lakhs for his runner-up finish, courtesy of a heads-up deal. The #2 ranked player in the country, Grover, also final tabled PokerStars India’s Sunday Special PKO, placing 5th for ₹93,680.

DIWALI RUSH-51 Main Event fourth-place finisher Young Gun Ujjwal ‘CougarHunter69’ Narwal (4th for ₹1.56 Lakhs), Shashank ‘felterr’ Jain (5th for ₹1.15 Lakhs), DIWALI RUSH-54 Ultrasonic winner Kapil ‘racemonk’ Arora (7th for ₹63,346), and former IOPC Millionaire champion Anurag ‘GutshotHaiBro’ Srivastava (9th for ₹34,752) posted FT finishes.

Armaan ‘armaan007111’ Kochhar bubbled the FT in 10th place for ₹31,586.

Final Table Results

  1. Avijit ‘SwangoRay’ Jaiswal – ₹2,70,346*
  2. Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover – ₹3,00,414*
  3. theoldestkid – ₹1,80,232
  4. Anmol ‘Kaanchacheena’ Mehta – ₹1,33,658
  5. The Annihilator – ₹99,119
  6. Myron ‘khAAbib’ Pereira – ₹73,505
  7. Bharat ‘hzgod’ Kumar – ₹54,510
  8. assassin1528 – ₹40,424
  9. Abhijeet ‘sexylady7766’ Kumar – ₹35,733

*denotes a head-up deal


Sunday Special – Progressive KO 15 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 164

Re-Entries – 136

Total Prize Pool – ₹15,00,000

Regular Prize Pool – ₹7,50,000

Bounty Prize Pool – ₹7,50,000

Places Paid – 48

Poker Stars India’s ₹15 Lakhs GTD Sunday Special – Progressive KO logged in 300 contenders to precisely break even on its listed guarantee.

It took eight hours and three minutes of intense action for the 5 PM tourney to crown a winner. Ranjeet ‘Bedevilforyou’ Negi navigated his way through the reg-infested final table to win the title for a site-best ₹2.52 Lakhs (₹1,41,736 in prize money and ₹1,09,903 in bounties).

Negi also posted a second FT score yesterday, placing 3rd in Adda52’s Mega Suits for ₹2.85 Lakhs, raking in a cumulative ₹5.37 Lakhs for the day`s work! These scores have helped push his annual scores to ₹97.97 Lakhs, while his lifetime MTT scores are now ₹1.16 Crores.

The runner-up prize went to Sagar ‘sagarpupull’ Choudhury, who won ₹1.25 Lakhs (₹1,05,248 in prize money and ₹16,446 in bounties) for his efforts.

All the 48 ITM finishers received TLB points for the site’s “Star of the Month” – December leaderboard race.

The notables FT finishers included Young Gun Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover (5th for ₹93,680), PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh (6th for ₹43,250), and Shravan ‘lukBo$$13’ Chhabria (8th for ₹22,020).

Runner-up Sagar Choudhury
Runner-up Sagar Choudhury


Final Table Results (Including Bounties)

  1. Ranjeet ‘Bedevilforyou’ Negi – ₹2,51,639
  2. Sagar ‘sagarpupull’ Choudhury – ₹1,25,444
  3. raghav1990 – ₹1,29,111
  4. Boss_Sharma – ₹78,737
  5. Arsh ‘BiggggTymeR’ Grover – ₹93,680
  6. Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh – ₹43,250
  7. karansc111 – ₹49,075
  8. Shravan ‘lukBo$$13’ Chhabria – ₹22,020
  9. nikhilchaudhary – ₹20,139


Big Slick 12 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,500

Entries – 289

Re-entries – 235

Prize Pool – ₹12,49,989

Places Paid – 53

The ₹12 Lakhs GTD Big Slick pulled in 524 contenders to collect ₹12.49 Lakhs in the prize pool, and the top 53 places got paid.

The winner emerged in Young Gun Kanchan ‘thandicoke’ Sharma, who padded her bankroll by ₹2.34 Lakhs after outdueling PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha (runner-up for ₹1.72 Lakhs) in the heads-up confrontation.

Pradip ‘Nit2Donk’ Ghosh (5th for ₹67,781), and Karan ‘gogikaran’ Malhotra (6th for ₹49,683) also FT-ed the tourney.

Runner-up Arjanveer Singh Chadha
Runner-up Arjanveer Singh Chadha


Final Table Results

  1. Kanchan ‘thandicoke’ Sharma – ₹2,34,801
  2. Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha – ₹1,72,108
  3. sunydeep79 – ₹1,26,155
  4. purvisanghavi – ₹92,471
  5. Pradip ‘Nit2Donk’ Ghosh – ₹67,781
  6. Karan ‘gogikaran’ Malhotra – ₹49,683
  7. amit15893 – ₹36,418
  8. TeamFromHel – ₹26,694


Millionaire Series#19 12 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 194

Re-entries – 62

Re-buys – 137

Prize Pool – ₹12,00,000

Places Paid – 31

The ₹12 Lakhs GTD Millionaire Series#19 pulled in 393 entries to witness a shortfall of ₹21,000 for the site to fill. After six hours and 39 minutes of play, the top five finishers decided to chop the prize money and end the proceedings. This resulted in Mayank ‘$Magician$’ Makhija taking down the title for ₹1.48 Lakhs.

