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Devrat Singh, Alok Birewar, Myron Pereira, Armaan Kochhar & Manish Gandhi Lock in the Big Sunday Scores

Sunday Online Railbird Report
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 22, 2021
  • 8 Minutes Read

It was a blockbuster Sunday with not just Spartan Poker’s third Millionaire tourney of February declaring a champion, but also Adda52’s Full House making a comeback. While both events suffered overlays, as did many of the other marquees, the action was indubitably electrifying as some of the most recognizable faces of the domestic circuit banked top scores.

Devrat Singh booked the single-biggest payout of the day after shipping the Full House Finale for a personal-best ₹21 Lakhs! He added another ₹26,616 to his bankroll through a runner-up finish in the Ultimate DST, raking in ₹21.26 Lakhs. Myron Pereira (runner-up for ₹14.30 Lakh) and Manish Gandhi (3rd for ₹9 Lakhs) were the other podium finishers in the Full House.

Seasoned pro Alok Birewar was the other player who hit the Sunday jackpot after clinching his first-ever Millionaire title for a career-best ₹16.97 Lakh. Armaan Kochhar finished runner-up. Kochhar had carried multiple stacks to Day 2 and ended up posting two more scores, collecting ₹9.60 Lakhs overall.

Shagun Jain (won Adda52 Millions for ₹6.86 Lakhs), Danish Shaikh (won PokerBaazi’s BSS#4 SuperStack for ₹4.15 Lakhs), and Parth Aggarwal (won PokerStars India’s Sunday Special Limited Edition for ₹2.87 Lakhs) championed the other Sunday flagships.


Spartan Poker

It was an action-packed Sunday on the Spartan Poker felts with the third ₹1 Crore GTD The Millionaire of the month crowning a champion in veteran pro Alok ‘Mazacar’ Birewar! The event logged in 1,967 entries across five staring flights, overlaying a marginal ₹1.65 Lakhs. The former WPT India Big Bounty winner tackled Armaan ‘space ace’ Kochhar in the heads-up battle to claim a career-best ₹16.97 Lakhs. Birewar now has ₹2.44 Crores in recorded online winnings.

Alok Birewar
Alok Birewar


Kochhar not only secured ₹9.40 Lakhs for his runner-up finish but having carried multiple stacks to Day 2, he also placed 188th for ₹10,700 and 252nd for ₹9,800, cumulatively earning ₹9.60 Lakhs.

Runner-up Armaan Kochhar
Runner-up Armaan Kochhar


The star-studded Millionaire final table featured the likes of PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘Donkey 07’ Munot (3rd for ₹6.54 Lakhs), Vinayak ‘haayegarmi’ Bajaj (7th for ₹2.35 Lakhs), and Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaeni (8th for ₹1.65 Lakhs).

The site’s signature Sunday tourney, the ₹30 Lakhs GTD Sunday Superstack, registered 920 participants, falling ₹2.40 Lakhs short of breaking even. Akshat ‘Akki47’ Doshi took down the event for ₹5.74 Lakhs, and Kunal ‘Pokachu’ Shalin came in second for ₹3.55 Lakhs.

Sriharsha Doddapaneni pulled out a dazzling Sunday night run with three FT finishes, collecting ₹4.62 Lakhs overall.

Sriharsha Doddapaneni
Sriharsha Doddapaneni


Ø 8th in The Millionaire for ₹1.65 Lakhs

Ø 4th in the Sunday Superstack for ₹1.98 Lakhs

Ø 6th in PokerBaazi’s ₹20 Lakhs GTD BSS#4 SuperStack for ₹83,220

The third ₹10 Lakhs GTD The Millionaire D’Lite of February also culminated last night. The ₹165 entry buy-in tourney dragged in 5,047 entries through seven starting flights, resulting in a deficit of ₹2.42 Lakhs. Bhavit ‘HarveyHomes’ Jain shipped the event for a personal-best ₹1.10 Lakhs, after a heads-up chop with Ram ‘H@ngman23’ Kakkar (runner-up for ₹1.09 Lakhs).

Bhavit Jain
Bhavit Jain


The ₹8 Lakhs GTD Money Heist saw two-time Destiny champion Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani race past the 231-entry field to grab the lion’s share of the prize pool worth ₹1.92 Lakhs. The IOPC The Millionaire champion had previously won this event on January 3 and presently boasts of ₹2.87 Crores in lifetime earnings. The event overlaid ₹1.07 Lakhs, and the top 20 runners received payouts.

