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The Fifth Edition of PokerBaazi`s APT India Online Series Runs From December 2 – 11

APT Online India Series 5.0
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis December 1, 2022
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PokerBaazi will be ringing in the holiday season with a bang! On the heels of announcing the dynamic duo of Abhishek Goindi and Muskan Sethi as its latest Team Pros, the online poker site is bringing back the iconic Asian Poker Tour (APT) India Online Series for the third time this year.

The flagship series returns for its fifth edition from December 2 to 11 and packs a lot of value, guaranteeing a mammoth ₹8+ Crores in prize money.

The fifth outing of the APT India Online Series will host 53 tournaments, with 11 APT Trophies and two Championship Rings up for grabs across the ten-day festival! And with the tournament buy-ins ranging between ₹880 and ₹55,000, players across stakes have a shot at chasing APT glory.


APT India Online Series Schedule

Date & TimeEventBuy-in (₹)
December 2, 4 PMAPT#1 KICKOFF 25L GTD (RE)₹3,000+₹300
December 2, 5:30 PMAPT#2 8L GTD (RE)₹900+₹90
December 2, 7 PMAPT#3 FRIDAY MAJOR 30L GTD (RE)₹10,000+₹1,000
December 2, 8:30 PMAPT#4 MONSTERSTACK 12L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 2, 9:30 PMAPT#5 (7-MAX) TURBO 8L GTD (RE)₹10,00+₹100
December 3, 4 PMAPT#6 5L GTD (KO - RE)₹700+₹300+₹100
December 3, 5:30 PMAPT#7 (PLO - 4) 6L GTD (RE)₹1,250+₹125
December 3, 7 PMAPT#8 SATURDAY MAJOR 15L GTD₹2,500+₹250
December 3, 8:30 PMAPT#9 8L GTD (RE)₹1,250+₹125
December 3, 9:30 PMAPT#10 (4 - MAX) HYPER 6L GTD (RE)₹1,500+₹150
December 4, 3 PMAPT#11 SUNDAY KICKOFF 20L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 4, 4 PMAPT#12   MONSTERSTACK 12L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 4, 5:30 PMAPT#13 (6-MAX) TURBO 8L (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 4, 7 PMAPT#14 SUNDAY MAJOR 35L GTD (RE)₹5,000+₹500
December 4, 8:30 PMAPT#15  MEGASTACK 12L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 4, 9:30 PMAPT#16 (6-MAX) TURBO 5L GTD (RE)₹800+₹80
December 5, 4 PMAPT#17 MONSTERSTACK 6L GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 5, 5:30 PMAPT#18  10L GTD (PKO - RE)₹2,000+₹500+₹250
December 5, 7 PMAPT#19 MONDAY MAJOR 20L GTD (RE)₹4,000+₹400
December 5, 8:30 PMAPT#20 (PLO-4) 6L GTD (RE)₹1,500+₹150
December 5, 9:30 PMAPT#21 (6-MAX) TURBO 8L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 6, 4 PMAPT#22 (4-MAX) HYPER 4L GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 6, 5:30 PMAPT#23  6L GTD (KO-RE)₹1,500+₹500+₹200
December 6, 7 PMAPT#24 (PLO-4) HIGHROLLER 25L GTD (RE)₹10,000+₹1,000
December 6, 8:30 PMAPT#25 MEGASTACK 12L GTD (RE)₹3,000+₹300
December 6, 9:30 PMAPT#26 (6-MAX) TURBO 7.5 L GTD (RE)₹1,500+₹150
December 7, 4 PMAPT#27 5L GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 7, 5:30 PMAPT#28 5L GTD (KO-RE)₹1,000+₹250+₹125
December 7, 7 PMAPT#29 MINI MAIN EVENT 50L GTD (RE)₹5,000+₹500
December 7, 8:30 PMAPT#30 SUPERSTACK 15L GTD (RE)₹3,000+₹300
December 7, 9:30 PMAPT#31 (6-MAX) TURBO 10L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 8, 3 PMAPT#32 SUPERSTACK 7L GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 8, 4 PMAPT#33 MONSTERSTACK 7L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 8, 5:30 PMAPT#34 (PLO-5) 6L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 8, 7 PMAPT#35 CHAMPIONSHIP EVENT 50L GTD (RE)₹20,000+₹2,000
December 8, 8:30 PMAPT#36 15L GTD (RE)₹3,000+₹300
December 8, 9:30 PMAPT#37 (6-MAX) TURBO 8L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 9, 4 PMAPT#38 (5- MAX) HYPER 6L GTD₹1,500+₹150
December 9, 5:30 PMAPT#39 5L GTD (KO - RE)₹1,000+₹500+₹150
December 9, 7 PMAPT#40 SUPER HIGHROLLER 80L GTD (RE)₹50,000+₹5,000
December 9, 8:30 PMAPT#41 FREEZEOUT 6L GTD₹2,000+₹200
December 9, 9:30 PMAPT#42 (6-MAX) TURBO 10L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 10, 4 PMAPT#43 6L GTD (RE)₹1,000+₹100
December 10, 5:30 PMAPT#44 10L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 10, 7 PMAPT#45 PLO-5 HIGHROLLER 20L GTD (RE)₹10,000+₹1,000
December 10, 8:30 PMAPT#46 SUPERSTACK 15L GTD (RE)₹3,000+₹300
December 10, 9:30 PMAPT#47 (6-MAX) TURBO 6L GTD (RE)₹1,500+₹150
December 11, 3 PMAPT#48 (5-MAX) TURBO 7L GTD (RE)₹1,500+₹150
December 11, 4 PMAPT#49 MONSTERSTACK 10L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200
December 11, 5:30 PMAPT#50 5L GTD (PKO-RE)₹800+₹200+₹100
December 11, 7 PMAPT#51 MAIN EVENT 1 CR GTD (RE)₹10,000+₹1,000
December 11, 8:30 PMAPT#52 MEGASTACK 12L GTD (RE)₹2,500+₹250
December 11, 9:30 PMAPT#53 (7-MAX) AFTERPARTY 10L GTD (RE)₹2,000+₹200


