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TIPS 2020: Alexey Mishuk Champions the SPF Main Event For €58,765 After 3-Way Deal

Alexey Mishuk Wins the TIPS 2020 SPF Main Event
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  • Attreyee K. Ganguly February 11, 2020
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The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) Season 3, in collaboration with the Spanish Poker Festival (SPF), is now in the books, and wrapping up the series in style was the pièce de résistance SPF Main Event. Triumphing over a massive field of 1,718 entries, Israel’s Alexey Mishuk (cover image) clinched the title and top prize of €58,765, following a three-way deal with Antonino Karman (runner-up for €34,605) and Alexander Sazhinov (3rd for €24,338).


Team India at the SPT Main Event

A total of seven Indian players had stormed into Day 2 of the SPF Main Event, namely, Himanshu Dewan (550,000), Kanishka Samant (409,000), Avneesh Munjal (253,000), Manish Goenka (236,000), Jaydeep Dawer (197,000), Mani Singh Gurditta (107,000) and Pratik Verma (74,000). Even though Verma, Gurditta, and Goenka fell out before the money bubble, the remaining four challengers were able to finish in the money with Munjal posting the deepest run from the team with his 40th place finish for €1,010 (~₹78,925).

Team India Scores in the SPF Main Event

PlayerFinishPrize Money
Avneesh Munjal40th€1,010 - ₹78,925
Jaydeep Dawer47th€1,010 - ₹78,925
Kanishka Samant106th€633 - ₹49,465
Himanshu Dewan119th€633 - ₹49,465


Two more events also crowned champions on the final day. The TIPS High Roller was won by David Martin Carmona for €9,788, and ‘Stone Wall Jackson’ took down the King Kong Event for €3,451.


TIPS 2020 Season 3 List of Winners

EventWinnerPrize Money
Spanish CupMiki Vea Garcia€11,800
SPF High RollerIgnacio Molina aka 'CUACK'€16,347
TIPS Big FridayJose Luis Lopez Acebes€4,581
TIPS Super High RollerNitin Jain€18,165
TIPS DeepstackSergei Rozanov€7,555
TIPS High RollerDavid Martin Carmona€9,788
King Kong EventStone Wall Jackson€3,451
SPF Main EventAlexey Mishuk€58,765


SPF Main Event Final Day

The final day of the SPF Main Event commenced with 17 runners returning to contend for the top prize. Spain’s Yeray Maestre Perez had bagged a massive chip lead of 13.70 Million by the end of Day 2 and was way ahead of Ukraine’s Maksym Ryzhko, who entered the final day holding the second largest stack of 7.97 Million. Israel’s Alexey Mishuk held the third-best stack of 7.52 Million at the start of the final day`s play.

Franck Alain Pawlonka was the first player to be eliminated in 17th place for €2588. Seven more eliminations followed before the nine-handed final table was formed.

You can also watch the final day’s play below.


Final Table Chip Counts

1. José Nasla – 17,000,000

2. Alexey Mishuk – 16,000,000

3. Yeray Maestre Perez – 15,000,000

4. David Avraham – 9,000.00

5. Antonino Karman – 8,800,000

6. Alexander Sazhinov – 7,300,000

7. CLIFOR – 5,800,000

8. Robert Bidlas – 4,400,000

9. Madina Dominguez – 2,300,000

TIPS 2020 SPF Main Event Final Table
TIPS 2020 SPF Main Event Final Table


Final Table Recap

Short-stacked Robert Bidlas was the first player to exit in ninth place. Bidlas was soon joined at the rail by David Avraham, who was eliminated by Antonino Karman in eighth place.

On a final table dominated by Spanish players, Madina Dominguez was the first of four such players to be eliminated in seventh place. Following his countryman to the rail was José Nasla, who exited in sixth place.

Down to five-handed play, it was Alexey Mishuk who had improved to take over the chip lead with a stack of 27 Million, while ‘CLIFOR’ was sitting with the shortest stack of 9 Million. Unsurprising, it was the latter who had to depart from the final table in fifth place, and he was eliminated by Karman.

Despite entering the final day as the chip leader, Yeray Maestre Perez failed to go all the way and was dismissed in fourth place by Mishuk.

Following Alexander Sazhinov‘s third-place elimination, the heads-up play between Alexey Mishuk and Antonino Karman got going. It was a swingy battle that saw the chip lead exchange hands a few times.

Antonino Karman
Antonino Karman


On the final hand, Karman’s were no match for Mishuk’s that hit a five-high straight on the board . The Israeli player claimed the title and top prize of €58,765. The top three finishers also received tickets to the WSOPE Main Event.

Alexey Mishuk
Alexey Mishuk


Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Alexey Mishuk – €58,765*

2. Antonino Karman – €34,605*

3. Alexander Sazhinov – €24,338*

4. Yeray Maestre Perez – €18,237

5. CLIFOR – €13,973

6. José Nasla – €10,332

7. Madina Dominguez – €7,876

8. David Avraham – €5,612

9. Robert Bidlas – €4,356

*includes WSOPE Main Event Ticket


TIPS High Roller

The TIPS High Roller pulled in 134 entries (121 unique and 13 re-entries), all of whom ponied up the €600 buy-in, resulting in a prize pool collection of €68,742.

After busting from the SPF Main Event on Day 2, Manish Goenka jumped straight into the TIPS High Roller. He had company in another Indian Sanjay Taneja who had won his way through a satellite. Sadly, neither of them was able to finish in the money.

Manish Goenka & Sanjay Taneja
Manish Goenka & Sanjay Taneja


David Martin Carmona was the last player standing in the event and won €9,788 after striking a six-way deal with Andrzej Miroslaw Marczykowski (runner-up for €11,881), Dov Peter Freund (3rd for €9,604), ‘Gamboa’ (4th for €8,498), Jose Luis Lopez Acebes (5th for €7,470) and Dolev Dahan (6th for €6,306).

David Martin Carmona
David Martin Carmona


Final Table Results (EURO)

1. David Martin Carmona – €9,788*

2. Andrzej Miroslaw Marczykowski – €11,881*

3. Dov Peter Freund – €9,604*

4. Gamboa – €8,498*

5. Jose Luis Lopez Acebes – €7,470*

6. Dolev Dahan – €6,306*

7. Jairo Arias Menendez – €3,197

8. Sebastian Berres – €2,440

9. Bjoern Bernhard Wirth – €1,787

*denotes six-way deal


King Kong Event

One of the final events on the TIPS 2020 roster was the €115 buy-in that pulled in 249 entries (205 unique and 44 re-entries), creating a prize pool of €23,655.

Team India’s Mani Singh Gurditta had participated in the event but failed to cross the money line.

Mani Singh Gurditta
Mani Singh Gurditta


Germany’s ‘Stone Wall Jackson’ topped the field to claim the title and top prize of €3,451, following a five-way deal with Patrick Stierli (runner-up for €3,931), ‘Fran’ (3rd for €2,460), Jean Claude Marcel Francis Bermond (4th for €2,496) and Stefan Andreas Ulrich (5th for €2,439).

Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Stone Wall Jackson – €3,451*

2. Patrick Stierli – €3,931*

3. Fran – €2,460*

4. Jean Claude Marcel Francis Bermond – €2,496*

5. Stefan Andreas Ulrich – €2,439*

6. Itamar Elus – €1,216

7. Ronald William Huber – €885

8. Carlos Avila Ortega – €641

9. kejbe – €530

*denotes a five-way deal

Content & Images Courtesy: King’s Casino

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