Siddhanth Kripalani
Siddhanth Kripalani



PokerStars India

PokerStars India’s Sunday staple event, the Sunday Special, once again broke away from its usual PKO format to a Limited Edition format while still offering ₹15 Lakhs in guarantees. The ₹5,500 entry buy-in event clocked in 255 entrants, but it wasn’t enough to avoid a ₹2.25 Lakhs overlay. Parth ‘skilloverluck’ Aggarwal was the last player standing and cashed ₹2.87 Lakhs. Poker vlogger Raj ‘rsj75’ Shrestha Juneja came in second for ₹2.12 Lakhs. Aggarwal now has ₹88.23 Lakhs in lifetime earnings.

Parth Aggarwal
Parth Aggarwal


Sahil ‘inaboobham’ Mahboobani, who recently entered the 7 Crore Club” cashed ~₹2.50 Lakhs last night.

Sahil Mahboobani
Sahil Mahboobani


Ø 3rd in the Sunday Special for ₹1.57 Lakhs

Ø 7th Spartan Poker’s Sunday Superstack for ₹90,300

The other Sunday marquee, the ₹12 Lakhs GTD Sunday Highroller, commenced at 7:30 PM and ran till 1:39 AM. By the time the late registrations had closed, the event had gathered 111 entries, overlaying ₹90,000. The anonymous user ‘Mr.Blackeh,’ who had placed runner-up in Thursday’s ₹10 Lakhs GTD Highroller, came out on top to clinch the title and winner’s paycheque worth ₹2.66 Lakhs. A heads-up deal saw ‘irr786’ take home a second-place payout worth ₹2.16 Lakhs.

Besides the Sunday Special, the ₹1 Lakh GTD Sunday Supersonic also awarded TLB points towards the ‘Star of the Month’ February leaderboard race. The unknown user ‘pankaj_533933’ won the event for ₹23,748, while ‘Casanovoracle’ finished runner-up for ₹17,463.

For more details of the “Star of the Month” promotion and the latest leaderboard standings, visit the promotions page.



The ₹20 Lakhs GTD BSS#4 SuperStack was the star attraction on PokerBaazi on Sunday. The 7 PM event registered 413 entries, generating a ₹20.65 Lakhs prize pool. Ultimately, old-timer Danish ‘pagla’ Shaikh, a former PokerGuru team member, came out on top to win ₹4.15 Lakhs. PokerGuru Ambassador and the recent IOPC The Crown champion Laksh ‘boomtlt23’ Pal Singh settled for a runner-up finish worth ₹2.90 Lakhs. Shaik currently has ₹41.45 Lakhs in site-cashes, with ₹15.72 Lakhs in net profit. With this win, Singh has taken over the #1 position in the annual rankings.

Danish Shaikh
Danish Shaikh


PokerBaazi’s Grinders Series finally came to a close last night with the ₹10 Lakhs GTD Grinders#39 Main Event finding a champion in Saransh ‘saransh004’ Garg.

The player traversed a field of 687 entries to bank the most significant portion of the ₹10.31 Lakhs prize pool worth ₹1.90 Lakhs. Kiran ‘bhokalishiva’ Kakde pocketed ₹1.33 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

The two ₹5 Lakhs GTD events on PokerBaazi, the BSS#5 MegaStack, and the BSS#3 Monster 6 – Max also played out their usual run.

The BSS#5 MegaStack was won by Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam for ₹1.24 Lakhs. The event registered 178 entries, filling in ₹55,000 in overlays. Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta came in second for ₹87,150, but he more than made up for it by taking down the BSS#3 Monster 6–Max for ₹1.20 Lakhs. Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar placed runner-up for ₹84,650.



The ₹1 Crore GTD Full House Finale returned to the Adda52 felts this week. The ₹5,500 entry buy-in tourney garnered 1,892 entries via eight starting flights, experiencing a ₹5.4 Lakhs overlay deficit. After almost seven hours of play, online reg Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh was the last player standing, and he netted a whopping ₹21 Lakhs for his win! Besides netting his career-best score, Singh also finished runner-up in the Ultimate DST for ₹26,616, adding ₹21.26 Lakhs to his bankroll.