PokerGuru Ambassador and the Millionaire Series Main Event winner Ashutosh ‘SpewMonkey’ Balodhi (runner-up for ₹1.47 Lakhs), ‘ucallucry’ (third for ₹1.45 Lakhs), ‘Mr.Bojangles’ (fourth for ₹1.44 Lakhs), and ‘shambolic794’ (5th for ₹1.34 Lakhs) also banked top paydays through the deal.

Kanav ‘SneakyBlinders’ Parwal (6th for ₹58,680) and Guruprasad ‘DONKAKING’ Gupta (7th for ₹42,840) were others who FT-ed the event.

Final Table Results

  1. Mayank ‘$Magician$’ Makhija – ₹1,48,096*
  2. Ashutosh ‘SpewMonkey’ Balodhi – ₹1,46,905*
  3. ucallucry – ₹1,44,655*
  4. Mr.Bojangles – ₹1,44,456*
  5. shambolic794 – ₹1,33,590*
  6. Kanav ‘SneakyBlinders’ Parwal – ₹58,680
  7. Guruprasad ‘DONKAKING’ Gupta – ₹42,840
  8. mndka – ₹31,320

*denotes a five-way deal


BSS Monster 6-Max 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 122

Re-entries – 104

Prize Pool – ₹5,65,000

Places Paid – 27

The 6-Max BSS Monster collected a guarantee-smashing ₹5.65 Lakhs prize pool on the back of 226 contenders.

MTT reg Priyank Piko1432’ Kothari outran the field to win ₹1.33 Lakhs, just as Kapil ‘Spady’ Arora came in second, adding 93,280 to his bankroll.

Anirban D ‘pottysingh’ Das (3rd for ₹60,000), Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla (4th for ₹44,410), and Ajoy ‘ajoy94’ Bala (6th for ₹26,670) also FT-ed the tourney.

Runner-up Kapil Arora
Runner-up Kapil Arora


Final Table Results

  1. Priyank ‘Piko1432’ Kothari₹1,33,000
  2. Kapil ‘Spady’ Arora – ₹93,280
  3. Anirban D ‘pottysingh’ Das – ₹60,000
  4. Harsh ‘100crdream’ Dembla – ₹44,410
  5. AlwaysAhead – ₹33,340
  6. Ajoy ‘ajoy94’ Bala – ₹26,670


BSS MegaStack 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 109

Re-entries – 80

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 24

PokerBaazi`s ₹5 Lakhs GTD BSS MegaStack got hit by an overlay shortfall of ₹27,500 after clocking in 189 entrants.

Ashish Imgabru’ Kumar was the last player standing in the tourney and won ₹1.21 Lakhs after besting Anish ‘THENUTS’ Suri heads-up. Suri earned ₹84,650 for finishing second.

Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor (3rd for ₹54,400), Pratibh ‘pratibhsaluja’ Saluja (5th for ₹30,250), Pawan ‘Pawan46’ S (6th for ₹24,200), and Prabhat Kiran ‘Miracle’ Mukherjea (7th for ₹20,100) FT-ed the tourney.

Runner-up Anish Suri
Runner-up Anish Suri


Final Table Results

  1. Ashish ‘Imgabru’ Kumar₹1,21,000
  2. Anish ‘THENUTS’ Suri – ₹84,650
  3. Karan ‘mslpmfrt’ Kapoor – ₹54,400
  4. MasterBet10 – ₹40,300
  5. Pratibh ‘pratibhsaluja’ Saluja – ₹30,250
  6. Pawan ‘Pawan46’ S – ₹24,200
  7. Prabhat Kiran ‘Miracle’ Mukherjea – ₹20,100
  8. Apocalypto – ₹16,100


Birthday Bash Freeroll 5 Lakhs GTD – Pocket52

Buy-in – 0

Entries – 4000

Re-entries – 4

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 92

Pocket52’s celebrated its 2nd birthday with a mega free poker tournament, the ₹5 Lakhs GTD Birthday Bash Freeroll, that brought in a whopping 4,004 entries.

‘nobomi1’ was the last player standing in the tourney and added ₹85,000 to their poker bankroll. The runner-up prize of ₹62,500 went to the anonymous ‘kiraL.’

Ramesh ‘BoltaPopat’ Vishawakarma placed fifth for ₹17,500.

Final Table Results

  1. nobomi1 – ₹85,000
  2. kiraL – ₹62,500
  3. Azing – ₹40,000
  4. chevpoke – ₹27,500
  5. Ramesh