₹1 Crore GTD APT#51 Main Event

Deviating from what had become the norm, the series headliner, ₹1 Crore GTD APT#51 Main Event, will make a single-day run starting at 7 PM on December 11. Sporting a ₹11,000 buy-in, the series magnum opus will not only hand out a ginormous top prize but will also award an APT trophy and Championship Ring as a part of the victory spoils!

The other flagship that will hand out the APT Trophy and Championship Ring is the ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT#35 Championship Event (buy-in: ₹22,000) scheduled on December 8 at 7 PM.

A total of 11 events will hand out shiny APT trophies to the winners, with the Main Event and the Championship Event winners receiving the Championship Ring as well.

The other nine APT trophy events include:

  • ₹25 Lakhs GTD APT#1 Kickoff (December 2 at 4 PM)
  • ₹30 Lakhs GTD APT#3 Friday Major (December 2 at 7 PM)
  • ₹15 Lakhs GTD APT#8 Saturday Major (December 3 at 7 PM)
  • ₹35 Lakhs GTD APT#14 Sunday Major (December 4 at 7 PM)
  • ₹20 Lakhs GTD APT#19 Monday Major (December 5 at 7 PM)
  • ₹25 Lakhs GTD APT#24 (PLO-4) HighRoller (December 6 at 7 PM)
  • ₹50 Lakhs GTD APT#29 Mini Main Event (December 7 at 7 PM)
  • ₹80 Lakhs GTD APT#40 Super HighRoller (December 9 at 7 PM)
  • ₹20 Lakhs GTD APT#45 PLO-5 HighRoller (December 10 at 7 PM)


APT India Online Series: A Look Back

The first-ever APT India Online Series ran from January 15 to 26, 2021. The 12-day-long series put up over ₹7.50 Crores in prize pool guarantees spread across 48 featured events. Rajat Mahajan beat Nikhil Mawandia heads-up to become the first-ever APT India Online Series Main Event champion and won a personal-best ₹34.06 Lakhs.

Rajat Mahajan
Rajat Mahajan


The second edition of the APT India Online Series was held from August 1 to 8 last year and guaranteed ₹8 Crores across a more compact 44-event schedule. Subhayan Das bagged the Main Event title for a career-best ₹15.17 Lakhs.

Subhayan Das
Subhayan Das


The series returned for its third edition from January 30 to February 6 this year, with 43 tournaments and ₹7+ Crores in prize pool guarantees. Amar Mehta shipped the Main Event trophy and Championship Ring for a personal-best ₹17.50 Lakhs.

Amar Mehta
Amar Mehta


The fourth edition of the series ran earlier this year from July 1 to 10. The APT India Online Series 4.0 was the biggest ever, offering over ₹10 Crores in guaranteed prize money across 59 tournaments. Debapriya Manna sattied his way to victory in the APT Main Event, winning a career-best ₹18.55 Lakhs and the APT Trophy and Championship Ring.

Debapriya Manna
Debapriya Manna


PokerBaazi – Recent Highlights

Over the past few months, PokerBaazi has consistently gone the extra mile to bring exciting MTTs and promotions to players. India’s most trusted online poker site recently hosted the country’s BIGGEST-EVER online poker tournament, the ₹7 Crores GTD G.O.A.T but it has crushed other records too. In early November, PokerBaazi announced a record-high of 5,000 concurrent players on the site, with 1,600 players on the cash tables. It is no surprise that the online poker platform would want to kick-start the final month of 2022 grandly!


Keep following PokerGuru for the latest updates and promotions from PokerBaazi!

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