Devrat Singh
Devrat Singh


Myron ‘zzzzz369’ Pereira locked in the second-place payday worth ₹14.30 Lakhs, while Manish ‘poketacesaa’ Gandhi (3rd for ₹9 Lakhs) rounded out the top three places in the Full House.

Runner-up Myron Pereira
Runner-up Myron Pereira


Running from 9 PM to 5:40 AM, the ₹25 Lakhs GTD Adda52 Millions drew 238 participants, filling in ₹1.2 Lakhs in overlays. The Game Changer 2.0 champion and former ₹60 Lakhs GTD Grand Mega Suits winner, Shagun ‘Sogani94’ Jain, outran PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha (runner-up for ₹4 Lakhs) heads-up to capture the ₹6.86 Lakhs top prize.

Shagun Jain
Shagun Jain


The anonymous user ‘TheUndecided777’ ran past 458 entries in Adda52’s ₹12.5 Lakhs GTD Big Slick to clinch the title and top prize of ₹2.38 Lakhs. Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra booked the #2 spot for ₹1.74 Lakhs.

Runner-up Akshay Dhingra
Runner-up Akshay Dhingra


The other Sunday winners were:

PlayerPrize AmountEventPoker Site
defeated₹72,880Holdem Bash ₹2.25 Lakhs GTDAdda52
infinity_#2₹63,250Ultimate PLO ₹2 Lakhs GTDSpartan Poker
Aditya ‘konstantin’ Singh₹55,530BSS#2 Afternoon ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Rahul ‘chanakyax’ Bhura₹48,300BSS#6 After Party ₹2 Lakhs GTDPokerBaazi
Ajinkya ‘Yudhishthira’ Hire₹42,000Ragnarok ₹2 Lakhs GTDPocket52
Azhar777₹40,000BigBang ₹1 Lakh GTDKhelo365
rockstar2424₹35,982Ultimate DST ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Akash 'winman4' Arora₹27,051Sunday Punch ₹1.25 Lakhs GTDAdda52
Ashwinip4873₹23,836Ultrasonic ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
pankaj_533933₹23,748Sunday Supersonic ₹1 Lakh GTDPokerStars India
Akash ‘as5072828’ Sharma₹20,049Sunday Storm ₹1.5 Lakhs GTDPokerStars India
Azhar777₹18,000Dominator ₹50K GTDKhelo365
Reverse88₹12,900Rivered PLO ₹30K GTDKhelo365
KOHINOOR₹11,500Unravel ₹50K GTDPocket52
Taemin ‘taemin007’ Panu₹8,000Grinder ₹2.0 20K GTDKhelo365
glitch₹8,125Insomnia ₹30K GTDPokerDangal
RSS2001₹5,875Depositors Freeroll ₹25K GTDPokerDangal


Full House Finale 1 Crore GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries –1,147

Re-entries –705

Prize Pool – ₹1,00,00,000

Places Paid – 196

Adda52`s ₹1 Crore GTD Full House Finale drew 1,892 contenders (Day 1A – 138, Day 1B – 205, Day 1C – 173, Day 1D – 241, Day 1E – 193, Day 1F – 250, Day 1G – 219, and Day 1H – 433) across eight starting flights, posting an overlay of ₹5.4 Lakhs for the site to fill.

Day 2 began at 10:15 PM on Sunday with 197 unique survivors, of which 196 were assured a min-cash of ₹12,000. The anonymous user ‘sumit1989’ bubbled the tourney.

It took six hours and thirty-four minutes of play for Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh to navigate his way to the top, and he banked a career-best ₹21 Lakhs for his efforts. Myron ‘zzzzz369’ Pereira finished runner-up for ₹14.30 Lakhs.

Singh also finished runner-up in the Ultimate DST for 26,616. Singh’s annual scorecard reached 38.21 Lakhs after yesterday, while his lifetime tally has crossed ₹1.35 Crores.

Manish ‘poketacesaa’ Gandhi (2rd for ₹9 Lakhs), Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma (5th for ₹4 Lakhs), and PokerGuru Ambassadors Kartik ‘Pegasus1505’ Ved (7th for ₹2.15 Lakhs), Devvrat ‘glitch_d’ Arya (58th for ₹1.55 Lakhs) were among the FT scorers.

