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TIPS 2020: Miki Vea Wins the Spanish Cup; Himanshu Dewan, Manish Goenka & Kanishka Samant Finish ITM

Miki Vea, Himanshu Dewan, Manish Goenka & Kanishka Samant - TIPS 2020
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  • Attreyee Khasnabis February 6, 2020
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The first event of The Indian Poker Series (TIPS) Season 3 that is being hosted in collaboration with the Spanish Poker Festival (SPF), the Spanish Cup, has come to an end. After three days of rigorous play, Miki Vea triumphed over an 874-strong entry field (Day 1A – 251, Day 1B – 401 and Day 1C – 222) and netted a handsome payday of €11,800, following a three-way chop with José Carlos (runner-up for €11,764) and Martin Petrov (€9,060).

Five Indians had made it through to Day 2; however, only three among them managed to finish in the money. While Avneesh Munjal and Jaydeep Dawer fell out empty-handed, Himanshu Dewan (15th place for €796 – ₹62,374), Manish Goenka (71st for €278 – ₹21,784) and Kanishka Samant (94th place for €245 – ₹19,198) did relatively better.

Most of the Indian contenders who busted out of the Spanish Cup jumped into the SPF High Roller. Four Indians, namely, Kanishka Samant (162,500), Avneesh Munjal (151,000), Jaydeep Dawer (101,000), and Himanshu Dewan (72,000) were able to make it through to Day 2.

The star attraction SPF Main Event also kicked off with its opening flight Day 1A. Joan Perez Hereu bagged the biggest stack of 551,000 among 29 survivors. With five more starting flights left to play out, there is a lot more exciting action to look forward to.


Spanish Cup – Day 1C Recap

A total of 222 players registered for Day 1C, taking the overall number of entries to 874. Only 68 players made it through to Day 2 from the third and final starting flight, which included Team India’s Avneesh Munjal, who bagged 130,000 in chips.

Birthday boy Mani Singh Guruditta had come close to progressing to Day 2 but hit the rail towards the end of the day after losing a three-way all-in hand.

Mani Singh Guruditta
Mani Singh Guruditta


Final Day Recap

Day 2 kicked off at 3 PM on February 5 and saw 198 runners (Day 1A – 53, Day 1B – 77 and Day 1C – 68) returning to the felts. With only the top 95 places assured payouts, the race to cross the money line was intense.

Avneesh Munjal was one of the first players from the Indian contingent to be eliminated. He jammed from the button holding , and the player in the small blind called with . A four on the board brought an end to Munjal’s run in the Spanish Cup.

The next Indian challenger to hit the rail was TIPS co-founder Jaydeep Dawer. He had chopped a 700K pot mid-way through Day 2. However, Dawer failed to hold on to his momentum and was eliminated just three places short of the money when his pocket treys were busted by an opponent’s pocket sevens.

Jaydeep Dawer
Jaydeep Dawer


Dani Keys bubbled the Spanish Cup, and Patrick Daniel Lelpo was the first player to cash the event, placing 95th for €245.

Kanishka Samant was the first Indian pro to finish in the money. His pocket sevens were bested by his opponent’s king-jack, eliminating him in 94th place for a min-cash of €245 (~₹19,198).

Kanishka Samant
Kanishka Samant


Sometime later, Dawer’s TIPS partner Manish Goenka joined the Indian rail when his ace-king was cracked by his rival’s ace-queen. Goenka finished 71st for €278 (~₹21,784).

Manish Goenka
Manish Goenka


The lone Indian still fighting to claim the top prize was Himanshu Dewan. He had qualified for Day 2 from Day 1 with a stack of 125,000. With 40 players remaining in the fray, Dewan had worked himself a 950,000 stack. Dewan kept going strong, and with just the final two tables in play, his stack peaked at 1.8 Million.

Himanshu Dewan
Himanshu Dewan


Sadly, Dewan’s stellar run came to an end in 15th place. His had hit a flush on the board , but lost out to his rival’s that turned a boat. Dewan banked €796 (~₹62,374) for his spectacular performance.

