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Jeju Red Dragon 2018: Tae Hoon Han Leads Main Event Final Table, Ya Ji Ren Wins ₩800K Knockout

Tae Hoon Han & Ya Ji Ren
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly December 9, 2018
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The 2018 PokerStars LIVE Asia Jeju Red Dragon is on it’s penultimate day with the record-breaking ₩2.2M Red Dragon Main Event now down to it`s nine-player final table. Leading the charge is the 2017 PokerStars Festival Korea Main Event Champion Tae Hoon Han who has accumulated a stack of 2,555,000. Not far behind are Zhenru Xie (2,460,000) and Qi Wang (2,165,000) as the top three stacks on the leaderboard.

Another event that formed its final table was the ₩3,600,000 NLH. From India, Young Gun Abhinav Iyer (89,000), Kalyan Chakravarthy (83,400) and Raghav Bansal (55,900) had made the cut for Day 2, but their runs ended before the money line was crossed. Wenqing Cai topped the final nine players and will begin the final day with 1,192,000 in the bag.

In other side events, the ₩800,000 Knockout attracted a field of 104 entries. Pocketing the lion’s share of the ₩52,000,000 prize pool, which also included an additional ₩20,800,000 in bounties, was China’s Ya Ji Ren. He banked ₩13,780,000 in prize money.

2.2M Red Dragon Main Event – Day 3

The Jeju Red Dragon Main Event is on it’s final day today. Of the 26 players who had started Day 3, only the final nine remained by the time the bags were brought out.

Taking pole position was 2017 PokerStars Festival Korea Main Event Champion Tae Hoon Han who amassed 2,555,000 in chips by the end of the day’s play. The only other players to cross the 2 Million mark were Zhenru Xie (2,460,000) and Day 2 chip leader Qi Wang (2,165,000).

Tae Hoon Han
Tae Hoon Han

Runners who enjoyed deep runs but came up short of the final nine included Lu Chen (10th for ₩20,840,000), Kevin Chi Ho Tse (11th for ₩24,520,000), Zhiqiang Qian (12th for ₩17,160,000), Tsz Fai Tong (13th for ₩13,490,000), Bingfu Huang (14th for ₩13,490,000), Wei Zhang (15th for ₩13,490,000), Jun Qian (16th for ₩10,420,000), Ziming Chen (17th for ₩10,420,000), Cangsheng Ni (18th for ₩10,420,000), Yinghan He (19th for ₩8,580,000), Yong Qiang Tian (20th for ₩8,580,000), Liang Xu (21st for ₩8,580,000), Hui Huang (22nd for ₩7,360,000) and Chi Chung Ho (23rd for ₩7,360,000).

The nine-handed final table will resume play later today.

₩2.2M Red Dragon Main Event Final Table
₩2.2M Red Dragon Main Event Final Table

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Tae Hoon Han – 2,555,000

2. Zhenru Xie – 2,460,000

3. Qi Wang – 2,165,000

4. Bin Di – 1,410,000

5. Zhibin Zhang – 1,300,000

6. Yuechun Shi – 700,000

7. Christopher Young Park – 650,000

8. Guangliang Xiao – 620,000

9. Ho Yuen Kwok – 420,000

3,600,000 NLH

Pulling in a total of 216 entries, the ₩3,600,000 NLH overshot its guarantee of ₩300,000,000 with a total prize pool collection of ₩721,600,000. The top 24 spots were assured a min-cash of ₩6,490,000, while the winner is set to receive ₩176,800,000 in first-place prize money.

Out of the 89 entrants who advanced to Day 2, Team India fielded a strong contingent which included the likes of Young Gun Abhinav Iyer (89,000), Kalyan Chakravarthy (83,400) and Raghav Bansal (55,900). Unfortunately, all three contenders hit the rail before the money line was reached.

Abhinav Iyer, Kalyan Chakravarthy & Raghav Bansal
Abhinav Iyer, Kalyan Chakravarthy & Raghav Bansal

However, some notables who did manage to finish in the money included the likes of Tsolmon-Erdene Ochir (12th for ₩12,630,000), Day 1 chip leader Tyler Jennens (16th for ₩9,020,000), Jack Wu (18th for ₩9,020,000), Shiqiang Lin (19th for ₩7,220,000) and Carson Wong (22nd for ₩6,490,000).

Andy Ying Kit Chan finished 10th for ₩14,440,000 and missed the final table by a whisker.

China’s Wenqing Cai (1,192,000) emerged as the chip leader and will lead the final nine on the final day today.

Final Table Chip Counts

1. Wenqing Cai – 1,192,000

2. Hao He – 1,075,000

3. Yuanjun Lu – 906,000

4. Liang Song – 741,000

5. Bi Zhao – 602,000

6. Yan Li – 376,000

7. Wei Jiao – 257,000

8. Tao Fan – 192,000

9. Takashi Ogura – 171,000

800,000 Knockout

The 17th event of the series pulled in 104 entries, creating a prize pool of ₩52,000,000, with an additional ₩20,800,000 being awarded in bounties.

China’s Ya Ji Ren took down the event for an impressive payday of ₩13,780,000, after besting fellow countryman Tiansheng Qi (runner-up for ₩9,360,000) in the final showdown.

Out of the 12 places that were guaranteed payouts, Zhuo Zeng (10th for ₩1,300,000), Jian Han (11th for ₩1,040,000) and Dashsodnom Enkhjargal (12th for ₩1,040,000) finished in the money but fell short of the final table.

Ya Ji Ren
Ya Ji Ren

Final Table Results (KRW)

1. Ya Ji Ren – ₩13,780,000

2. Tiansheng Qi – ₩9,360,000

3. Haiyang Yang – ₩6,240,000

4. Guoliang Wei – ₩4,940,000

5. Yunsheng Sun – ₩3,900,000

6. Lei Shen – ₩3,380,000

7. Jiawei Chen – ₩2,860,000

8. Hui Zhang – ₩2,340,000

While the ₩2.2M Red Dragon Main Event and ₩3,600,000 NLH are yet to play out their final tables, there still some interesting events left to watch out for including the ₩1,300,000 Deepstack (Shot Clock) with a guarantee of ₩100,000,000, the ₩1,800,000 Short Deck Turbo (Ante Only) and the ₩500,000 NLH Turbo.

Content & Images courtesy – PokerStars LIVE Asia

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