Final Table Results

  1. Devrat ‘vickypune’ Singh – ₹21,00,000
  2. Myron ‘zzzzz369’ Pereira – ₹14,30,000
  3. Manish ‘poketacesaa’ Gandhi – ₹9,00,376
  4. XXX2837 – ₹6,00,000
  5. Vaibhav ‘alienrobot’ Sharma – ₹4,00,000
  6. TheBigBangV2 – ₹3,00,000
  7. Kartik ‘Pegasus1505’ Ved – ₹2,15,000
  8. Devvrat ‘glitch_d’ Arya – ₹1,55,000


The Millionaire 1 Crore GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 994

Re-entries – 317

Re-buys – 656

Prize Pool – ₹1,00,00,000

Places Paid – 279

The third of Spartan Poker’s “FABuary” The Millionaire editions has crowned a champion! The tournament gathered 1,967 entries across five starting flights, registering an overlay shortfall of ₹1.65 Lakhs. Day 2 began at 10 PM on Sunday with 280 qualifiers that included 196 unique entries.

Laying claim to the coveted Millionaire title following six hours of play was Alok ‘Mazacar’ Birewar. Birewar, who had qualified from Day 1A, pocketed a career-best ₹16.97 Lakhs for the win after defeating Armaan ‘space ace’ Kochhar in heads-up play.

Birewar happens to be one of the earliest members of PokerGuru and is a very popular player in the domestic circuit. With the Millionaire title to his name, Birewar has boosted his recorded lifetime winnings to ₹2.44 Crores.

Online reg Armaan Kochhar picked up a runner-up score of ₹9.40 Lakhs. He cashed two other stacks – placing 188th for ₹10,700 and 252nd for ₹9,800 – to collectively earn ₹9.60 Lakhs in the event.

PokerGuru Ambassador Ashish ‘Donkey 07’ Munot (3rd for ₹6.54 Lakhs, 78th for ₹18,200, 121st for ₹13,200), Vinayak ‘haayegarmi’ Bajaj (7th for ₹2.35 Lakhs, 73rd for ₹18,200), and Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaeni (8th for ₹1.65 Lakhs, 104th for ₹15,600) were the other FT finishers.

Young Gun Kanchan ‘Midge Maisel’ Sharma (10th for ₹1.06 Lakhs), Kunal ‘NutsTodayBluffTomo Patni (12th for ₹94,400), Chandan ‘Meme lover’ Arora (13th for ₹94,400), Vaibhav ‘Nikka Zaildar’ Sharma (14th for ₹84,400), Shashank ‘westworld’ Jain (15th for ₹84,400), Guneet ‘GeeKay’ Kwatra (16th for ₹74,400), Dhirendra ‘dhiru91’ Kumar (17th for ₹74,400), Utsav ‘Dwight K Schrute’ Taneja (19th for ₹64,400) and Ankit Omprakash ‘ON_MY_MAC’ Bajaj (20th for ₹1.04 Lakhs) were the other prominent players who ran deep in the event.

Final Table Results

  1. Alok ‘Mazacar’ Birewar – ₹16,97,000
  2. Armaan ‘space ace’ Kochhar – ₹9,40,000
  3. Ashish ‘Donkey 07’ Munot – ₹6,54,000
  4. Tokio999 – ₹4,73,000
  5. borntrouble – ₹3,83,900
  6. vishalkumar1 – ₹3,07,800
  7. Vinayak ‘haayegarmi’ Bajaj – ₹2,35,300
  8. Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaeni – ₹1,65,900


Sunday Superstack 30 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 446

Re-entries – 177

Re-buys – 297

Prize Pool – ₹30,00,000

Places Paid – 87

Spartan Poker’s ₹30 Lakhs GTD Sunday Superstack had 920 entries joining the felts, overlaying ₹2.40 Lakhs. It turned out to be a long-drawn affair, and the 8 PM tourney found its champion at 5.49 AM today with Akshat ‘Akki47’ Doshi taking it down for ₹5.74 Lakhs. Kunal ‘Pokachu’ Shailin finished runner-up for ₹3.55 Lakhs.

