Team PokerStars Pro Aditya Agarwal’s Strategy Tips For Middle Stages in Tournaments

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  • Arpit Jain December 25, 2018
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India’s most decorated poker player, Team PokerStars pro Aditya Agarwal has a glittering poker career spanning well over a decade. With over $4 Million in online cashes and $1 Million in live cashes, Agarwal sure knows what he is talking about if the topic of discussion happens to be poker.

Agarwal is also a key contributor to PokerStars India`s training site, PokerStars School Online School and will be making regular video tutorials sharing poker tips for beginners on the PokerStars India Fan Page.

Continuing from his first strategy video on tips for early stages of play in tournaments, Agarwal now shares pointers for the middle stages. “The blinds have increased, the stacks have become shallower and there is an ante in play”, points out Agarwal for the middle stages of the tournament, emphasizing the need for an adjustment in strategy to capitalize on the changed dynamics.

  1. Be Aggressive to steal pots – With the increase in blind levels and antes coming into picture, the pots are now automatically bigger. Players now have an incentive to show aggression to steal the blinds and antes as compared to the early stages of play.
  2. Attack players preflop – Before the money bubble, players should look at attacking others preflop by 3-betting light.


Check out the video here.

Agarwal will be seen in action at the much-awaited PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) in the Bahamas next month.

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