Following the elimination of Juan Salvador in 10th place for €1,063, the nine-handed final table was formed.


Final Table Recap

Miki Vea entered the final table in the pole position with a stack of 10,645,000.

‘Villeguitas’ was the first player to be dismissed from the final table in ninth place. He was quickly followed to the rail by Carles Gil, who was ousted in eighth place.

Play continued for three more hours before Day 1B chip leader Zhong Chen was eliminated in seventh place. Eliecer Pérez claimed the sixth spot, while Jorge Galiani hit the rail in fifth place. Manuel Castillo‘s fourth-place elimination followed soon after that.

With three finalists remaining in contention, a deal was struck. Vea who held the chip lead at the time, locked in €11,300, while José Carlos pocketed €11,264 and Martin Petrov received €9,060. The three players decided to play for the remaining €1,000 and trophy.

Martin Petrov became the next player to be eliminated when his were bested by Carlos’ , with the board running .

Petrov’s exit set up the heads-up match between José Carlos and Miki Vea. Both players had nearly matching stacks and decided to chop the remaining €1,000, with Vea and Carlos receiving €500 each. The duo decided to move all-in on the very next hand, and whoever won the hand would win the trophy. As luck would have it, Vea took down the pot and clinched the trophy along with €11,800 in prize money.

Miki Vea
Miki Vea


Final Table Results (EURO)

1. Miki Vea – €11,800*

2. José Carlos – €11,764*

3. Martin Petrov – €9,060*

4. Manuel Castillo – €5,355

5. Jorge Galiani – €4,243

6. Eliecer Pérez – €3,305

7. Zhong Chen – €2,408

8. Carles Gil – €1,646

9. Villeguitas – €1,304

*denotes three-way deal


SPF High Roller – Day 1 Recap

The other marquee event running alongside the Spanish Cup was Day 1 of the SPF High Roller. The event attracted 116 entries (106 unique and 10 re-entries), and after a full day’s play, 72 runners made it through to Day 2.

Among the survivors were a group of four Indians – Kanishka Samant (162,500), Avneesh Munjal (151,000), Jaydeep Dawer (101,000), and Himanshu Dewan (72,000).

Spain’s ‘CUACK’ bagged the overnight chip lead with 570,500 under their belt.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1

1. CUACK – 570,500

2. Jorge Ruiz San Martin – 410,000

3. Mephisto – 399,500

4. Jose Maria Escudero Izquierdo – 385,500

5. MechasKiller – 376,000

6. Neuville Pierre – 370,000

7. Jairo Arias Menendez – 309,000

8. Maksim Skovorodnik – 302,500

9. Markus Lehner – 285,500

10. Raul Patron Majuelo – 285,000


SPF Main Event – Day 1A Recap

The showstopper of the series, the €250 (~₹19,590) buy-in SPF Main Event began on February 5 with the first of six starting flights. Boasting of €300,000 (~₹2.35 Crores) guarantee, the tournament pulled in 123 entries (107 unique and 16 re-entries).

At the end of the play, Joan Perez Hereu bagged the most massive stack of 551,000 among 29 survivors.

While there was a noticeable lack of Indian participants in the Main Event who instead played the High Roller, with five more starting fights still left play out, there is ample time for the Indian challengers to take their shot at advancing to Day 2.

Top 10 Chip Counts at the End of Day 1A

1. Joan Perez Hereu – 551,000

2. Dominik Martan – 432,000

3. Martin Greiz Inger – 408,000

4. Sergio Espinosa Rodriguez – 386,000

5. Alejandro Ancos Garcia – 334,000

6. chuni – 308,000

7. Jose Luis Garcia Hernandez – 308,000

8. Ron Roadrunner – 304,000

9. Daniel Lopez Ruiz – 297,000

10. Ricky – 268,000

Content & Images Courtesy: King’s Casino

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