Poker phenom Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaneni made three FT finishes yesterday but ran the deepest in the Sunday SuperStack, where he placed third for ₹1.98 Lakhs. He placed eighth in The Millionaire for ₹1.65 Lakhs while posting another 104th place finish for ₹15,600. Additionally, Doddapaneni added ₹83,220 to his tally for a sixth-place finish in PokerBaazi’s ₹20 Lakhs GTD BSS SuperStack. In all, he cashed ₹4.74 Lakhs last night.

Sahil ‘ImHighIshove’ Mahboobani (7th for ₹90,300) and Meet ‘gogobhai’ Jariwala (8th for ₹62,100) also final tabled the event.

Final Table Results

  1. Akshat ‘Akki47’ Doshi – ₹5,74,500
  2. Kunal ‘Pokachu’ Shailin – ₹3,55,302
  3. Madeleine – ₹2,53,602
  4. Sriharsha ‘Potato Player’ Doddapaneni – ₹1,98,000
  5. Shankar_Usha – ₹1,56,000
  6. Mr. Ace – ₹1,19,802
  7. Sahil ‘ImHighIshove’ Mahboobani – ₹90,300
  8. Meet ‘gogobhai’ Jariwala – ₹62,100


Adda52 Millions 25 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 138

Re-entries – 100

Prize Pool – ₹25,00,000

Places Paid – 24

The ₹25 Lakhs GTD Adda52 Millions pulled in 238 contenders to fall ₹1.2 Lakhs (12 entries) short of its posted guarantee.

Shagun ‘Sogani94’ Jain was the last player standing and defeated PokerGuru Ambassador Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha (runner-up for ₹4 Lakhs) heads-up to win ₹6.86 Lakhs. The runner-up Chadha now has ₹6.28 Crores in online winnings.

Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla (5th for ₹1.50 Lakhs) and Young Gun Anmol ‘anzzzzz’ Mehta (6th for ₹1.06 Lakhs) FT-ed the tourney.

Sumit ‘hammer_head’ Sapra bubbled the FT in 7th place for ₹81,250.

Runner-up Arjanveer Singh Chadha
Runner-up Arjanveer Singh Chadha


Final Table Results

  1. Shagun ‘Sogani94’ Jain – ₹6,86,250
  2. Arjanveer ‘arjan30’ Singh Chadha – ₹4,00,000
  3. terminator369 – ₹3,00,000
  4. PokerPunter01 – ₹2,15,000
  5. Pranay ‘setmeup’ Chawla – ₹1,50,000
  6. Anmol ‘anzzzzz’ Mehta – ₹1,06,250


BSS#4 SuperStack 20 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 221

Re-entries – 192

Prize Pool – ₹20,65,000

Places Paid – 54

The featured Sunday tourney on PokerBaazi, the BSS SuperStack, ran with a reduced ₹20 Lakhs prize pool guarantee. The event registered 413 contenders to breach the advertised guarantee by ₹65,000.

After eight and half hours of intense action, the former PokerGuru team member, Danish ‘pagla’ Shaikh, outlasted the competition, including a formidable heads-up opponent in IOPC – The Crown champion – PokerGuru Ambassador Laksh ‘boomtlt23’ Pal Singh – to win ₹4.15 Lakhs. Singh settled for ₹2.91 Lakhs for his runner-up finish.

Honey ‘ho9ey’ Bijlani (3rd for ₹1.87 Lakhs), Romit ’tilt83′ Advani (4th for ₹1.38 Lakhs), Pranjal ‘lilmessi’ Gandhi (5th for ₹1.04 Lakhs), last night’s multiple FT scorer Sriharsha ‘ivey2’ Doddapaneni (6th for ₹83,220) and Friday’s The Weekly HighRoller champion Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar (8th for ₹55,342) posted final table scores.

Runner-up Laksh Pal Singh
Runner-up Laksh Pal Singh


Final Table Results

  1. Danish ‘pagla’ Shaikh – ₹4,15,065
  2. Laksh ‘boomtlt23’ Pal Singh – ₹2,90,959
  3. Honey ‘ho9ey’ Bijlani – ₹1,87,089
  4. Romit ’tilt83′ Advani – ₹1,38,355
  5. Pranjal ‘lilmessi’ Gandhi – ₹1,03,870
  6. Sriharsha ‘ivey2’ Doddapaneni – ₹83,220
  7. Firstimer – ₹69,384
  8. Mohammad ‘chandlerbing’ Azhar – ₹55,342


Sunday Special – Limited Edition 15 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹5,500

Entries – 145

Re-entries – 110

Prize Pool – ₹15,00,000

Places Paid – 41

PokerStars India`s Sunday flagship, the ₹15 Lakhs GTD Sunday Special, once again taking a break from its usual Progressive Knockout format, ran as a non-PKO Limited Edition.

The tourney got hit by an ₹2.25 Lakhs overlay shortfall after 255 runners signed up to play, and the top 41 places boarded the money bus.

Racing past the competition after eight hours of action was former FTS Monster Stack third-place finisher Parth ‘skilloverluck’ Aggarwal, who netted ₹2.87 Lakhs. Raj ‘rsj75’ Shrestha Juneja finished runner-up for ₹2.12 Lakhs.

Sahil ‘inaboobham’ Mahboobani (3rd for ₹1.57 Lakhs), Shubham ‘backchod launda’ Agarwal (5th for ₹86,249), Akshay ‘powershell42’ Asawa (6th for ₹63,814), and Chirag ‘WhyworrY_56’ Sodha (9th for ₹29,526) FT-ed the tourney!

Runner-up Raj Shrestha Juneja
Runner-up Raj Shrestha Juneja


Final Table Results

  1. Parth ‘skilloverluck’ Aggarwal – ₹2,87,813
  2. Raj ‘rsj75’ Shrestha Juneja – ₹2,12,947
  3. Sahil ‘inaboobham’ Mahboobani – ₹1,57,555
  4. raghav1990 – ₹1,16,571
  5. Shubham ‘backchod launda’ Agarwal – ₹86,249
  6. Akshay ‘powershell42’ Asawa – ₹63,814
  7. thisisme16 – ₹47,214
  8. duryodhan22 – ₹34,933
  9. Chirag ‘WhyworrY_56’ Sodha – ₹29,526


Big Slick 12.5 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹2,500

Entries – 260

Re-entries – 198

Prize Pool – ₹12,50,000

Places Paid – 47

Adda52’s ₹12.5 Lakhs GTD Big Slick registered 458 entries to post a glaring ₹2.20 Lakhs overlay.

‘TheUndecided777’ outlasted the competition to win a personal-best (on Adda52) ₹2.38 Lakhs. Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra finished runner-up for ₹1.74 Lakhs.

The champion also finished runner-up in the Holdem Bash for ₹42,480, improving their earnings tally on Adda52 to ₹7.79 Lakhs (₹3.49 Lakhs in profits).

Arjun ‘beatthefish66’ Arora (3rd for ₹1.28 Lakhs), Abhiroop ‘Daniel90’ Gupta (4th for ₹93,589), Abhishek ‘abhisekchem86’ Mandal (5th for ₹68,601), PokerGuru Ambassador Nadeem ‘nadeem0021’ Basha (7th for ₹36,858), and Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg (8th for ₹27,017) FT-ed the event.

Final Table Results

  1. TheUndecided777 – ₹2,37,640
  2. Akshay ‘nofuchsgiven’ Dhingra – ₹1,74,190
  3. Arjun ‘beatthefish66’ Arora – ₹1,27,680
  4. Abhiroop ‘Daniel90’ Gupta – ₹93,589
  5. Abhishek ‘abhisekchem86’ Mandal – ₹68,601
  6. the_virus – ₹50,284
  7. Nadeem ‘nadeem0021’ Basha – ₹36,858
  8. Ayush ‘lazyman’ Garg – ₹27,017


Sunday Highroller 12 Lakhs GTD – PokerStars India

Buy-in – ₹11,000

Entries – 66

Re-entries – 45

Prize Pool – ₹12,00,000

Places Paid – 17

The ₹12 Lakhs GTD Sunday Highroller on PokerStar`s India experienced an overlay shortfall of ₹90,000.

The site regular ‘Mr.Blackeh’ came out on top to win ₹2.66 Lakhs following a heads-up deal with ‘irr786’ (runner-up for ₹2.16 Lakhs).

Notables like Young Gun Sahil ‘allezjuju’ Chutani (3rd for ₹1.51 Lakhs), Anirban ‘nocluewho’ D Das (5th for ₹83,240), Vikram ‘GreenSTUFF79’ Mishra (6th for ₹61,610), Shravan ‘lukBo$$13’ Chhabria (8th for ₹33,751), and PokerGuru Ambassador Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh (9th for ₹29,844) FT-ed the tourney!

Final Table Results

  1. Mr.Blackeh – ₹2,66,210*
  2. irr786 – ₹2,16,448*
  3. Sahil ‘allezjuju’ Chutani – ₹1,51,947
  4. The Annihilator – ₹112,463
  5. Anirban ‘nocluewho’ D Das – ₹83,240
  6. Vikram ‘GreenSTUFF79’ Mishra – ₹61,610
  7. callmebyurballs – ₹45,601
  8. Shravan ‘lukBo$$13’ Chhabria – ₹33,751
  9. Mithun ‘ThePokeRajaIN’ Mahesh – ₹29,844

*denotes heads-up deal


Grinders#39 Main Event 10 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹1,650

Entries – 452

Re-entries – 235

Prize Pool – ₹10,31,000

Places Paid – 81

Bringing PokerBaazi`s Grinders Series to a close was the ₹10 Lakhs GTD Grinders#39 Main Event. The event registered an impressive 687 runners (452 unique and 235 re-entries) to post a guarantee-crushing ₹10.31 Lakhs prize pool.

It took almost eight and half hours for the ₹1,650 entry buy-in tourney to find a winner. And holding all the chips in the play at the end was Saransh ‘saransh004’ Garg, who collected ₹1.90 Lakhs for his efforts! Kiran ‘bhokalishiva Kakde finished runner-up for an equally handsome ₹1.33 Lakhs.

Online regular Pratibh ‘pratibhsaluja’ Saluja (4th for ₹63,582) and Prince ‘NaNki’ Singh (8th for ₹25,350) FT-ed the tourney.

Final Table Results

  1. Saransh ‘saransh004’ Garg – ₹1,90,333
  2. Kiran ‘bhokalishiva’ Kakde – ₹1,33,450
  3. skbhai – ₹86,047
  4. Pratibh ‘pratibhsaluja’ Saluja – ₹63,582
  5. rahuladtiya – ₹47,609
  6. bigfish83 – ₹38,438
  7. Gaurav0406 – ₹31,842
  8. Prince ‘NaNki’ Singh – ₹25,350


The Millionaire D’Lite 10 Lakhs GTD Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹165

Entries – 2,999

Re-entries – 463

Re-buys – 1,585

Prize Pool – ₹10,00,000

Places Paid – 535

Spartan Poker’s high-value offering, the ₹10 Lakhs GTD The Millionaire D’ Lite, also played out its third edition of the month last night. The ₹165 entry buy-in tourney ran seven starting flights and registered 5,047 entries – filling in ₹2.42 Lakhs in overlays.

Sunday saw 556 advancing players – including 394 unique entries – returning for a shot at the title. Taking it down eventually was Bhavit ‘HarveyHomes’ Jain, who pocketed the ₹1.10 Lakhs up-top following a heads-up chop with Ram ‘H@ngman23’ Kakkar (runner-up for ₹1.09 Lakhs).

The final 535 spots got paid, and among the prominent players on the FT was Pulkit ‘MAAHI MAAREGAA’ Mehra (6th for ₹25,400).

Runner-up Ram Kakkar
Runner-up Ram Kakkar


Final Table Results

  1. Bhavit ‘HarveyHomes’ Jain- ₹1,10,079*
  2. Ram ‘H@ngman23’ Kakkar – ₹1,09,582*
  3. susant240 – ₹73,709
  4. Camero07 – ₹39,000
  5. YouKnowWho – ₹31,000
  6. Pulkit ‘MAAHI MAAREGAA’ Mehra – ₹25,400
  7. Ashley148 – ₹20,000
  8. khushikhushi – ₹15,000

*denotes heads-up deal


Money Heist 8 Lakhs GTD – Spartan Poker

Buy-in – ₹3,300

Entries – 110

Re-entries – 37

Rebuys – 84

Prize Pool – ₹8,00,000

Places Paid – 20

The former Game Changer champion, Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani, captured his fifth tourney title of the year in Spartan Poker’s Money Heist ₹8 Lakhs GTD. He won the tourney for the second time this year last night.

Kripalani padded his bankroll by ₹1.92 Lakhs last night after defeating PokerGuru Ambassador Shashank ‘reconnecting’ Desai (runner-up for ₹1.30 Lakhs) in the heads-up play.

The ₹3,300 entry buy-in event experienced an overlay of ₹1.07 Lakhs on the back of 231 entrants.

Bharath ‘hzgod’ Kumar (5th for ₹57,040) and Akshay ‘powershell’ Asawa (7th for ₹33,520 FT-ed the tourney.

Runner-up Shashank Desai
Runner-up Shashank Desai


Final Table Results

  1. Siddhanth ‘PluRibu$’ Kripalani – ₹1,92,000
  2. Shashank ‘reconnecting’ Desai – ₹1,30,400
  3. clinger01 – ₹86,000
  4. Daakudaddy – ₹71,040
  5. Bharath ‘hzgod’ Kumar – ₹57,040
  6. Baba27 – ₹44,720
  7. Akshay ‘powershell’ Asawa – ₹33,520
  8. Ak1011 – ₹24,800


BSS#5 MegaStack 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 102

Re-entries – 76

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 21

The former AOPS Main Event ₹2 Crores GTD champion Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam ran past a field of 178 entries in PokerBaazi’s ₹5 Lakhs GTD BSS#5 MegaStack to clinch the title and the ₹1.24 Lakhs cash prize. Alam defeated online regular and Friday’s Grinders#30 Highroller winner Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta (runner-up for ₹87,150) heads-up to claim the victory.

Mehta came close to winning his second BSS tourney on Sunday. He had earlier won the BSS#3 Monster 6 – Max for ₹1.21 Lakhs

Anirban ‘pottysingh’ D Das (3rd for ₹31,150), Dinesh ‘Daddu26’ Singh (5th for ₹31,150), Sameer ‘Killersam’ Tavanandi (6th for ₹24,900), and Pranav ‘pranavpoker’ Khandalkar (7th for ₹20,700) FT-ed the event.

Faiz Alam
Faiz Alam


Final Table Results

  1. Faiz ‘AilaGaya’ Alam – ₹1,24,350
  2. Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta – ₹87,150
  3. Anirban ‘pottysingh’ D Das – ₹56,050
  4. vr055 – ₹41,500
  5. Dinesh ‘Daddu26’ Singh – ₹31,150
  6. Sameer ‘Killersam’ Tavanandi – ₹24,900
  7. Pranav ‘pranavpoker’ Khandalkar – ₹20,700
  8. Scylla – ₹16,600


BSS#3 Monster 6 – Max 5 Lakhs GTD – PokerBaazi

Buy-in – ₹2,750

Entries – 118

Re-entries – 77

Prize Pool – ₹5,00,000

Places Paid – 24

The ₹5 Lakhs GTD BSS Monster 6-Max logged in 195 entries, falling a marginal ₹12,500 short of the listed guarantee.

Continuing his impressive run, the BSS#5 MegaStack runner-up Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta came out on top to win ₹1.21 Lakhs after eliminating the first-ever Game Changer champion Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar in heads-up play. The latter pocketed ₹84,650 for his second-place finish.

The other FT finishers included Rising Star Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna (3rd for ₹54,400), Ajoy ‘ajoy94’ Bala (4th for ₹40,300), and BSS#5 MegaStack fifth-place finisher Dinesh ‘Daddu26’ Singh (6th for ₹24,200).

Mohit Mehta
Mohit Mehta


Final Table Results

  1. Mohit ‘thejoker’ Mehta – ₹1,20,750
  2. Prashanth ‘Iveyleague’ Sekar – ₹84,650
  3. Ritwik ‘Ritwikkhanna’ Khanna – ₹54,400
  4. Ajoy ‘ajoy94’ Bala – ₹40,300
  5. haywire – ₹30,250
  6. Dinesh ‘Daddu26’ Singh – ₹24,200


Hurricane 4.5 Lakhs GTD – Adda52

Buy-in – ₹1,800

Entries – 139

Re-entries – 119

Prize Pool – ₹7,06,000

Places Paid – 27

Adda52`s ₹4.5 Lakhs GTD Hurric